Prayers for sick mother

If I had one last wish to make it would have to be,
that God would heal my mom and give her pain to me.
For I’ve never seen my mom hurt so bad in all my life,
I’d do anything and everything to take her pain and strife.
She’s the only one who never lost complete faith in me,
without her here by my side I’m not sure where I’d be.
We didn’t always get along but then again who does,
she taught me about the
Real world and what life really was.
I think I owe her one for all the hell I put her through,
so God if you can grant this wish for me I’ll eternally be grateful to you.
And if my mom ever decides to ask why her life suddenly changed this way,
do me a favor and let her know that I said Happy late Mother’s Day.

Prayer for a Sick Mother

(adapted from the Mother Love prayer book)

prayers for sick mother

O Heart of Jesus, merciful and compassionate Heart, look with an eye of pity upon this sick mother.


O You, Who endured upon earth all that was most painful, relieve her sufferings! In memory of the bitter desolation You endured in the Garden of Olives, console her in her misery. For the sake of Your cruel scourging and frightful crowning with thorns, grant her patience in her tribulations. By Your most wearisome carrying of Your Cross, grant her unshaken constancy in this trial and perfect resignation to God’s Holy Will. By Your cruel death, grant her a calm and peaceful departure from this life, it so it is best for her eternal welfare.

 But if, O Sacred Heart, it be not opposed to Your greater honor, grant her a prolongation of life and restoration to perfect health. I beg this of You by Your own infinite goodness and mercy. It was for her welfare that You cast her upon this bed of sickness. Give her light to discern Your loving designs and, with greater ardor, to seek the salvation of her soul. Take from her her former tepidity in Your service and fill her with loving zeal for Your honor. Grant that in this present tribulation she may understand how insignificant and transitory are all earthly joys. Strengthen her heart to live henceforth solely for You and heaven, O God, and when You have given health to her soul, restore likewise the strength of body. O Jesus, You Who healed so many sick, heal her also, that she may gratefully magnify Your name and, after a long life of piety and good works, depart happily in You, O Lord, to love You and praise You and glorify You forever and ever!


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