Prayers for problems at work

Get advice early

Employment law is complicated and few people have a clear idea of all their rights at work. If you think your employer has treated you unfairly, it is important to get legal advice at the earliest opportunity. In nearly all cases there are steps you must follow with ACAS before you can take a complaint to an employment tribunal, as well as specific and tight deadlines for making such complaints. Generally, the longer you leave a problem, the fewer options you may have.

A solicitor can:

  • explain your options
  • tell you if you have a legal case against your employer
  • help you decide whether your case is worth taking further, and
  • explain what you should do next.

Finding a solicitor

To find a solicitor who deals with employment law, visit our Find a Solicitor website and search under ‘Employment’. If you need more help using Find a Solicitor, call us on +44 (0)20 7320 5650 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30) or email us.

If you are a trade union member, you may be able to get legal advice from a solicitor appointed by the union.

Starting the process

Once you have found a solicitor, you should explain your situation briefly over the phone and set a date for a meeting. It may be helpful to email the history ahead of a meeting.

Make sure that you mention the dates of the events you are concerned about. If you plan to take someone with you to the meeting, mention this and ask if there are any documents you need to bring. If in doubt, take documents with you.

What your solicitor will need to know

At the meeting your solicitor is likely to ask you:

  • how long you have worked for your employer
  • how much you earn
  • the details of your problem at work
  • what events have led you to your current situation
  • whether you have any relevant documents
  • whether there are any documents which you do not have that might be relevant to the case, and
  • what, if anything, you have already done to sort the matter out.

Exploring the alternatives

Once you have explained your circumstances in detail, your solicitor can explain your options. If your solicitor believes you have a case and you want to take it further, you need to decide how you are going to do this.

If you have not already done so, you may need to try to sort the problem out with your employer direct before taking any other action. Your solicitor can help you set out your case and, if appropriate, try to negotiate a settlement for you. If you are happy to carry out negotiations directly with your employer, your solicitor can offer useful advice on how best to go about doing this. Ask about claim time limits which are not extended unless you have begun ACAS Early Conciliation which can extend time to claim for a month and a further 2 week extension if both sides agree.

If you cannot solve the problem quickly with your employer direct, an employment tribunal may be your best option. If so, your solicitor can help by preparing yourcase or representing you at the tribunal.

Following your employer’s procedures

It is important to try to sort out your problem with your employer direct first, either informally or using their formal complaints/grievance procedure.

If you have started using your employer’s complaints procedures or if your employer has started to take action against you (for example, about your behaviour, the quality of your work, your ability to do your job or your attendance) you should try to go to any meetings that are arranged and use any appeal procedures your employer has in place. An employment solicitor can review papers with you and perhaps advise you of points to cover at a meeting.

You should try to solve your problem with your employer direct because:

  • matters can often be sorted out quite quickly this way
  • employment tribunals can reduce your compensation if you haven’t used your employer’s internal procedures first before taking your case to them

Time limits

The time limits for taking your claim to a tribunal depend on what your complaint is about.

Most Emplymemt Tribunal claims mean you must make your claim to the tribunal within three months of the date you were dismissed (i.e. you must lodge your claim no later than three months less one day from the day you were dismissed allowing for any extension of time by ACAS Early Conciliation).

If your claim is about statutory redundancy payments, you have six months to make your claim to the tribunal, from the date you were dismissed. If your claim is about a breach of contract your employer can counter-claim against you and it is best to obtain legal advice before making a breach of contract claim.

A claim will need to set out:

  • the facts in chronological order and what employment claims you are making. It is likely you will need advice about this because of the numerous types of employment law claim which can be made

The deadlines will rarely s be extended by the tribunal, and only in special circumstances. We have set out above a brief summary of the basic rules but because the rules on time limits are complicated it is worth getting advice from a solicitor as soon as you can to make sure you make your claim in time.

Settlement agreements

If you can reach an agreement with your employer without going to a tribunal, this can be recorded in a ‘settlement agreement’ (previously called a compromise agreement)’. This is a legal document which confirms the terms of the settlement you have agreed, in exchange for which you give up your legal claims against your employer. Your employer will usually make a contribution to your legal costs as part of the agreement. The law requires that you obtain independent legal advice before a settlement will be valid.

Employment tribunals

An employment tribunal is chaired by a lawyer, the Employment Judge, who will be assisted by two independent ‘wing’ members with experience of employment relations in discrimination and some other types of claim. It is up to the tribunal to:

  • make findings about the facts and which evidence is preferred if there is a dispute
  • apply the law, and
  • decide whether your claim against your employer is upheld or not

Employment Tribunal Decisions are either announced straight away or follow in writing. If the tribunal decides in your favour, it has the power to award you compensation. Or if you are found to have been unfairly dismissed, it must consider ordering your employer to give you your job back if you want it, though this is rare. Compensation is more often awarded to a successful claimant.

If you win your tribunal case, often much of the award is simply to compensate you for the actual losses you have suffered. In 2014/15 the average award for unfair dismissal claims was £12,362 and the maximum for an uncapped claim was £238,216. In the period April to June 2014, the average time to process a single Employment Tribunal claim was 38 weeks.

Claiming unfair dismissal

Generally, you are entitled to make a claim for unfair dismissal once you have been employed for two years, full or part-time. However, in certain circumstances a dismissal may be ‘automatically unfair’ in which case the 2 year rule does not apply This means that you are protected by law from the first day of your employment. Automatically unfair dismissals include those for :

  • discrimination as recognised by law
  • whistle-blowing (telling your employer or someone else about anything illegal or dangerous you know is happening at work)
  • health and safety issues, and
  • asserting certain legal rights, such as your right to a written contract, a minimum wage, paid leave, leave for family reasons including pregnancy or maternity, a written statement of your terms and conditions of employment, or an itemised pay statement.


If you believe that you are receiving treatment for any of the reasons set out below, you may have a discrimination claim. You are protected against certain types of discrimination based on any of the following:

  • Your sex (including reasons related to being pregnant, being transsexual or being married)
  • Your sexuality (sexual orientation)
  • Your race, including your skin colour, nationality, and ethnic background
  • Your religion and beliefs
  • Your disability
  • Your age

You can make a claim to the tribunal if unlawful treatment happens at any stage of your employment. This includes how you were treated before you were employed, say when you applied for the job and were interviewed, as well as during your employment or after your employment ends. Your solicitor can tell you more about this.

Solicitors’ charges

Charges can vary between solicitors. They depend on:

  • the experience and knowledge of the solicitor; and
  • how complicated your case is.

If your solicitor acts as a consultant in helping you to prepare your case but does not actually represent you, their charges are likely to be based on an hourly rate. However, if the case goes to a tribunal, other types of fee arrangement may be more suitable. You could, for example, agree a ‘contingency fee’ where, if you win, the solicitor gets an agreed percentage of the pay-out. Your solicitor can run you through the options.


Legal aid is not available to pay for a solicitor to represent you at a tribunal.

Trade union members are normally entitled to free legal help from a trade union official or from a solicitor employed by the union. Check with your workplace representative or your union’s regional office.

Some household contents insurance policies also cover legal expenses for claims in an employment tribunal, so it is worth checking your policy to see if it covers this. You have a free choice of solicitor once a claim begins.

Tribunals can order that you pay the employer’s costs if you have acted unreasonably by making your claim. Your employer might have to pay your costs if they have acted unreasonably in the way it has defended your claim. Generally, each sides pays its own costs in the Employment Tribunal. You do not get costs if you win as a rule. Your solicitor can give you advice about this.

Alternative formats

We can make this information available in other formats and selected languages on request. Please email [email protected] for more information.


While we have made every effort to provide accurate information, the law is always changing and affects each person differently. This information is no substitute for specific advice about you personally and we will not be liable to you if you rely on this information.

Should you pray about your job? Someone I know recently asked if we should pray about our jobs and the work we’re doing. His reasoning was that we shouldn’t bother God, but instead we should rely on our experience, training, logic and intellects. I answered my friend using the discoveries I have made during my long technical career about the vital part prayer can play on the job.

1.  Pray that God will show you any courses or classes that might help you gain more skills and expertise.

A key to praying about your job is being aware of what you don’t know and where the gaps are in your training and experience. Asking God what your gaps are and how to fill them is key to a successful career.

When I started working on complex computer systems in 1967 I really knew there was so much I didn’t know. I only had an associate EE degree from Southern Tech which was mostly about vacuum tube systems.  So I took some home study courses in digital design and programming plus got info from mfg of the system on machine language programming (entered programs in hex thru switches).

Prayer: Dear Lord, show me the important things that I don’t currently know in my field of work. Show me where to go to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Amen.

2.  Pray for God’s help about taking a leap of faith on something challenging.

Sometimes on the job we’re afraid to volunteer to try out something new because we don’t know if we will succeed. Praying can help you make a leap of faith to step up and try.

When I was an Engineering Technician for Lockheed we were having problems with the new Wind Tunnel’s computer controlled data acquisition system Lockheed had purchased.  It was shutting down 8 or 10 times a day and had to be rebooted, which caused lots of lost testing time.  The first company that designed and installed the entire system said the problem was the computer they got from a second company.   The second company swapped out the computer and when that didn’t change the problem they said it was not their problem.   Lockheed sued the first company and they in turn sued the second company and we were falling behind on our schedule to develop the C5A aircraft.

I pray for God’s guidance every morning and for some reason my faith in God prompted me to jump in way over my head and told my boss I could fix the problems. My boss said he don’t believe I could fix it and put in a request to hire an expert engineer with digital system experience. But he told me to see what I could do while he was trying to hire someone.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, There’s something that’s been on my mind that I think that I could do on the job if given the chance. Help me to take a leap of faith and try believing that you will help me succeed. Amen.

3.  Pray for perseverance.  

There are plenty of reasons to get discouraged and lose momentum when you’re in the middle of a long term on the job project. Prayer plays an important role of keeping up your energy levels and your ability to keep on working when progress seems slow.

I went on the night shift by myself trying to fix the system since that was the only time I could tinker with the Wind Tunnel since it was being used on the day shift. My boss told me that one requirement I absolutely had to meet was that I must have it up and working again every morning.   A few mornings I just got it working when they came in at 7am.

Prayer: Dear Lord, give me perseverance and the ability to find a way to get things done when I’m facing a big challenge on the job. Amen.

4.  Pray for guidance.

Praying for guidance is another key prayer that everyone needs to make on the job. Prayer opens up your mind to consider alternatives and helps you think more logically when you have a strong bias about doing or not doing something. Plus everyone needs a little divine insight every once in a while.

Long story short, for a couple of months God told me to study the system documentation, and use an oscilloscope to look at and understand all the hundreds of signals in the system, while the computer was running small test programs that I wrote to exercise each function. I found the problem was that some of the logic cards had the wrong resistors causing marginal digital signal levels in the direct memory controller address register. Small noise was causing it to sometimes overwrite the program with data.  Fix was replacing a few $0.05 resistors with the correct values.

They canceled the request for a Senior Engineer, named me Engineer of the month, wrote up my accomplishment in the Lockheed Newsletter, and treated me to a ride on one of the Jetstar test flights.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I lay all of the alternative ways to solve this work problem before you. Show me the best alternative or guide me to another alternative that I have yet to consider. Amen.

5.  Pray for help in getting the credentials you need.

Prayer is necessary when you might miss out on an opportunity for a promotion or greater job responsibilities because you lack the required credentials or degrees. Pursuing a degree or further credentials while working full time is a big undertaking, and prayer can help you learn how to balance your time in order to move steadily toward your goal.

Even though I had demonstrated my skills, they would not promote me to Engineer until I got my Bachelors degree a few years later, however they did start giving me Engineering level jobs that were the most complex control system problem that came up. When I got my BSEET degree in night school they promoted me to Senior Engineer (skipping over 2 levels of Engineering Promotion).

Prayer: Dear Lord, I feel I have more potential on the job that I could attain with the right credentials. Please enable me to pursue these credentials while balancing it with my job and the rest of my life. Amen.

6.  Depend on the help of the Holy Spirit for the knowledge you need.

An open attitude of prayerfulness as you go about your daily work brings the power of God’s knowledge and wisdom to you as you work.

In Proverbs it says “all knowledge comes from the Lord” and I have clearly seen that in my 71 years on this earth.  (See Proverbs 2:6) Another thing I believe is that when Jesus said “God has sent the Holy Spirit to be within us”, it means that the Holy Spirit lives in our subconscious minds and we can communicate with that Spirit 24 hours a day for all our decisions work, play, family, Church. (See John 15:26) We must be careful because the evil one also communicates thru our subconscious mind.  So we must ask “is that really what Jesus would have me do?” at all our thoughts.
Prayer: Dear Lord, I believe that all knowledge comes from you and that your Holy Spirit is with me always. May my mind be constantly open to the knowledge of the Holy Spirit throughout my work day. Amen.

7.  Ask God to prioritize your daily “to do” list.

Prayer can help you be successful on the job by helping you maximize your time by prioritizing what needs doing most.

At start of every work day I edit a list of possible things I can work on and ask God to help me modify the list and set priorities.   Also when a new problem arises, I say a short prayer and add it to the list.  When I get an idea from my subconscious mind that I am sure is from God, I write it down and change my prioritized lists.

When I was a lead Engineer on the (100+ million dollar) F-22 Air Combat Simulation System project my list got up to 400+ items I could work on or delegate to other Engineers. I started out as a country boy from a farm in Alpharetta with a 2 year EE degree and God lead me to be a “Rocket Scientist” in charge of 100+ million dollar project with me continually asking him “God what should I do next?”
Prayer: Dear Lord, here is a list of the things that need doing. Please guide me to prioritize them in light of the bigger picture of my task. Amen.

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Problems at work? Explore top 20 Ways to be happy at work. Remember, we spend most of our time at work. So, wait no more to deal with problems at work. Now is the time to address the problems so that you can enjoy your work.

By Catherine Adenle

Have a problem at work? Top 20 Ways to be happy at work.

It’s vital that you know the top 20 ways to be happy at work. Why? Well, we spend most of our time at work. So it is not a surprise that if we are unhappy at work, it will keep us awake worrying at night. Fear of another day of stress at work gives countless men and women ulcers each year and it is one of the main causes of depression among adults.

You know what I mean if you struggle to get out of bed to go to work every morning or clock watch when you are at work. If you always spend your night dreading work tomorrow and complaining about your manager, colleagues or work, then, you are one of the people not enjoying their work.

If you have problems at work, it’s time to take actions and deal with all what you can control rather than what you cannot control. Being unhappy and going to a job that you despise every day is no way to live.

See How to Cope in a Bad Workplace: 10 Tips

Top 20 ways to be happy at work (Infographic)

Top 20 ways to be happy at work so that you can find greater job satisfaction

1. First, take some time out to truly identify why you hate your job.

2. Is it what you can’t change? If so, then explore a change of job in the same organization, another business unit, team, role etc.

3. If you cannot change the reason why you have problems at work or hate your job, look for what’s good about your current job. Remember that there is no perfect job. Every job has negatives and positives.

4. Are you the one causing your own work stress without realizing it? If so, don’t take yourself or your job too seriously. You can control your emotional feelings and response to your work.There is more to life than continuous unhappiness. View the problem at work as a teacher. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Problems at work test you and keep you on your professional toes.

5. Always look to utilize your best skills often by volunteering for projects and tasks that will allow you to shine.

6. Know all aspects of your job like the back of your hand and always do your best and keep improving.

7. See if your job can help you to upgrade your knowledge and skill so that you can stay current in your field. Speak to your manager if he or she is not the reason why you don’t enjoy your job.

8. Network like it’s going out of fashion. Try and keep things professional on Social Media websites and watch that you don’t have any bad digital footprints on the web because if you have to change your job, potential employers will Google you.

9. If your problem is another person at work, make friends with the person if it will not make you feel like you are compromising your integrity. Change the way you think about the person. Feel sorry for them and learn to co-exist with them by being professional at all times. Also, keep records of any interactions at work between both of you.

10. Learn to chill out after work and leave your work at work. Perhaps it’s time to enroll in the gym, play golf or learn to garden. Do something that you are passionate about after work. Do your best not to dwell on things after work, learn to move on from the problem.

11. Make friends with positive people at work and after work. Trust me, Attitudes are contagious. It pays you to associate with winners. You need to be positive, upbeat, and hopeful about your career and your future. Have time for your family and for yourself too. Getting a life outside of work is a good way to get along better at work.

12. Connect with SMEs and Industry Leaders on Twitter and Google+ to remain at the forefront of your field. Attend informative Google hang out sessions.

13. Live one day at a time and make the most of each day as it comes at work. Accumulated stress is overwhelming if you think about everything and worry about ongoing issues at once. Do things one step at a time and break down big tasks into bite size forms – plan, prioritize and execute.

14. Look for two bright role models at work who are two or three steps above you and ask them to be your mentors. They will help you to feel better about the organization, yourself and your job.

15. Look to vary what you get involved in at work. Do projects that will help you to meet other people. This will make your job more interesting and challenging. The projects will also help you to grow and expand your circle of influence.

16. What’s fun to you at work? Can you work with others to do more of the fun stuff especially if it’s related to your work? Do more fun things. The most satisfied staff learns how to bring playfulness into their workplace. Having fun at work is good for you and good for business.

17. Joke your way through the day. Look for the humor in mistakes and be aware of people’s sense of humor. Learn to laugh with your colleagues and laugh at their jokes and be a team player.

18. Be at your best. When you feel good, things go well. Feel good about yourself, Remember that feeling good is one of the secrets of feeling good about your job. Look after your health; don’t put yourself at risk of developing health problems. Drugs or alcohol will not solve your problem at work; in fact, they’ll compound it if you are caught with either at work.

19. Think of what you are grateful for. Be grateful for your job and for the wonderful people you meet at work. A lot of people meet friends for life at work. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Things change all the time, people move to other jobs, processes and tasks change.

20. If all else fail, look for another job in order to bring some balance into your life. Life is too short to live with the job that you hate for years.

If your unhappiness relates to your workload, see How to Deal with a Heavy Workload at Work 

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.”
― Heather Schuck,

Going through these top 20 ways to be happy at work should help you to derive solutions to any issues that you may currently see as problems at work.

Remember, only you can change the situation and decide to enjoy your job more.

In the United States today, so many people are unemployed.  Some are fearful of being laid off.  Others wonder about promotions.  Many are looking for better jobs.  There are a number of issues facing our country today regarding employment.  Here are 7 prayers that you can pray about specific needs in the workplace.

Prayer for Work

Most Merciful Father,

I’m at my wits end, Lord.  I feel like I have tried every avenue to find work and yet I have not gotten a single phone call about my applications that I have sent out.   Lord, I want to provide for my family.  I want to make a steady income that can pay my rent/mortgage and provide meals for my spouse and children.  Lord, you know what is best for me and I lay these burdens at your throne now.  You are good all of the time, Father, and I am placing my trust in you this day.  I love you Lord!  Amen

Jobs at Risk

Blessed Lord,

You already know before I speak what I am going to say.  Nothing I say is a surprise to You and yet You yearn for my voice daily.  I love You, God, because You love me as Your own child.  I bring you a huge burden today, Lord.  My company is downsizing because they are losing money.  O gracious Lord, my department was told about potential lay-offs.  I plead with You now, Father.  Please keep my position safe.  I am scared for my future, Lord.  I pray for Your peace that truly passes all understanding.  Give me an ease of mind as I continue to work at my job.  Lord, if I am laid off, it is because You have allowed it and I pray that You would have another open door ready for me to walk through.  You are King, Father, and I trust in Your will this day.  Amen

Possible Promotions

Wonderful Lord,

You have blessed me with so much, Father.  I have a wonderful family and church family.  I thank you for Your love and I must lay a burden at Your feet.  Father, You know about the promotion that I may get.  Lord, it would be a huge blessing to receive it.  I am not putting my faith in money, Lord.  My faith is in You only.  If You allow me this promotion, I will use it faithfully as You see fit.  I will be responsible with it and pay off existing debts and I will continue to tithe at church.  Father, I am giving this completely to You and whatever Your decision is, I will thank You because You are loving, gracious and generous even in poverty.  I love You, Abba Father.  Amen

Career Decisions

“While there are many problems facing us all at our jobs, we have one ultimate solution and that is to trust fully in God.”

Loving Father,

I praise You because You love me in spite of all of my failures and weaknesses.  You wash me in Your Word and clean my soul up more with each passage I read.  Father, I bring You a burden this day.  I feel like I am stuck in a dead end job with no possibility of promotion.  I am barely floating above water right now.  You have blessed me with other talents that I could potentially use in other career fields.  Father, if You are willing, I pray for You to open a door to a different career for me.  I would love to use the talents You have given me to provide for my family.  Where You lead, I will follow.  I praise Your name, Lord!  Amen

Am I Transparent?

Holy Lord,

Blessed be Your name always.  You have set my feet on a solid rock, Jesus Christ.  I thank You, Jesus, for Your bravery and love that saved me from my sins on the cross.  I will praise You forever!  Lord, I feel like a doormat at work.  I have tried to promote ideas to better the work environment while cutting down on costs.  Management usually pacifies me with words they will not follow through on.  They say, “we will consider it” but I know they forget about me as soon as they walk away.  Father, You have provided me this job and I am grateful for it.  I pray that you will soften the hearts of the leadership there.  I don’t even care if they reject every idea of mine, Father.  I just want to them to actually care and consider my suggestions.  I just want to be seen as a person and not an object to make them money.  I love You, Lord and I will follow You wherever You lead.  I love You!  Amen

Struggles with Co-workers

Beautiful Lord,

You are abounding in grace and mercy for Your children.  I am so thankful that You call me Your child.  Lord, work is getting stressful because of the environment I am in.  Father, there are many people who hate You there and they make my life miserable because they know that I love You.  I trust in James as it says, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds.” (James 1:2)  I realize the benefit of being persecuted for believing in Jesus and I gladly accept whatever comes my way.  Lord, I pray that You would soften the hearts of my co-workers.  I will keep planting seeds, Lord.  I pray that they will let you water them.  I love you, Father.  Amen

Tragic Circumstances

Oh Merciful Father,

My company has lost a great man to a tragic accident and his life was taken from him.  Father, many people at work really loved this man and everyone is lost right now.  Father, I pray for strength while I am grieving.  Lord, use me to show Your love to all of those hurting at my job.  I want to be the light that shines in the darkness, Father.  I really need Your strength though.  Carry me, Lord, as I help carry others through this difficult time.  You are my strength when I am weak, Lord.  I love You, Father.  Amen


While there are many problems facing us all at our jobs, we have one ultimate solution and that is to trust fully in God.  God knows what is best for us in all circumstances.  I pray that you will trust in God fully with your employment burdens, wants and needs as you continue to live a life worthy of the calling.  God bless you all.

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Trust the Lord Bible Verses and Life Application

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