Prayers for my baby boy

Dear God,

Thank you for my amazing little boy.  Thank you that you are knitting him together perfectly inside of me.  Pregnancy is an amazing thing that only You could have created and I am so thankful to be experiencing it.  Thank you for Your perfect will and Your perfect timing.

Lord I pray that Andrew and I will be good parents.  I pray that we will love our little boy unconditionally.  I pray that our marraige will grow and become stronger as we raise our family.  I pray that we will set a good example of a healthy, Godly relationship for him.  I pray for calmness in the new challenges coming our way and I pray for peace of mind that we are doing okay.   I pray that we would learn from our mistakes and be joyful and thankful for our successes.

I pray that this little boy feels unconditional love, not only from us as parents but also from You. I pray that You will walk with him through life.  I pray that he will learn to rely on You and turn to You in times of trouble.  I pray that he has a servant’s heart and will learn compassion for others, be quick to listen and slow to judge.  I pray that he is allowed to make mistakes and, if its Your will, fall away from You so he can understand grace and mercy when you pull him back towards You.  I pray that he truly understands forgiveness. 

I pray that he is adventurous and not afraid to fail and that he finds a passion in life to drive him.  Whether it is sports, academics, music, or missions, I pray that as parents we support him and encourage him to follow his dreams.

Lord I pray for his relationships with others.  I pray that he finds Godly men to mentor him and he creates lasting and deep friendships with others.  I pray that he learns to treat women the way his daddy treats his mommy – with respect and love.  I pray for his wife – that she too can grow up knowing You and that their relationship is glorifying to You.  I pray that he will pass on a legacy to his own children and teach them how to love and serve You.

Most of all I pray that he will simply learn to love You with all his heart, mind and soul and that he finds Jesus as his saviour and friend.   I pray that he learns intimacy with You in prayer and quiet time and is able to feel the nudges that You give him.  I pray that his love for You would be evident in his life and his actions.  I pray that he will be able to lead others towards You in whatever unique way that You provide for him.  

God,  You are amazing.  Thank you for your constant grace and mercy.  Protect my little boy over these next 8 weeks.  I can’t wait to meet him.


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