Prayers for grace and mercy

Lord, thank you for your grace and mercy in our lives. Every day, your grace is new (Lamentations 3:22-23) and nourishes and blesses us. We need you, Father. In the flesh, we are not worthy, but by your Son, because you loved us, we have been made righteous. We find rest and peace in you, God, and again, it’s because of your love and your grace and mercy. All you want is for us to trust you. All you want is for us to lay back down at your feet what you have given us. You are so good, God! You don’t want our excellence. You want your excellence in us. You don’t want us to do great things for you. You want to do great things through us so that you can show your glory and how much you love us. That just takes away so much religious pressure when we know that we don’t have to worry about what to do, but instead just need to focus on who we are in you, Jesus. Help us to continue to tap into that and to grow in you and in our love for you. Thank you, Jesus.

Father, we lift up Wendy’s prayer request:

That my husband Tony will return to our marriage and walk a godly path. I am taking a stand on my covenant vows. He has filed divorce and with other woman. Believes God told him to leave and release from marriage vows 2 months ago.

Holy Spirit, bring healing and redemption to this marriage. We know that this is not your perfect plan for Wendy and Tony, but we don’t know much else and really, we don’t need to. God, you are sovereign in all things and that includes this marriage. We ask that you turn Tony’s heart back to his wife and that you heal the wounds in Wendy’s heart so that she can rejoin her husband without any bitterness or resentment. Work a miracle in this marriage, Lord. Strengthen it so that it is stronger than it ever was before. Thank you, Father.

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