Prayers for family after death

prayers for family after death

Lord, today our hearts grieve along with the family of Otto Warmbier. With all this family has endured, now they finally endure the passing of their son. Lord, be with them in their pain; be present as they experience the entire gamut of emotions. Lord, we are thankful Otto was finally released from his detention in North Korea so his family could see him before he departed from this earth. We are thankful truth is finally coming out about how the North Korean regime treated him. We pray for the full story to come out, so the regime’s cruelty (or lack thereof) can be exposed. We desire all those who are unfairly imprisoned to be released, but we know that would take a miracle in that dictatorship. Lord, would you please get the wheels turning toward a miracle in North Korea? We want truth and justice and grace and mercy to reign in North Korea. Glorify yourself in that land, Lord. And, again, we pray for the Warmbiers as they walk through this dark valley. Give them the peace that passes understanding and a host of supportive friends, family and advocates to surround and care for them. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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