Prayer to stop a divorce

Prayer can involve so much more than you think, as people may turn to it for personal guidance during a difficult time. If you are in need of help or strength to prevent a divorce, it might be time that you develop your own prayer.

With couples around the world turning to God during the most difficult times in their lives, it is easy to understand how you can feel comfort, resolve, and reassurance by reaching out to a higher power.

Whether you are looking to stop a divorce from happening or want to deeply examine yourself and your relationship, this guide can help you learn how to stop divorce with the help of prayer.

The first thing you are going to need to do is determine what the problem is in your life and your relationship. Is divorce being threatened because of personality conflicts? Or did one person betray the trust of another?

By taking the time to identify what the underlying issues are, you could have a clearer idea of what you need to ask God to help with. Targeted prayer is only going to work if you know what you are looking for.

It is time to reflect and figure out what it is that you want out of your marriage. Is it something as simple as stopping the divorce before the proceedings actually start, or are you searching for something more?

To determine whether you should be praying for yourself or your loved one, you are going to need to reflect on the issues that you have within your marriage.

If you ask yourself what you can do to help make your relationship stronger, it could give you the right foundation for correcting any wrongs and building a stronger marriage.

You know what you are looking for and what you want out of your marriage. Now it is time to develop the prayer.

Make sure that you include all of the things you are seeking help with. For example, you could let God know that you need strength to become more understanding about your spouse’s concerns.

If you have been pushing all of the blame onto your significant other, you could ask for forgiveness regarding your own sins. At the end of the day, your spouse may be seeking divorce because of something you have done.

Also be sure to ask for guidance and support for your loved one, as they will also be going through a difficult time and will need to rely on the help of God.

Reciting the prayer could be the most important part of the process, as it can help remind you of positive affirmations to keep you motivated towards repairing your marriage.

Do you find yourself dealing with a difficult day, or are you reflecting on issues that you encountered in the past? Either way, you could try ensuring that you recite the prayer as often as possible.

You might even find that if you ask your spouse to pray with you at the beginning and end of every day, it can help strengthen your bond—not only with each other, but with your faith as well.

Prayers courtesy of Prayer Closet Ministries.

1. “Father, I pray that You will deliver myself and my husband/wife from self-centeredness. Grant that I and my husband/wife will have a servant’s heart” (Ephesians 2:3; 2 Timothy 3:2; Matthew 20:28; Philippians 2:5-11).

2. “Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that You would bind the work of Satan from this marriage. He would love nothing more than to destroy our marriage. I ask You to stop His work in our lives and destroy his attacks against this marriage” (John 8:44; Genesis 3:11-13).

3. “Father, I plead that we will speak the truth to one another in love. Cause us to honestly share our feelings without being arrogant or spiteful. Through love and honesty, enable us to work through our differences” (Ephesians 4:25; 1 John 4:7, 11).

4. “Father, I plead that You would bring us into a more intimate relationship with Yourself. Cause us to long for You as the deer longs for water. Grant us a hunger in their soul for You. Create within us a spirit of prayer, especially for each other” (Psalm 42:1-2, 63:1; John 17:3; Colossians 4:2).

Divorce can be an incredibly difficult, traumatic experience, especially for couples that entered their marriage with the thought of being together forever. You might think that the threat of divorce means that marriage is finite, but it does not have to be. By working together through the help of prayer, you can strengthen the bond between spouses and work towards repairing your relationship.

Prayer to stop divorce and restore marriage

Lord, I offer up my marriage to you, so that you may heal our wounds, and restore our union. Lord, I ask you to command my marriage to raise from the dead. I pray that you remove all evil influences and enemies of my marriage.

Speak to my wife, soften her heart, and return her to our marriage. I ask that you show my wife that our love is true and that together with God we can be happy again. Lord, you are a tremedous and loving God, and have the power to help spouses reconcile. Lord I ask that you “fix” me and my wife so that we will once again fall into love. Father, I ask that you help me remain calm during this difficult time, so that I may choose my words and actions carefully.

I pray that You speak to my wife in her thoughts, dreams, and visions. Show her that divorce is not the solution and will not make her happier. Only through our faith in you and our love in each other will we reach true happiness. Thank you Lord for recieving my prayer and showing my wife the way home. AMEN.

by Rita (Wolfforth, TX)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come to you today and ask that you supernaturally intervene to stop divorce proceedings that my husband rushed into. We have only been married one year and it has been a difficult time as a blended family.

But i see the vision and purpose you have for us as a family. I pray that you renew my love’s heart, mind and soul and reunite us. We both need lots of healing and Christian counseling and I ask that you please help him realize this. We have been married and divorced before and we promised each other this was it. We were growing old and raggedity together til death do us part. but satan found opportunities to attack both of us but You Lord can restore anything and everything.

I pray that you bring Godly men and women his way and truly impact his way of thinking and change his mind on this divorce. I pray that you give me wisdom, patience and joy throughout this entire process. Keep me free from anger and resentment toward my beloved. Keep me emotionally stable for my beautiful little girls.

I want them to see what a marriage on the Rock should be like and break this generational curse of broken homes and marriage. I pray for my children during this storm of life and protect them from the evil influences around. Protect their hearts and mind. Protect my husband’s hear and mind as well.

Thank you for the miracles that have already occurred and the great positive changes you have made in me throughout this difficult time. Lord, arm me with the tools needed to be the Godly wife, mother and daughter you need me to be to glorify you.

Restore my marriage Lord and teach me patience during this process. You are Great!!! All these things I ask in Your Son’s Precious Name, Amen!!

All your prayers are greatly appreciated!!

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Highly effective Wazifa to prevent divorce | How to stop a divorce | Save my marriage prayer for marriage protection. Talaq rokne ka wazifa | Talaq se bachne ki dua miya biwi mein talaq ko rokne ke liye. 


The topic of divorce would seem to require no introduction. It refers to the often messy and painful end of a marriage. For better or for worse, it is a very common event these days.

Almost everyone has been touched by it, either by going through it themselves as a spouse or a child, or knowing someone who has gone through it as a spouse or as a child.The child’s life becomes more stressful because of economic loss and the loss of a supportive parent. Divorce of parents causes many problems and affects children negatively.

To prevent divorce , the couple should perform this Wazifa to prevent divorce | How to stop a divorce | Save my marriage prayer for marriage protection. The method is as follows :

  • Firstly offer a sacrifice of a black goat for ALLAH and distribute its meat among poor people and then recite Surah FALAQ and Surah NAAS for 1100 times in the morning and evening .
  • The possibilities of divorce will be eliminated In sha ALLAH.


Females should not do this wazifa during their mensus/periods. Do this wazifa in the state of ablution at a clean place & do not make fun of wazeefa/dua else you will suffer.


Talaq yeh ek aisa mauzu hai jo tarruf ka mohtaj nahi. Aj kal talaq bohat aam hochuka hai. Isse miya biwi ki zindagi kharab hone ke saath saath bacho ki zindagi par bhi bohat bura asar padhta hai. Bache akhlaqi tarbiyat se mehroom rehjate hain aur bohat se mushkilaat ka saamna bhi unhe karna padhta hai.

Talaq se bachne ke liye miya biwi ko chahiye ke yeh amal Talaq rokne ka wazifa | Talaq se bachne ki dua karein. Isla tareeqa darj zeel hai :

  • ALLAH ke liye ek kaala bakra zubeh kare aur uska ghost gareebon mein taqseem kare phir Surah FALAQ aur Surah NAAS 1100 martaba subah, sham padhen.
  • In Sha ALLAH talaq ke imkaanaat nikal jayenge.


Khwateen makhsoos ayyam mein is wazife ko na karein. Wazife ko wuzu ki halat mein paak saaf jagah par baithkar padhein. Aur wazife/dua ka mazaq na udhayein warna nuqsan hoga.


1) This wazifa will be effective only when:

The Quranic verses, duas and wazaif are read with correct pronounciation in accordance with arabic rules of reciting Quran.

Performed with complete faith on Almighty ALLAH.Those who do not know to read Quran/Duas with correct pronounciation kindly learn it from a muallim/muallima. For Quran learning Contact  

2) Those who want to become an amil of this wazifa contact us

3) Even after performing this amal if someone is not getting success then contact us.You can also collect Amulet/Islamic seals for the solution of your problem.

In sha ALLAH A’zzawajal with the help of Amulet/Islamic seals results will be faster. All these amulets/seals will be in accordance with Quran and Hadith.

Contact Expert Amil Mohammad Yousuf, +92-3232344555

NOTE:- 1) Yeh amal tab hi asar dikhayega jab keh:

Qurani ayaat/ duayein aur wazaif ko durust makharij ke saath arabi qawaneen ke mutabik padha jaye.

ALLAH tala par mukammal yaqeen aur bharose ke saath kiya jaye.Jinhe Quran/duayein sahi makharij se padhni nahi aati wo kisi muallim/muallima se hidayat lein. Online Quran Nazara Tarjuma ke liye is number par rabta karein.

2) Is wazife ke mahir banna chahte hain wo humse rabta karein.

3) Is amal ko karne ke bawajud bhi kamyabi hasil nahi horahi ho toh humse rabita karein. Agar masle ka hal ke liye Taweez/naqsh lena chahen toh wo bhi miljayega.

In Sha ALLAH A’zzawajal taweez/naqsh ke zariye se mushkilaat jald hal hojayengi.

Yeh taweez/naqsh Quran-O-Hadith ke ain mutabik honge.

Contact Mahir Amil Mohammad Yousuf, +92-3232344555

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