Prayer to my mother

by Shannon Roberts (Age 13 (Scotland)

Lord look upon my mother as she gets old and weak

Lay your hands on me to do my very best to help her, she knows just how to make me smile when i feel down and little, she means every thing to me and my family so i ask you my lord to give her all the strenth she needs .

My mother is like no other. she would do any thing to help you even if she was un-well. she prays alot to saints and of course your self so please answer her prayers.

Every thing she dose is for someone else not for her she dose not care what she looks like as long as she see’s her family strong, happy and wealthy.

So, please my lord help my mother as best as you can help her to gain weight and to to give her strength.

Thank you lord amen x

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Mother is the main shrine in every family. From the very early childhood, one should teach children to respect their parents with respect, because they gave life. Situations are different, sometimes it is impossible to solve some issues on their own. Then you need to turn to the Lord. Of course, you can read the famous prayers from the Orthodox prayer book without much emotion, but it is much more effective to pray in your own words, coming from the heart. Let this prayer is not so beautifully formulated, but it should be emotionally saturated. Only such words the Lord accepts. The prayer for my mother carries great power.

prayer to my mother

How to pray for parents?

The father and mother must be one for the children. Therefore, it is better to read a joint prayer for them. Prayer for my mother in this case will be much stronger and more pleasant to God. Of course, there are situations when one of the parents is no longer alive, then you should turn to the Lord with other prayers. But if the parents are alive, it is better to ask the good of both of them. Every child, little or old, is worried about the health of his parents. Prayer for Mom’s Health must not leave the mouth. What are some words you can turn to the Lord?

Prayer for the Health of Parents

prayer to my mother

O my Lord, let your will be done tomy mother was always healthy, so that she could serve you with sincere faith and instruct me in your ministry. Give my parents food, prosperity and prosperity so that our whole family can serve You in joy. Mom is the most precious thing that I have. Protect her from all life’s troubles, give strength and wisdom to cope with difficult situations and send her health of the physical and spiritual. May my mother and father raise me worthily, so that in life I can do only the things that are pleasing to You. Give them their health and all kinds of blessings, they condescend to bless them, so that they can warm my heart with their warmth. Fulfill all my requests coming from my heart. May my words and the intentions of my soul please You. Only in Your mercy I hope, my Lord. Amen.

Prayer for my mother is a trembling appeal to the Lord. And, first of all, we should express our gratitude to God for giving us such parents.

Prayer for Mom and Father

Oh, all-merciful Lord, I thank You for everything,that you give me, especially for my parents. My gratitude to them knows no bounds. I pray that I can always appreciate worthily their unselfish service to their children, their inordinate efforts and always express their gratitude to them so that it reaches their heart. Lord, I pray thee, reward my parents for all their labors. Give them health and grace. Send them happiness and peace of mind. My Lord, teach me always to please, love, respect, and help. Send your blessing to our whole family so that it will be one heart and soul. Amen.

There is another wonderful prayer about my mother.

I pray for you, my mother

prayer to my mother

Oh, Lord, help my mother, take all her away.anxiety and all sorrow. Keep her good heart from mental anguish and save from all suffering. Take all my ailments from my mother, body and soul, heal from all diseases. Be merciful, God, to my mother, strengthen her faith in You and bestow on you. For the sake of Thy Mother, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, hear my supplication. Do not leave, Lord, my mother in troubles and difficulties without His protection. Show her your grace and descend to her boundless mercy. You always hear my prayers coming from the heart. Mom is the most precious thing that I have. I ask You, my Lord, for me to be always grateful to her for everything she does for me.

This prayer can be changed and supplemented. The main thing is that it should be sincere and sound from the heart.


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