Prayer to heal pain

We were at the Neendakara clinic of Dr.Shaji for Appu’s vaccination on 10th December. While we were worried about the ruckus he would create once he is injected, he surprised us by bawling even before the injection was given. Loud crying at that. He is just 3.5 months old, but possible that he recognised the place from the last visit and understood that what is to follow is not fun ?

A normal injection itself is painful for kids and vaccination is even tough because this is injected not in the veins, but in muscle, leading to pain in the leg and also the usual side-effect of fever in most kids. We get done with the immunization and come out to the car. Suddenly I find Aman missing from our side and look around to find him praying at the small chappel of Mother Mary in the hospital compound.

When he returns, we ask him why he suddenly felt the need to go pray. He replies that he prayed to God that Appu should not get any fever after the innoculation. Now, where would you find such a caring and loving elder bro ? So sweet of him.

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