Prayer to cleanse my soul

by Carol (Essex England)

Dear Lord help my son, now a man but still a child at heart. All the good I passed onto him in his teaching is lost, he has cut his ties from you and I and all who love him and has taken another route of lies deception and anger, show him that kind and loving boy we once knew who respected all that was good. Give me strength to leave him in your hands now and show him the light and the error of his ways.

Let him repent and show remorse for his actions cleanse his soul and give him re-birth of the heavenly spirit you gave to us all. Take away my fear of what is to come. Give me hope and let him see that happiness, love and caring for others is the most priceless gift in life and has no fee. Blessed is the lord. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I know you hear me and feel my pain I trust your knowledge, wisdom and guidance as our heavenly Father.
Thank you Lord.

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Wow! Thanks. Help. These are the Three Essential Prayers, according to author Anne Lamott. What I learned in my church-going experience backs that up: there are prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude; of praise, awe, and adoration; and of petitions and requests. To Lamott’s top three, I would also add prayers of forgiveness—a simple I’m sorry or Forgive me.

These are just the basics of course.  Some go even further, refining prayers, and accompanying rituals, into ever specific categories.  For example, Edward Hays has prayers for Fingernail Trimming, Lighting Candles and Writing a Difficult Letter.  Actually we can pray for just about anything.

Yet to get the whole self into the process of prayer, we need to invite the senses too.  Incense is one of the most ancient ways to invoke the power of smell, as it is able to stir up memories and create moods and shape attitudes.  As Hays says, “…Scents can return us to our childhood faster than the speed of light.” Indeed.  For me the smell of pasta boiling in a stovetop pot transports me to the kitchen of my Italian-influenced childhood home.

The queen of all ceremonial cleansing scents is Sage.  Ceremonial sage comes in many forms:  in smudging sticks large and small; in loose leaf clusters, in sticks and even in sprays.  It can come straight by itself or blended with other fragrant herbs or plants, such as lavender, rosemary or cedar.

One of the uses of this noble incense is for preparing sacred space for ceremony and prayers by cleansing your space with its smoldering smoke or sensuous spray. Prayers offered during the cleansing ritual can consist of words elaborate or short, rhyming or prose and they can be memorized or spontaneous from the heart and soul.

Sometimes a rhyming verse makes a prayer easy to remember.  It seems that rhyming stays with us. For example one short prayer goes like this:

Cleanse this space, remove the past
I’ve found my happiness at last.
Fill this space with Joy and love
Send Your Blessings from Above.

This one also rhymes:

Negativity of this my sacred space
I banish you by the light of my grace
You have no hold or power here
I stand and face you with no fear
Be gone forever you will obey
From my sacred space you must away.

Here is another:

God of All, Goddess of Light,
Shield & Protect Me Day & Night
Positive Feeling Alone Come Near,
All Others Wither & Disappear.

Sometimes the sentiment expressed is enough to help one remember.

Into this smoke I release
All energies that do not serve;
All negativity that surrounds;
And all fears that limit.

Even a simple “I cleanse my sacred space now as I prepare for ceremony and prayer” will work.  Take a look at Shamans Market offerings of this special herb.  You are sure to find a type that suits your ceremonial needs.

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Everyone needs their energy to be cleansed every once a while. The negativity in our surroundings sometimes gets the best of us making our positive energy be replaced by negative energies. When this is the case, we feel depressed and sluggish. Here, we should make use of a smudging prayer to cleanse our body and our surroundings.

Sage cleansing prayer

The negative energies in our surroundings not only affect our mental health but also influence our physical health. Thus, we should smudge prayer and get rid of this kind of negativity. This will not only benefit us but also the other people around us!

Sage is an element that can be found on Earth which is usually burnt. The smoke from the burnt sage acts as a cleaner that “kills” all the negativity in us and our surroundings. Smudging prayer is very effective with the use of sage. The sacredness and divinity of sage can’t be compared to any other cleansing element. It is very effective and a fast way to cleanse your body and environment.


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The smudging processes

To cleanse yourself may sound like an easy task but it is not. It is a four-direction process. To make a smudging prayer take effect, you need to first clear your space where you are performing this process and make sure that all the windows are open, and curtains are pulled away so that sunlight and air come into the area.

You need to burn the sage you have in your possession and fan the smoke of it onto yourself and your surrounding space.

The process starts from the Eastward end of the room you are in, and you keep spreading the smoke throughout the room as you move towards the South, then the West and the Northern end of the room. You need to come back to the Eastward end because that was your starting point. This way, the smoke of the sage has been spread to all corners of your surroundings, and the process has come to and ended.

Ensure that the smoke is encircled around your body for the cleansing of your body.

Smudging prayer

While you do the smudging process, you need to enchant a sage prayer as well. The prayer is given as follows:

May the sage cleanse my hands, my feet, my heart, my throat, my eyes, and my soul. Thus, enabling me to see, feel, touch, and hear about the beauty of this world.

May this space be cleansed by the smoke of sage in a way that the smoke carries my prayers to the highest of heaven to be accepted.


Once you finish the prayer, thank the angels and the Divine in your mind with a good intuition and hoping for the cleaning process to be a success.


The smudging prayer is a non-time-consuming process which is very effective for cleansing purposes. It can be done from time to time whenever you feel the need to cleanse your body and your surroundings. Just ensure that you have a good intent when you begin the process!

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to the Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit, most merciful Comforter: You proceed from the Father in a manner beyond our understanding. Come, I beseech You, and take up your abode in my heart. Purify and cleanse me from all sin, and sanctify my soul. Cleanse it from every impurity, water its dryness, melt its coldness, and save it from its sinful ways. Make me truly humble and resigned, that I may be pleasing to You, and that You might abide with me forever. Most Blessed Light, most Amiable Light, enlighten me. O Rapturous Joy of Paradise, Fount of Purest Delight, My God, give yourself to me and kindle in my innermost


the fire of Your love. My Lord, instruct, direct, and defend me in all things. Give me


against all immoderate fears and against despondency. Bestow upon me a true faith, a firm hope, and a sincere and a perfect love. Grant that I always do Thy Most Gracious Will.


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