Prayer of giving

Does God give us good things to make us happy—or is there a greater reason?

by Julia Attaway – Posted on Nov 26, 2012

A confession: A major cause of spiritual tension in my life is that I tend to think of things as mine. And I assume God gives me good things because he wants to make me happy.

It’s equally possible (and perhaps more likely) that God has given me good things because he trusts me to give them to others. After all, if Lazarus is lying at my gate, the Lord probably expects me to do more than be thankful that I’m comfy wearing my purple and fine linen.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. Which is why, as we all think about giving and receiving, this prayer is especially important.

Lord, refocus my eyes so that I see “my” possessions as the tools which you have supplied to do your work. Thank you for trusting me to be the means through which you answer the prayers of others. Help me live up to that trust.

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We do not forget these things.
We do not celebrate them.
We do not give thanks for them.

In this our tale of Thanksgiving,
they are the terrible storyline
which we must not forget.

Our pride,
our arrogance
and our pursuit of possessions
have constantly stood
alongside of our blessings
as a reminder.

They remind us why we give thanks.

They remind us that life
is sacred and fragile
and that we
are its biggest threats.
They remind us that we do not want
to be those people again,
people who lord over others
and are self-adsorbed and self-important.
They remind us to appreciate
what we do have.

So, we give thanks.

We give thanks for this moment.
We give thanks for the things
that are right about the world
right now,
in this moment.
We give thanks for family and friends.
We give thanks for love and laughter.
We give thanks for grace and good company.

We give thanks for the tension
we find in a day like today
because it provides us the insight
and the motivation
to create better tomorrows.
Not just for ourselves,
not just for our families,
not just for our friends

but for the world.

So, today and everyday,
we give thanks
and we work to create a world
that gives more reasons
for which to be thankful.


by Ali (Texas)

Dear Jesus, I just want to take the time to thank you for giving me another day to live life. Thank you for your love and support and thank you for my great parents whom always been there for me through good and bad. Thank you Jesus for putting a good job in front of me. Give me the strength and confidence to meet and exceed my goals at work. Thank you for the food, clothes and everything I have that not so many people may have. Help the people in need. Thank you Jesus, I believe in you and I know good things come to people who patiently wait. I love you Jesus.

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