Prayer of consolation

Blessed Mary, Mother of Consolation, pray with me for the virtue of patience. There are so many times when my lack of patience keeps me from becoming the kind of person God wants me to be.

Guide my thoughts to you and the example we have in your own life. Help me to become patient, as you were patient. Through your guidance, may I become more accepting of others around me. Assist me to welcome difficult times with a patient heart.

May I be patient, Mary, as was your beloved husband, Joseph. His quiet acceptance of the will of Our Loving Father should be an example for me always. His patience was most wonderful in the eyes of God.

Pray for me, dear Mother of God, that I will allow the Father to come into my heart and help me grow in patience. Amen.

Mary, Mother of Consolation, be with me as I pray for the souls of those departed from this life. Please join your prayers with mine as I remember my dear departed (pause and reflect). In your wonderful love, please pray that they may behold Our Loving Father in heaven.

Most kind and gentle Mother, who knew the loss of your husband and only Son, help me to understand the passing of my loved ones as a new birth into a more complete life with Our Heavenly Father. Amen.

Mary, Mother of Consolation, be with me now as I pray for my children. You, who bore the most perfect Child, know a mother’s concern for her children. You are the finest example of motherhood. Open your heart to my prayer.

Dearest Mother, before you could become the Consoler of the Afflicted, you first had to know true sorrow. I pause with you now, and meditate on that great suffering in your life, the death and burial of your most beloved Son.

Oh, how humble I am, dear Mary, when I see before me your Son in the tomb. He gave His life so we may know freedom from sin. Remind me always that any suffering in my life is passing, just as the suffering you experienced passed in the joy of the Resurrection.

Holy Mary, Mother of Sorrows, I mourn with you, knowing the certain joy of your Son and His gift of everlasting life. Through this act of His, you have become our Mother of Consolation. Amen.

Dearest Mary, Mother of Consolation, please join your prayers to my own. Look upon my difficulties with love and help me to understand and accept them.

The Consolations of Prayer

A prayerbook for Blessed Almsivi, Triune Grace, and all the hosts of saints

Through the bounty of Blessed Almsivi, Triune Grace, and all the hosts of saints, the faithful who pray at the Temple’s shrines may be granted blessings through the miraculous sacraments of prayer and devotion. The three-sided shrines betoken the three-faced benison of Almsivi, and may be found in Temples, or at sites of pilgrimage, or at pilgrim waysides, or in the tomb of the sanctified.

What benefits may be gained shall be listed herein for the edification of the worshipper and pilgrim.

All shrines grant cures of common diseases, of blight diseases, and of afflictions of poison.

Those shrines bearing the images of Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil also may grant the blessing of Almsivi Restoration, which restores damaged attributes, and the three blessings of Almsivi: Vivec’s Mystery, for good fortune; Soul of Sotha Sil, for magical power, and Lady’s Grace, for endurance of hardships.

Those shrines bearing the images of the saints may also grant the particular blessings of the saints, which are listed for you here:

St. Aralor grants Aralor’s Intervention, for fortifying character.

St. Delyn grants Shield of St. Delyn, for resistance to blight diseases.

St. Felms grants Felm’s Glory, for greater skill in restoring magics.

St. Llothis grants Rock of Llothis, for fortifying the will.

St. Meris grants Meris’s Warding, for resistance to corprus disease.

St. Nerevar grants Spirit of Nerevar, for fortifying the body’s vigor.

St. Olms grants Olm’s Benediction, for resistance to common disease.

St. Rilms grants Rilm’s Grace, for endurance of hardships.

St. Roris grants Roris’s Bloom, for fortifying the body’s health.

St. Seryn grants Seryn’s Shield, for resistance to poisons.

St. Veloth grants Veloth’s Indwelling, for magical power, and also grants the blessing of Almsivi Restoration, which restores damaged attributes.

The Faithful are granted these blessings when they pray at the shrines and make a modest donation. The Blessed of the Initiate rank and higher of the Temple have already made their devotions in service and piety, and need only pray at the shrines to receive their benefits. And Almsivi is generous, so even the Unbeliever may receive a blessing if he prays, if he proves his respect with a generous donation.

Our Lady of Consolation

Prayer to Our Lady of Consolation

Mary, Mother of Consolation, again I come before you in prayer.

Help me to pray to our most loving Father.

Ever guide me to seek in my life His divine will.

Help me to hold before my eyes the saving life of your Son.

You are the chosen, Mary, for your magnificent answer to the desire of the Father, the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the request of the angel.

Your openness to the Father has given joy to the world.

The Son of God your Son and our Lord and Savior, became man through your answer.

Oh Mary, grant that I might offer myself to the Father as you did.

Help me on the true path of holiness; this is the Father’s desire for me.

Assist me through your prayers that I too might agree to the prompting of the Holy Spirit within me.

Help me to offer others around me the example your Son expects me to be.

In a special way, I ask you to pray with me for these, the main intentions of this novena.

Holy Mary, I offer my prayers for all of God’s people, for the needs of all mankind.

We are all pilgrims ever on our way toward our heavenly home.

Watch over us and guide us; lead us to your Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior.



La Consolata, Our Lady of Consolation, is a Byzantine-style icon said to have been painted by St. Luke and given to St. Maximus, Bishop of Turin, by St. Eusebius of Cremona, Abbot of Bethlehem (d. 423), then hidden during the iconoclastic period. In 1014, the Marquis of Ivrea received a vision of the Virgin at his sickbed, who requested a chapel to “La Consolata” in St. Andrew’s Church.

On fulfilling her request, he regained his health and discovered the old icon in the church crypt. But St. Andrew’s was soon destroyed by civil war.

In 1104, a blind man in France dreamed of a painting of the Virgin under the ruins of a church in Turin.

Believing that Our Lady would restore his sight if he restored her honor, the man journeyed to Italy and convinced a number of people to start digging.

On June 20, 1104, they uncovered the remains of the chapel and the undamaged icon of La Consolata, an event celebrated during the annual festa.

However, the image now over the sanctuary’s altar (left) is a 1400s copy of another icon ascribed to St. Luke, the Roman Madonna del Popolo

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