Prayer for unconditional love

by Donald (NC)

Lord, I come before you on this day in prayer for myself and the only one woman that I love so very much. I thank you father for your mercy and your grace during the course if my life that you would place such a wonderful woman in my life.

I thank you father for showing me that true love, a godly love, a christ like love has know conditions. My wife has had her life filled with mistrust.

She has suffered from rape, beatings, the lost of a child and left by the father to deal with the death while she laid hospitalized. She has been betrayed and cheated on in each of her relationships with men of her past.

While one her sister having an affair with, while married for 17 yrs. her now ex husband continued to have sexual relations with his ex wife throughout their marriage.

Betrayed by yet another caught in bed with another woman she has hit, cursed, belittled me, humiliated me in front of others, and I believed has slept with other men during our going on three years, have been mean crule and unjust as she desperately trys to follow the word of god. Lord I thank you for the blessing of this woman for she has through your light has showen me how to love her dispite of.

As you have loved us, in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit continue to show me that love never gives up… AMEN

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by Jenna (Corona, California)

I am crying out Jesus, please hear my prayer! For I have prayed to The Father, Holy Spirit and in Your name Jesus Christ so many nights.. Each and everyday I work on praying effectively.

I want to give Thanks and praise His Holiness for without You none of This prayer website would even be possible let alone exist. Creator of the Earth and Heavens, I trust in The Word filled with all promises and hope and everlasting love from a compassionate forgiving perfect God. I have given MY Life over to Your Will for me as a sacrifice in receiving a chance to live a better life than the road I got lost traveling along 8 years ago.

Set me free of MY sins, for they do no good in me. Bless me to help me understand so I am able to once and for all learn from my mistakes, to fix my issues, because I have finally learned the lesson you’ve been trying to teach me but at the worst cost. I lost out on love. Again.

You blessed me with a gift of everything I have every wanted and so much more when it came to finding a soulmate, life partner, lover&friend, and what I still believe and feel in my heart&soul, the man who You intended for me to marry and make my husband and spend rest of our lives together with. I know he was the one. He knew it too. Sadly I was foolish and did what I have always done by pushing Him away one too many times.

I ask of forgiveness for Him as He did nothing wrong to deserve my behavior. Forgiveness in You, O Lord for I showed hardly any Christian-like Love towards him the way that I should of. Curse my tongue for they spit out harsh cruel hurtful words causing wounds to His Heart and mine . Broken Hearted all through summer few months now and as fall approaches my hope for any chance of us reconcile and rekindling restoring our Love Relationship and/or simply just seeing Him again are pretty much …gone .

He took so much on and even stuck around through it all and I just wanted to give my love to Him treating him how He should with all my thoughts words and actions based upon unconditional true love. To make things right. For we both deserved a second chance to love. For our relationship and what we had built together and the future we planned on growing old too. Though as awful as words can be used as weapons they were empty targets with no intent but me making a mistake .

If you were to give me a chance if Dear God its part of Your Plan and would only better Ourselves and bring us that much closer to You as well as make us stronger than ever in unity, I pray you answer this prayer in my favor And bring back the love of Life again again deliver Him to me. For miracles happen everyday. I pray You ignite Faith in Him&Me, and for him to understand if this was meant to be that this as painful as it is was necessary in order for me to change and better myself. And I pray Almighty Father in Heaven I never hurt Him ever again. Or anyone for that matter.

Help me learn to continue walking in Faith with My Savior Your Son who died on the cross for us, for our sins, in Jesus Christ name I pray. Amen

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Dear God,

Thank you so much for loving me.  Thank you for giving me grace and showing me what true love is.  Sometimes it is hard for me to feel close to you… but I know that faith is more than a feeling, more than knowledge… it is spiritual!  Thank you for taking time to reveal things to me, convict me, comfort me, and teach me… it is through these experiences with you that my faith grows.  And thank you for unconditional love. You are the best example!  I pray that I can love my husband like you love me.  I pray that I can love him unconditionally.  May your Holy Spirit help me along the way in Jesus name AMEN!

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