Prayer for unbelieving husband

Being married to an unbelieving spouse can be extremely difficult. I know because I’ve been there. I was married for 14 years and about 7 years ago, gave my life to the Lord. The second I did, our marriage suddenly changed. All of the sudden, I had new desires….a desire to please the Lord, a desire to not sin, a desire to do what is right, and yet his desires, stayed the same.

It immediately caused a huge rift between us. An unspoken rift that we both could feel. All the sudden, we were on different sides of eternity, and we knew it.

But the Bible is clear. In such cases, we don’t divorce. We are to remain married to the unbeliever after we accept Christ into our hearts. While there are clear reasons that God allows for divorce, that is not one of them. So, I remained married, and prayed. Many of my prayers are listed below. I hope you find comfort in them as I did during that hard season of my life.

prayer for unbelieving husband

30 Days of Prayer for Your Unbelieving Husband

Day 1:  God is in Control {Psalm 9:10}

As the saved spouse in your marriage, it is important to put your full trust in God, not in yourself or in your unsaved spouse. He is in full control at all times. He does not sleep or get weary of watching over you and protecting you.

Day 2: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Husband {Mark 11:24}

If you are Christian and you pray, the Lord is sure to answer every single prayer you pray. His answer may be wait, no, maybe, or yes, but every prayer is answered. Although your answers may not look like what you want, know that the Lord does answer all prayers in His own way and in His timing.

Day 3: Stay Close to the Lord {Psalm 145:18}

The Lord will be with you and near you when you pray. So keep praying faithfully and continually for your husband!

Day 4: Only God Can Save Your Spouse, Not You {John 14:6}

The only thing that can save your husband is Jesus, not you. Remember you do not control your husband’s salvation- it is in God’s control.  Remember to always be found putting your husband’s salvation in His hands, not your own.

Day 5: Trust in the Lord {Proverbs 3:5-6}

The Lord has allowed this situation to happen for your good. It is important to put all of your trust in Him. He does not make mistakes. Do not just count on yourself. God will direct your path!

Day 6: Love Your Husband {Genesis 2:24}

When you married your husband, you became one. You may feel like it is hard to love your unbelieving spouse, but you made a commitment to him. Today, I’d encourage you to ask God to help you love your spouse in a new and exciting way.

Day 7: Living With Your Husband {1 Corinthians 7:39}

Sometimes, you might feel your marriage was a mistake, especially if you came to faith after you got married, like I did. But, God does NOT want you to leave your unbelieving husband. Today, ask Him to help you to desire to stay and grow in your marriage and be content.

Day 8: Staying with an Unbeliever- Your Kids Will Be Okay {1 Corinthians 7:10-16}

Today is a great day to ask for help in being strong in your relationship with your husband. Ask God to help you be a positive Christian influence to your children or any you might have in the future.

Day 9: Don’t Preach {1 Peter 3:1-7}

When you have an unbelieving husband, it can be extremely tempting to tell them all about Jesus and the Bible, especially if you are a new believer! But, most people do not like to be preached at! Rather, win him over without words. Let the light of the Holy Spirit shine through you, so that your husband sees Christ through your behaviors and actions.

Day 10: Remember You Are Not Perfect {Romans 3:23}

It can be tempting as the believer, to think we are better or holier than our husband. But, we are sinners too! The Bible states, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Ask God to help you remember that just as your husband, you too are a sinner in desperate need of His grace.

Day 11: Have Patience {Psalm 27:14}

It can be frustrating praying for your spouse and not seeing results. Maybe you have been praying for days, or maybe you have been praying for many years! But, take heart. God answers all prayers in His own way and His own time. Today, ask God to give you the patience while you wait for Him to soften your husband’s heart.

Day 12: Encourage Your Husband {Romans 15:5}

Give your husband gentle encouragement as God gives us. Ask God to help you be an encouragement to your husband and to your family today.

Day 13: Be a Good Wife {Proverbs 31:10-12}

Finding a good wife- a wife is the crown of her husband. Be a good wife to your husband and you will both be blessed! Ask the Lord to help you be a good wife- to be more valuable than rubies.

Day 14: Find a Mentor {Titus 2:4-5}

It can be very helpful to find a mentor while you are going through being married to an unbelieving husband. An older Christian woman to help you through your trials and guide you on your journey and pray for you. If you cannot find one in person, there are a lot of groups online. Today, ask God to help you find a strong Christian mentor that you can trust and who can help guide you through your many trials.

Day 15: Look to God for Strength {Psalm 18:39}

If you are trying to do everything in your own power, stop! You never will be able to. You must get your strength from the Lord. Today, pray for God to give you strength, not just for yourself, but for your husband also.

Day 16: Submit to Your Husband {Ephesians 22-25}

Oh, that word submission! It is a sensitive issue for many. You might be wondering if you still need to submit to your husband if he isn’t Christian. The truth is, yes. Now, if he is asking you to sin (or physically abusing you or something like that), then you need to submit to God first, not your husband. But, to everyone else, yes, regardless if your husband is Christian or not, it is the wife’s call to submit to her husband, as the church submits to Christ. Today, ask God to help you submit to your husband, even when it is hard.

Day 17: Speak Kindly {Proverbs 15:1}

Maybe your husband is not only NOT saved, but makes comments against your faith and God. Maybe he tries to undermine you or is hostile toward you and your faith. It can be tempting to lash out at him. But remember, a soft answer turns away wrath. Today, ask God to help you speak kindly and not in anger to your husband.

Day 18: God Will Strengthen You {Isaiah 41:10}

When you feel weak and defeated, remember God is always with you and gives you strength. Ask Christ to help you remember your strength comes not from yourself, but from the Lord. Take comfort that He will strengthen you when you need it and never puts more on you than you can handle.

Day 19: The Holy Spirit Gives You Power {2 Timothy 1:7}

Remember that through the spirit of God inside of you, you have power! Do not be timid in your prayers! Use your direct connection to God to pray for your husband.

Day 20: Speak With Grace {Colossians 4:6}

Some days it can be hard to speak nicely to your husband. Maybe he is behaving in a way that isn’t Christ-like, which is to be expected, and you may want to be angry and lash out at him. Pray first, and ask the Lord how you can answer him with grace instead. Ask the Lord to help you speak with grace, even when you are angry.

Day 21: Call on the Lord {Jeremiah 29:12-13}

Remember, the Lord is always with you and fully able to help. All you have to do is call on him! Call on Him today to help you remember that even when you FEEL alone, you are never really alone. He is right there with you.

Day 22: A New Heart {Ezekiel 36:26}

It is written in the Bible that God will give us a new heart made of flesh, not stone, when we accept Him. Today, pray He give your husband a new heart- a heart to be open and receptive to the Word.

Day 23: Do Not Cause Your Husband to Stumble {Romans 14:13}

Something that might not be a problem for you, could very well be a problem for your husband. Try to help him towards a path of godliness, while not expecting him to be a godly man. Ask God to help you remove all the stumbling blocks in your power from your husband’s path.

Day 24: Do Not Be Scared {John 14:27}

It can be scary to have an unsaved spouse! You might worry about his soul for all eternity. But, the Lord tells us not to worry and not to be afraid. Ask Christ to help you to put your trust in Him, and help you not to be afraid for your husband, but to pray fervently for him instead.

Day 25: Ask the Lord {Matthew 7:7}

Sometimes we forget when we pray to tell the Lord what we want, but the Bible clearly says, “Ask and it will be given to you.” Today, ask God to open your husband’s heart toward receiving Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Day 26: Love Bears All Things {1 Corinthians 13:7}

Love bears all things, even an unbelieving husband. Today, ask God to help you endure this trial and give you a greater capacity of love toward and for him.

Day 27: Do Not Lose Heart {Galatians 6:9}

Maybe you have been praying for your husband for a long time, and you are tired. You have grown weary of the stress of being the believing spouse in an unbelieving home. The temptation to leave God and belong to the world can be strong. But, do not lose heart! The Bible says in due time you will reap if you do not grow weary. Ask God to help you stay strong and not grow weary in praying for your husband’s salvation.

Day 28: Delight in the Lord {Psalm 37:4}

Do you find your joy in the Lord? The Bible tells us that if we delight in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. The more we love Him, the more we seek His will, the more our desires line up to His. Today, pray that He help you to find your joy in Him, and not my husband or anyone else in your life. Pray that your desires line up to His.

Day 29: Walk in the Way of the Lord {Psalm 119:1}

It can be tempting to stray away from God when you are married to an unbeliever. Maybe your husband does things or participates in activities that are frowned on by God. That does not mean you have to do them as well. Today, ask God to help you walk in His way, according to His precepts, and live a life that is blameless and pleasing to Him, regardless of what your unbelieving spouse’s behavior is.

Day 30: Praise the Lord {Psalm 19:4}

Above all else, put the Lord first in your life. Pray for your husband’s salvation, ask God to open his heart. “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

prayer for unbelieving husband

Here, we have a prayer for family to ask for God’s help in strengthening a family’s bond. Sometimes, members of our families can be the cause of a lot of stress and worry.

Bring them closer to yourself, and God with this family prayer.

Prayer to Keep Family Together

Say this prayer to help bring your family closer together. Make sure to say the names of any family member you want included in the prayer. Your husband (or wife), sons, daughters, father or mother.

Use this prayer, and write your own at the bottom of this page.

A Prayer for Family

Heavenly Father,
Please shine your light upon my family.
Give us strength to overcome all of the
difficulties that we are dealing with now
and protect us against any and all problems
we may encounter in the future.
O Lord, please bring us together as we
are meant to be. May the love that binds
us only grow stronger as we fulfill the destiny
you have laid out for us.

Grant my family forgiveness for any sins we
have committed. May we also forgive one
another Lord, as it is sometimes difficult to do.

Bless us Lord,
In your name I pray, Amen

Bible Verses about Family

“For the unbelieving husband is made holy because of his wife, and the unbelieving wife is made holy because of her husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.”

Check out what the bible has to say about family with these Bible Verses.

Family is an important part of one’s life, and is also very important to God. From Adam and Eve onward, God made humans to be together with love to guide and support one another. Through prayer we can make our families stronger.

Prayer Request: Post Your Own “A Prayer for Family”


If you’d like, you can post your prayer below so the PrayWithMe community can help pray with you.

Rules for Posting: All prayers are posted publicly through to this site. Don’t use full names or any other identifying information that you wouldn’t want out on the web.

Don’t post with ALL CAPS, and try to use proper spelling and grammar.

If you can, help pray for others and post comments of support.

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When you live with an unbelieving spouse, your heart is torn in so many directions. You love your God and you love your spouse, but your spouse doesn’t love your God. It grieves your heart so deeply.

There are many different dynamics that the Believer has to learn to maneuver through and live with in order to make your marriage work. Your ultimate goal in your married life is to live with him or her in such a way that your spouse will fall in love with God as you do.

You strive to live the gospel with and without words. Some spouses aren’t given the freedom by him or her to use words. Clearly, the best thing you can do is to pray for him or her —both for his or her sake, but also for your own.

Just Sit

In living with an unbelieving spouse, there are times when it’s important to:

“Just sit in God’s presence to listen, especially when we’re at a loss for words. Sometimes we don’t know what to pray, especially in our mismatched marriages or situations so bewildering we can’t fathom what to ask. But even to sit in silence before God in those times and allow the Holy Spirit to pray for us is a sacrifice of prayer for ultimately we are called to sacrifice our will for the greater one of God. We come before God with our own brokenness to offer, trusting that He is the only true source of our healing and hope.” (Dineen A. Miller, from article, The Sacrifice of Prayer)

To help you as you reach out for hope and sometimes healing and how to best pray for  your spouse, we came several “tools” that you may want to use.

The first is a prayer page that could guide you through the scriptures as you pray for your spouse. It comes from the “Prayer Closet Ministries” which transforms lives through intercessory prayers and fasting.

To view the prayer outline that Dr Kevin Meador composed that was originally posted on the Prayer Closet Ministries web site (which we believe could help you in your prayer time), please click onto the link provided below:


– ALSO –

June Sims wrote an article which includes “10 prayers” she prayed for her unbelieving husband. It is posted on the web site for the ministry of Family Life Today. To read it, please click onto the link provided below:


– ALSO –

Below is a link to a document that has additional scripture passages that you might find helpful:


Finally, from Lynn Donovan:

“If you are married, this simple prayer will radically change your life, your spouse and your marriage. It doesn’t matter if your spouse is a believer or unbeliever… This prayer is for you.”

If you have additional tips you can share to help others, please “Join the Discussion” by adding your comments below.

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In this continuing series, believers from Iran have been writing Open Doors about their Christian life inside the country.

Hello believing friends,

My name is Somaye and I am 40 years old. I first heard the message of the gospel nearly 15 years ago. I attended church several times with my friends, but it was just for fun. It was only after my brother became a believer and I attended church with him that my heart was touched and I also became a believer. That was eight years ago.

Today, one of my friends asked me if I have encountered difficulties with being a Christian woman in Iran. When I thought about her question, my heart ached.

I am married and my husband and I have two children. My husband is not a believer. Most of my problems are a direct result of our religious differences. I know many other Iranian Christian women who have found themselves in the same situation.

I do not have the freedom to attend church whenever I want to. Despite the fact that my husband is not a very religious Muslim, he regularly prevents me from attending church meetings. The church is far from where we live and the meetings are held in the evenings. By the time the meeting is over it is usually dark outside. This is a problem for my husband, so he only allows me to go to meetings once or twice a month.

During the month of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic year, my husband does not allow me to attend church at all. He says that attending church during this month is a greater sin than in other months. We often fight about this. Also during this month, my husband listens to and reads the Quran constantly while at home. It is hard for me to tolerate that. He tries to fulfill all of his religious obligations in that one month.

Another problem that every Christian woman with an unbelieving husband has to cope with is the upbringing of her children. Undoubtedly, a believing mother likes to raise her child according to the Word of God and she wants her child to learn from the Bible as well. Unfortunately, this is difficult in Iran because our children are not officially recognized as Christians. Only children from ethnic Christian families can be registered as Christian. Our children have to read and pass the Islamic religious lessons in schools. Raising your children as Christians in a society where the religion and education systems are completely opposed to the Word of God is extremely difficult.

Because I have a non-Christian husband, it is even more difficult for me. When my children were young and my husband was at work, I read the Word of God to them and described Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I also taught them Christian songs. But when my husband came back from work and the children sang the songs I had taught them, he would tell them to bring out their Islamic textbooks. He told them that, according to Islam, Jesus was just a prophet and not a God. He told them that Christianity was an incomplete religion and that the Bible was distorted. He also told them that Jesus had promised a prophet would come after him – the prophet Muhammad.

When my daughter was sick, I took her to a church meeting to receive prayer for healing. When my husband found out about it, he wasn’t happy. He took her to an Islamic shrine the next day.

For my children, these two faiths of their parents are very confusing. It has caused them to have difficulties with making decisions in other areas of their lives as well.

I have placed my children in the hands of God and I pray that he touches their hearts!


Iran is ranked #7 on the Open Doors’ 2015 World Watch List ( of the worst persecutors of Christians.

Compiled by Jerry Dykstra. For media inquiries, contact Christine Cape at 404-545-0085 or Christy Lynn Wilson at 770-401-9842.

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