Prayer for strength for my son

Lord I pray that you give my son the motivation to study and that you will touch his heart to not give up. You have given him so much intelligence and he has been having difficulty finding ways to use it. I pray that you guide him to the right direction, to not waste the resources available to him. I pray that you will give him confidence again, to trust that You are watching him and guiding him. I pray this in the name of Christ our Lord, Amen.

I also want to offer this prayer for all mothers who are in the same situation. May you all have the strength to tackle the difficulties presented to you and may the Lord bless you with His grace. Amen.

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by Denise (Toledo)

My son just joined the military, which was a blessing with his way of thinking he would have been going down the wrong path.

He made it, so we thought, only to get a call that on day one when it was time for boot camp, he quit, said if they didn’t let him out he would harm himself. Needless to say, he is being evaluated and may more than likely be sent home, since he’s already signed the release papers. Sadly, my son has always quit when challenges arose, and I can’t understand why.

He knows the Lord which I’m so grateful for, but fail to see his power. I have a smaller child at home and his father and I are faced with, should we allow him to come home or not, since he has a problem with authority and being disrespectful towards me when my husband is not around. We fear the way he thinks will rub off on his little brother that cherishes the ground he walks on. I fear he will be in the streets but my husband says he may have to fall flat on his face in order to “get it”.

As a mother, I’m struggling with that. It took so much to get him there, a lot was sacrificed, but he says its all about him and that his decision only affects him.

Please pray my son’s strength and guidance, and for my family and I for direction. I continue to pray for God’s will to be done, yet its so hard and I feel like my heart has been torn apart, and I don’t understand.

by Melissa (Texas)

Dear lord I pray for strength to be able to stand in such times strengthen me physically emotionally and spiritually God I pray for total healing for my son physically and emotionally God I pray that you heal his mind of every thought that is contrary of your will and give him strength in his physical body that he can get up and exhale in school and prosper in everything he put his mind to Strengthen his spirit man dear God so that he is able to overcome any battle he is facing and God strength for our family as a whole so that everyone can understand what he is going through this I ask in your darling son Jesus name Amen

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