Prayer for sick newborn baby

Faith is an action most Christians struggle with. They pray for healing and only upon receiving it do they thank God. So they wait to see the fruit first.

Faith acts upon the fruit as though it has already been received. You pray for healing and you start thanking God for it as if you have already received it, and then it will happen.

Faith is one of the areas where we all as Christians can improve and grow spiritually. The word says something interesting about faith.

Hebrews 11:6: No one can please God without faith, for whoever comes to God must have faith that God exists and rewards those who seek him. (GNB)

Romans 10:17: So then, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through preaching Christ (GNB)


One day when we arrived at church, one of the elders from the church approached us and said that there was a woman sitting in her car outside the church, and that we must go and look after her.

We went out and there she was sitting in her car and crying. She was there because she did not know where else to go and she was on the verge of suicide.

She was really desperate and did not know where to turn if the church did not help her.

I remembered a time when we were desperate and the church did not help us.

We decided that the right thing was to help her. In the car were all her earthly possessions and also a newborn baby. She had lost everything and needed a place to stay urgently. We took her home and set her up in the granny flat that we had.

As the days went by we counselled her and we slowly built a relationship with her.

She gave her heart to Yeshua (Jesus). She was withdrawn and she kept to herself.

Then one night she came and knocked on the door for help because her baby was very sick. We sent my children to go and fetch a male nurse living a few houses away and shortly he arrived.

After examining the child he concluded that the child was very sick, with a very high life threatening fever, and insisted that we take the baby to the hospital immediately. In faith and full of the Holy Spirit, I suggested that we pray for the baby. The mother, the male nurse and my wife disagreed and were getting ready to take the baby to hospital.

The male nurse phoned a doctor out of bed, who was ready to meet them at hospital, because of the urgency of the matter. While they were busy arranging with the hospital I took the baby and gave it to the male nurse’s wife to hold and I asked her if she believed that God can heal this baby.

She was full of faith and we prayed the prayer of agreement and in faith and we trusted God for total healing. Shortly after, the others came and took the baby and they sped away to hospital.

Before they went I told them that the baby was healed because we had prayed, but they all looked at me as though I was mad, thinking that I did not see the urgency of the matter. The baby was blood red with fever, breathing feebly and very ill.

They took the baby and left.

I was left alone and I cried out to Yeshua, not understanding their unbelief.

I started to pray and trust God in faith, thanking Him for healing of the baby. An half an hour went past before I heard them returning from Hospital, much sooner than I had expected.

Curious, I went to meet them and they were all stunned and speechless. I asked them what the matter was and why they were back so soon. The male nurse then showed me the baby. She looked good, had no fever, was breathing normally and slept soundly. I started rejoicing and blessing God for this miraculous healing.

They told me that when they had arrived at the hospital the Doctor was waiting there in his pyjamas and rushed the baby to the emergency unit. As the doctor examined the baby, he found that the baby was totally normal. He was angry with the nurse for chasing him out of bed and causing him to drive like a lunatic just to find a normal, healthy, sleeping baby.

They were all speechless, knowing that this baby was critically ill and that the baby had had a very high fever, and had difficultly breathing.

Matthew 4:24:— and Yeshua healed them all. (GNB)

I rejoiced and praised God for using me to pray for the baby and I was not ashamed, but the people who did not believe that God would heal the baby were ashamed.

The woman who prayed with me also rejoiced in the Lord. I know that God is a doer of His word and that God is a rewarder to those who live in faith.

Newborn Wears the Fingerprint Of God

At 6 weeks old, Katie was diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition. Her heart stopped, and despite the risk of brain damage, doctors fought to bring her back.Watch or read more of this powerful testimony here:

Posted by The 700 Club on Thursday, June 8, 2017

The true hope is in Jesus Christ! Hope. The true meaning of this word was not fully understood by Amy and Gary until the birth of their daughter, Katie. Standing in the corridors where she was born, the couple were informed that their little baby girl was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), the medical term for a heart with a functional defect. This is where the journey of believing in God and never giving up on hope for them began. Watch this wonderful video and testify God’s amazing work!

Hope is what keeps us going. When life throws challenges at us, it is only hope that helps us make it through the darkness. Difficult times do not last, as long as you have faith that God will help you make it.

Newborn Wears the Fingerprint of God

Hope. The true meaning of this word was not fully understood by Amy and Gary until the birth of their daughter, Katie. Standing in the corridors where she was born, the couple were informed that their little baby girl was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), the medical term for a heart with a functional defect. This is where the journey of believing in God and never giving up on hope for them began.

After trying for two years, Gary and Amy finally became parents to Katie. In Amy’s own words, the arrival of Katie “completed” their family and they were very grateful to the Almighty for His blessing. But after a short span of 6 weeks, they realized that their daughter was having serious trouble when she tried to breathe. Amy and Gary describe her breathing was “hard and heavy”, and they could see straightaway that she looked like someone who was “drugged” and struggling to breathe. They rushed her to ER and it was found that she already had an accelerated heartbeat rate. A short while later, she was diagnosed the root cause of the problem, SVT, was identified. When they were informed of it, Amy rushed into the room where her precious infant lay “tiny, white, pale as a ghost”. A nurse had already started CPR on Katie, but the sight cause Amy to lose her breath and drop to her knee, praying and begging God to return their baby back. She held on to her faith in God and hopes and asked for His mercy to save her daughter.

prayer for sick newborn baby

One of the doctors in charge of Katie was Dr. Athos Colon, a pediatric cardiologist, who in addition to the nurses performed CPR on the baby. He knew the issue was very critical as they’d been trying to revive her pulse for almost half hour but they hadn’t succeeded. He knew that without oxygen for that long, the chances of Katie suffering from brain damage, even if she did survive, was extremely high. He talks about how her heart was asystolic (flatlining) and that she was technically dead. Katie’s parents were at the same time sitting outside the ER, deciding if they should ask the doctor to call the code and declare their baby dead. It was the hardest moment they both had to face in their lives up until that moment, but were compelled to do so because at that point, all the resuscitation efforts were just adding to the torture to Katie’s frail body.

When news of Katie’s condition reached back home, one of Amy’s cousin felt compelled to visit the hospital himself. Jeff “Amoose” Amato heard God’s voice firmly calling out in his head that that was not the day Katie was to return to him, as soon as he stepped into the hospital. And for some strange reason Dr. Colon too thought it worthwhile trying to keep Katie alive. A few minutes later, the traumatized parents heard someone call out that Katie had a beat! She was alive!

Amy walked out of the hospital and sent up a prayer to God, thanking Him for keeping her alive, but also worried that her daughter was still not out of the woods. That her daughter came back from the dead was a sign that helped both parents strengthen their hope. And it wasn’t just this family that was praying for little Katie to pull through; for a miracle. A Facebook page was initiated by one of Amy’s friends and prayers started pouring in from not just people within the country but from other countries too. So heart-touching was the story, and such is the strength of hope in God that there were over a thousand prayers that quickly appeared on the page. Tall these people, along with Dr. Colon and his team, were praying for the infant to make through the ordeal not just alive but unimpaired. The good doctor knew that the there was over 70% that the girl survived only to have a dysfunctional brain, but he too placed his faith in the Almighty and continued caring for the little girl with all his skill and passion. And all the prayers, all the hopes, and the benevolence of God paid fruit.

prayer for sick newborn baby

Katie was placed under close monitor for 48 hours after her heart started beating. As soon as her condition had stabilized and the doctors had ascertained there was no apparent or big brain damage, they decided to perform a surgery to insert a pacemaker in Katie’s heart. The surgery was a success. Katie was taken out of the operation room and placed under scrutiny for some 12 days to ensure the pacemaker that was fitted in her heart worked as expected. The pacemaker was working fine and there was also no brain damage that they detected! Katie’s parents were on tenterhooks during this period because they wanted their daughter back with them, because she had already suffered so much that no adult person should have had to suffer, and because they were worried if their daughter would survive this ordeal without any permanent damages. After 12 days, Katie was declared to be fit enough to be taken home. Amy still remembers the exact moment when her lovely daughter was placed in her arms. While sending up her heartfelt gratitude to God, she realized that her baby survived because she bore the fingerprint of God.

prayer for sick newborn baby

Dr. Colon still calls her his miracle baby, because he had never come across any baby who had survived without oxygen for so long and did not suffer any brain damage. Everyone believed that Katie was truly blessed, and had a new reason to continue to place their hopes in Him.

Now, the little girl with a defective heart is a healthy 5 years old girl who enjoys dancing, playing softball, with no brain damage at all! Amy still remembers the day when Katie was placed back in her arms after the surgery, but she now realizes that the fingerprint is actually in our hearts.

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