Prayer for saving a marriage

prayer for saving a marriage

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you and thank you for saving us from distress when we call out in trouble and thank you for being there for us when things are good in our lives. We love you Dear God we seek and require You earnestly.  Thank You Lord, for your kindness, tolerance, and patience with us when we fall into sin, and thank you for sending Christ to die for our sins and redeem us by the cross.

I come before you Lord to petition you in Prayer and ask your blessing on me and my (Wife/Husband) to come together in harmony with sympathy, compassion and humility, faithfulness, honesty, respect and most of all love.

Lord, You have made us one in flesh and spirit and You are a witness to our marriage covenant.  I believe that the Holy Spirit will come upon my (Wife/Husband) so that (She/He) never forget your teachings and that (She/He) keeps your commands in (her/his) heart. I believe that the Holy Spirit is working in our marriage, that my (Wife/Husband) will not be deceived by the persuasive words of anyone who would lead him astray or attempt to seduce (her/him).

I give You praise and honor, Lord, and I thank you that no weapon formed against our marriage has prospered and I believe that You Lord will silence anyone who is attempting to come between us, telling my spouse that reconciliation is wrong.  With the spiritual authority given to me in Jesus name, I rebuke anyone who would attempt to put a wedge between myself and my spouse- through ungodly advice, use of banned spiritual arts as mentioned in the bible for direction, or through false teachings or words.

Lord, I believe the Holy Spirit is working in my spouses life right now, ministering to (Her/His) heart, and I believe the Holy Spirit will righteously convict and correct my spouses thoughts, words and actions and place in (Her/His) heart the burning desire to rebuild our marriage because (She/He) knows life is better with me and the grass is NOT greener in other pastures as the deception of the world leads us to believe.  I petition you dear Lord, that (Name of Husband or Wife) would humbly accept Your conviction and correction and seek your direction.

Lord, I ask You to convict and deal with any unconfused sin in (Her/His) life. Enable us to deal with any sin that would be hindering our marriage.
Lord, I believe it is in your Will that we are reconciled back to each other despite anything we’ve done to each other in the past and I forgive my (Wife/Husband) for any wrongs I feel (She/He) has done as I pray that (She/He) forgives me. 

God, Your words are trustworthy and you have promised these things to me though your words given throughout the ages through the profits, disciples and Jesus. You have promised that You will build a home for me and that it pleases You to bless my marriage. I praise and thank You Lord, for keeping the promise you have made concerning me, my (Wife/Husband) and our home.

Lord I believe you will guard the fidelity of our marriage in this time, and will keep (her/his) eyes blinded to temptations of our Human nature or the influence of the Devil. In the name of Jesus, I pray that You would bind the work of Satan from this marriage and cast that influence away.
Lord, I believe that my (Wife/Husband) will acknowledge you and listen to your still soft voice in their head and heart. I believe if (She/He)tries to push away from Your wisdom and attempt to reject your words, your words on marriage will be exposed to (Her/Him) through TV, Magazine, Books, and your messages will grow louder and louder to correct  (Name of Husband or Wife) into your Will for our marriage.

Lord, I believe You will be here with me to assist me in staying strong and courageous throughout all the trials, struggles  and issues , and I praise you for not allowing me to be afraid or feeling discouraged if things don’t seem to be progressing in my time.  Your power is greater than the power of Satan and all who do his work, and I believe all good things will be done on Earth and in Heaven in Your time, such as the restoration of my marriage. I refuse to be discouraged, I refuse to be defeated. You are the God of all hope and I claim in every way this victory in my marriage though your Word.

And I praise You that everything we have been through has not quenched (her/his) love for me
and our love for each other. I pray we will live together in harmony with sympathy, compassion and humility, and that we inherit Your blessings.

Father, I plead that we will speak the truth to one another in love. Cause us to honestly share our feelings without being arrogant or spiteful. Replace those feelings, Holy Spirit, with love and honesty and enable us to work through our differences.

Jesus, I plead that we/they will put away all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and slander, along with every form of malice. In the place of this, I pray that we/they would be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other. Father, I pray that You would rekindle passion and desire between myself and (Name of your Husband or Wife here), and heal any emotional wounds we may have caused one another.
It is Your Will that marriages to be for a lifetime and therefore go has joined together, let no man separate. I ask that this petition of prayer be read aloud, before all the angels of Heaven, before Jesus, the Holy Spirit and You my God. And I believe you will move to save and strengthen our marriage and I ask in the name of Jesus that You will do whatever it takes to protect and defend this marriage and place a hedge of protection over our home. In Your Mighty Holy Name O’God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit- Amen.

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You made a promise to God and your partner to love and to cherish, ‘till death do you part. Now, maybe you’re wondering if it’s possible to remain together, despite differences, obstacles, or space that has come between you. Your wife is too busy, preoccupied or aloof. Your husband is too insensitive, disrespectful or passive. Remember, the two of you took vows before God, family, and friends. Those vows remain strong today, but you may need to uncover them again, and pray for help along the way. No matter what has happened in your marriage, God loves you. He is here for you.

Here are a few powerful prayers that may help you and your significant other rekindle the love in your hearts. These are meant to be prayers for you and your spouse to say together, with the hope of re-connecting and coming together toward a common goal – your marriage.

Pray For Love

Romans 12:10: “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

Love. It’s easy to forget in the middle of an argument or the heat of a moment, but it’s what the Bible tells us to do anyway – love. “Be devoted…” in it. And the second part of this prayer may be just as difficult. “Honor one another above yourselves.” It sounds easy in theory, but in reality, you may feel like you are always putting your partner as a priority, and you are the one who is always second. Discuss this with your husband or wife and pray together over this verse. Ask each other what you can do in certain situations to put the other one first. This might be as easy as giving them the first cup of coffee in the mornings or folding the last load of laundry at night. Or, it may go deeper than that, such as having to forgive. If you are both trying to save your marriage from divorce, this is a great time to communicate with one another and discuss the best ways for showing each other love.

Pray For Your Marriage

Matthew 19: 4-6: “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

One flesh. Those two words are very powerful. If you are married, joined together before God, he does not want you to separate. God loves you – BOTH of you. He believes that the two of you, together, are better than apart. In what ways is your life better because of your partner? Discuss these things together and pray over them. How has your partner enriched your life, and made it better? Do you feel like you are a team, operating as one flesh, one body, and one life together? If not, it may be a good time to discuss how you feel like you could become more connected, and feel more united, as stated in the Bible. Are there activities you can do together that will bring you closer, or are there things you’ve put off that you’d like to start doing again? Whatever it is, remember that God rejoices in your happiness and your marriage. Pray for no one to separate the special union of you and your partner. Pray for the Devil not to come between you, but for God to uplift you both and solidify your relationship, making it stronger than ever.

Pray For Strength

Philippians 4:12-13: “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength.”

This might be one of the hard times…a time of being in need, of being hungry or in want. However, you know you can get through this with the Lord beside you. He knows it is difficult. He knows you are hurting and broken inside. He realizes that this is not something that you planned nor is it something you ever wanted. You may look around you and see other marriages growing and thriving, while you feel like yours is headed towards failure. It’s important during times like these to focus on your own marriage, and not compare. Remember that God provides you with the strength you need to get through anything, and He is there to help you, right now, if you just pray and ask Him. Take a moment to be with your partner and pray for God’s strength during this trying time in your lives. He will be there for you, if you let Him.

Pray For Faith

Romans 8:18: “The pain that you’ve been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.”

If you have been discussing the possibility of divorce with your partner, it’s inevitable that you’ve been in pain recently. No married couple ever sees divorce as happening to them, so when the word even begins entering the vocabulary, it can be devastating. God asks us throughout the Bible to remain faithful, to believe that on the other side of this emptiness and sorrow is a much, much happier place. If you know your marriage can get there, it’s faith that you’re deciding to follow. Faith that will lead you the way you need to go. Acknowledge the hurt but pray for the joy. Pray for the happier times ahead and along the way, remain faithful to Him.

There are many signs throughout God’s word that He is with us. He is helping you and your partner along this journey, and he won’t leave your side. Pray with your spouse and pray to God. Pray for love, strength, faith, but most of all, pray for your marriage. Ask Him to bless your relationship and let no one come between you. Ask Him to calm your fears and your desires and to put Him above all else. Ask Him for his wisdom and guidance to help you and your partner. And most of all, believe that He will be with you both as you navigate this road towards a more loving, faith-filled marriage.

By Raluca Ril

The testimony started when I received a personal e-mail from a stranger. I will call her Laura to protect her privacy. Her e-mail was essentially a desperate plea for help.

“I need someone to pray for me and advise me on how to fast and pray. Please pray for me. Our marriage has serious problems, which is leaving me emotionally broken. And because of that, I am struggling spiritually. I feel I am going deeper and deeper into things, which are not good. I can’t pray, I can’t read the Bible no matter how much I want to (I know its sound crazy!). I don’t know who I am anymore, and my life is falling apart.”

I wrote Laura back, promising that I would be praying for her. I also sent her some of my resources on fasting and prayer. After that, I didn’t hear more from her, so I wasn’t sure what happened.

A month or so went by, then she e-mailed again. I had no idea what to expect as I opened the message. Would she be asking for more prayer? Did she have more issues she needed to tell me about?

Her e-mail flooded my heart with joy as I once again saw that we serve an amazing God who hears and answers prayer. The following are excerpts from her e-mail, which she has given permission to publish anonymously:

Dear Raluca,

For six years my husband and I have been struggling with many issues in our marriage. We tried getting counseling from our pastor. It didn’t work. We went for marital counseling. It didn’t work. Marriage seminars didn’t work. Nothing was working.

From outside our marriage looked perfect. People would tell us how wonderful we are. But inside we both knew that we were not connected. Our love had faded away, and this problem affected me seriously. Knowing that I was not loved by my husband made me feel empty, sad, very confused and very lost, to the point were I could not pray.

The more I was not praying, the more horrible I felt! I was becoming more and more depressed!

To give you some background, my husband is more spiritual than me. He has been my spiritual mentor since we met. Many things I know about God are from him. When I told him about your blog on 100 Days of Prayer regarding prayer and fasting for 21 days he was very skeptical. He gave me all the reasons why I should not do it. But I was not convinced. I knew for sure I needed to do it right away, even if it meant I would do it alone.

It was a Sunday early in the morning when I told my husband to pray for me because I was going to start the 21 days of prayer and fasting. Guess what? Without any hesitation he told me, “I am doing it with you!”

That was my first miracle! You see, before we got married we used to pray together, but after our wedding everything faded away. One would hardly see us praying together. Now my husband and I were going to do 21 days of prayer and fasting together! It was like a dream come true for me!

And so we began. During the 21 days of prayer my greatest request was “Lord change my life, I want to fall in love with Jesus again.” I knew very well if I don’t have the love of Jesus in my heart, the love of my husband that I was looking for could never fill my heart.

The Bible says in Psalm 38: 4, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Dear Raluca, God is so good and so merciful, His love endures forever. I can testify to it. God has healed my marriage and brought peace and happiness into our marriage again. My husband is crazy in love with me more than you can imagine. But the greatest miracle God did is the work He did in my spiritual life. I fell in love with the Word of God again, and I love being in His presence. If I wrote everything that has happened, it would take forever. Just know that I am not the same woman who wrote you that first message a little over a month ago! Jesus came to my heart and this time He has come to stay.

Much love, Laura

Of course, I don’t take any credit for what God has done for Laura and her husband. But as we share our testimonies, God can use this to help others. And that’s one reason why I’m sharing Laura’s testimony. Her story is evidence of what the Holy Spirit can do in the heart of a couple that is truly seeking the help that only God can give. Yes, prayer works, and fasting and prayer could save your marriage.

Raluca Ril and her husband, Roman, have co-authored several years of the 10 Days of Prayer materials for the world church. Both active in ministry, they currently live in Germany.

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PRAYER REQUEST: February 9–16 is “Christian Home and Marriage Week.” Pray that many families and marriages will be drawn closer to the Lord during this special week. You may find inspiring resources by visiting: PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the homes and marriages represented in your local church. Pray for your pastor and his home and marriage to be especially blessed by God.

PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for God to work in your own home and marriage, or in the marriages of your parents, siblings, or loved ones.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for your local church Family Ministries to be an active witness for God. This year is the centennial anniversary of Family Ministries in the Adventist Church. Many practical resources have been developed by the General Conference Family Ministries Department, to help churches celebrate. To learn more how your church can be involved visit:

PRAYER REQUEST: Please keep praying for the General Conference Youth Ministries Department as they prepare to mobilize Pathfinders and other young adults all over the world to preach at 100,000 different sites for Total Youth Involvement. This begins March 2019. #TYI19

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