Prayer for purpose

by Andy (Sydney)

Dear Father, your will is perfect and I am constantly grateful for the grace you’ve shown me in my life. You’ve blessed me with so much and enabled me to triumph over many sufferings. No matter what though, I am always constantly unemployed despite the great people skills you have given me, I just seem to fall short in clarity for my future and where I would be best used. Lord I ask you will provide me with a purpose in this life, that I may not remain a taker, but a giver. That I will not depend on other people’s generosity, but myself alone may be able to provide generosity and enable myself a life of purpose and meaning in employment. I pray that this will be within the confines of your will. I pray for a job that not only reveals to me new skills and abilities, but a sense of purpose and joy. I pray that this job will allow me to be a blessing to other people as well as make the money needed to provide food, shelter and a happy livelihood for future family members.

Thank you loving Father for your grace. Help me to continue in your love.

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Welcome Dear Friends,
After a storm along the coast of California, my husband and I drove to a small park at the top of a hill which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and took the above picture. Many years ago, our city erected this giant 20 foot rustic cross to honor the life of Father Junipero Serra, a Spanish missionary who lived in the 1700’s. He erected the original cross to mark the location of the local Mission.

You and I have a life-changing experience in common: You and I have both come the way of the cross.

Our experience may be different, but the cross required us to believe what Jesus did for us, and to yield our lives and our will, to make Him Lord and Savior. What a journey we are on!

You and I also have something else quite important in common: the call to pray.GOD HAS A PLAN!  GOD HAS A PURPOSE!Prayer for our cities and counties has never been more vitally important.
The days are evil; nevertheless, prayer is powerful and changes things when accompanied by faith. So many are running to and fro with very busy lives and don’t have time for prayer. But God does have many Believers who are disciplined, seasoned Christians, who are passionate and determined to put God’s Word and prayer first place in their lives and fulfill their call to ministry.

And we love the United States. We are one nation; we are under God and we’re not in the minority!This website is designed to empower people of prayer with different resources that are based on the Word of God, which is able to “build us up.” (Acts 20:32)Our mission is:

  • To have people from their state pray in the plans of God for the End-Time Harvest of Souls
  • Our assignment is to pray for:  The Church – The Lost – Elected Officials
  • We provide a platform for God to speak to His people. With an emphasis on faith and prayer, THE LIBRARY, (formerly Team Tuesday Bible Lesson) is provided for you to re-charge your spirit with strength from God’s living Word. 
  • We have a new resource called “THIS IS THAT….” These are shorter Bible Lessons to help keep your faith on track.
  • How important is your Pastor? We have a responsibility to pray for them. See: Proclamations for Pastors
  • Another new resource for you is called: 101 Things God said on Healing.
  • Read through THE BULLET BOX and THE MEDICINE CABINET often. 
  • Knowing the WHO YOU ARE (IN CHRIST) SCRIPTURES  will strengthen your inner man and make you bold as a lion! How can a soldier carry out his orders correctly if he doesn’t know who is, where he is from, or what he is called to do?
  • See the THE VISION page for more about our vision and assignment. POWER PRAISE is a collection of anointed songs you can start your day with and also use in prayer.
  •  PRAYERS FOR FAMILY will help you to pray effectively for loved ones.
  • Our resource, CURRENT EVENTS will give you news updates and specific direction in how to pray for our nation.
  •  THE SWORD  is a collection of scriptures and positive confessions I have been collecting for a few years.
  • What would revival look like in your city? Check out this exciting  resource that will spark your faith to start dreaming of things to come!  REVIVAL COMETH

There are anointings of God that flow when His people join together for a purpose. Even though we are not assembling together in a building , we are gathering together in His Spirit, for we are “being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” (Ephesians 2:22)  The glory of being together on assignment with His Spirit is magnificent!

Please check out the ABOUT US pages for Prayer with Purpose history.

Menu tabs at the top of each page, as well as sub menus contain many other resources, too numerous to mention here.

We expect all these resources to bless you because their foundation is God’s Word, which is first place in all that we do.

Please pray for your state / nation with others who have the same goal: Revival in America!

Prayer always lays track for revival. And prayer will keep a covering over our cities. (Jeremiah 29:7)

Enjoy the website and feel free to share it with other Believers.

Truly, it is the love of Christ that compels us!
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