Prayer for our parents

Here is a daily prayer for your parents. Your parents may be near or far, but a prayer is the least you can do for them. All parents love their children and sacrifice their lives for their children. As we grow up and leave our parents to lead our own lives, we conveniently push them down to the bottom of our Priority List. Wherever you are, this powerful prayer for your parents will give them peace and happiness.

“Lord, I surrender to you my family. Lord Jesus, I pray for my parents. Though you blessed them abundantly, today they are in need of your help. Give my parents joy and strength. Fill them with your strengthening presence. Lord, give them real thirst and hunger for the Holy Spirit and for the Word of God. Give them health in spirit, soul and body.

Even though they may feel that all the trouble they took for their children are being wasted, help them to see the great reward waiting for them in Heaven. Help my parents to forgive themselves and forgive everyone else.

Even though as parents they may have failed to fulfil their duites, Lord, set them free from sadness and sorrow, regrets and sense of guilt. Jesus fill them with your Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus. Amen”
prayer for our parents

QUESTION: How important is a parent’s prayer for his/her children?


Parents are to pray for their children’s spiritual as well as physical health and well-being. Parents are to ask God to help guide their children in all that they say and do. Parental prayer should be a daily reminder to parents that God has entrusted them with the rearing and training of their children. Parental prayer is an integral part of the loving relationship parents have for their children.

Praying for your children is not a privilege that we have as parents it is a necessity. Our children live in a tough world. Each day our children are subjected to literally thousands of offensive images and words. Our children also face an enormous amount of peer pressure to become part of what is considered normal by the world’s standards. Without prayer our children will not be able to stand against the insurmountable odds they will face from childhood until they leave this world.

There are several other reasons we as parents need to pray for our children;

  • No one else knows our children as well as we do so no one else can pray for our children like we can.
  • No one else but you may be praying for you children, so if you do not pray who will?
  • It will increase your awareness of what your children are doing.
  • It will help you talk to them about the what God desires for them to have as His children
  • It will give them comfort to know that they are loved and cared for by you their parents.

Parents prayer – An example Lord you have given me these children to watch over and care for. Grant them your safety and your protection against all the schemes and temptations of the devil. Grant them the wisdom to get through life. Grant them the security of knowing that they rest firmly in your grasp. Thank you for giving me these children. All these things I pray in your name Amen.

Unfortunately, there are hungry and homeless children in the world that don’t benefit from the prayers of their parents. In fact, they need very basic spiritual and financial support. If you feel called to support a child, please consider our friends at Compassion International.


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