Prayer for newlyweds

“Not-so-newlyweds” know the pain of love… the joy of love… and what it means to choose love daily. If you find yourself in this category, the memories of your early days of marriage might be fading. 

You’ve told your husband to put his sock in the hamper (not next to it!) more recently than you’ve told him how much he means to you. Or you’ve asked your wife how she didn’t notice how low the gas tank was in her car before she hopped in to run an errand more recently than you’ve said how beautiful she is. 

Marriages change throughout the years, but be mindful not to let your marriage drift. Though your youthful years are behind you, you and your spouse will have wonderful days ahead if you intentionally choose love. 

Please pray with me: 

Father, Praise You for the intricate way Your creation permeates our lives. One glance at the rippled water or cotton-streaked skyline reveals the presence of the wind. When it moves, things move… branches sway, leaves blow, tides shift position, clouds glide along the skyline. The wind itself is invisible, but it’s movement and change are clearly visible. Sometimes the wind is destructive, and the change is tragic. Other times the breeze is light, ushering in refreshing changes. Still others it goes unnoticed as we travel through our daily routine. 

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Thank You for the wind. For the way it beckons us to pay attention to it as hair blows into our eyes, and it’s refreshing breathe as it passes through our windows. Marriage is much like the wind. 

Praise You for marriage, and the perfect timing in which You have brought our spouses into our lives. Over time, love can begin to pass by us. Some moments are refreshing, while other moments are scarring and destructive. It’s hardly ever what we sign up for, and even harder than we thought it would be. Thank You for the trials of marriage that usher in the bond of staying… sticking… and picking up the pieces. Thank You for the refreshing bouts of laughter, celebrations, and mountaintop moments that move our hearts to choose love over and over again. Thank You for capturing our hearts first, so that we can truly understand how to be happy. 

We confess taking marriage for granted. Over the years and seasons of life, that’s an easy thing to accomplish. Much harder is the continuing grace of getting to know our spouse, recognizing their growth, and realizing they are Yours first. Forgive us for neglecting to spend time in Your Word, seeking to grow and know You better. For it is only in getting to know You more that we unlock our own mysterious hearts and learn to be better husbands and wives. Forgive us for relying on our spouses to fill our hearts to capacity with happiness, for that was never their job. You alone will satisfy. 

Bless our marriages this Valentine’s Day. Guide us towards getting to know what is meaningful to our spouse by seeking You first each day for guidance. Help us to treat each other as if we’ve just met, each day. Every day, we learn something new, have a new experience, and witness the wind differently. Bless our hearts to be sensitive to the breeze blowing by us everyday. Help us to grow in faithfulness individually, so that we may come together as two people aimed at knowing You more, and not looking for completion from each other. Valentine’s Day, like all of the other days, can become just another calendar block blowing by… unless we choose to see it differently. 

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Bless our hearts to notice the change in the wind, not just over the years, but over minutes and days. Help us to see You in everything and everyone. Allow us to feel Your presence by the power of the Holy Spirit. Teach us to love as Your Son Jesus loved. So deep was His love, that He died for us. Before we could believe, before we wanted to believe, He loved. Bless us to grow in an attitude of Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Megs is a stay-at-home mom and blogger at where she writes about everyday life within the love of Christ. 

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Publication date: February 13, 2017

by Kaykee (MP, IL, USA)

O holy St. Joe! I request your love, guidance, support, & help of the sale of our home very soon. The matter has become urgent for my husband has been relocated out of state for a new career path to better the future of our family to be (now for a couple of months). I recently lost my job right before the holidays. Unfortunately, my job was helping pay the mortgage here in our 1ST home together as husband and wife. I ask you and our Heavenly Father to protect us during these difficult times. As we have a potential buyer, I ask that you protect them in their decesion process and long travels to their new home. Please assist them in this process so we both can join our families to grow and love the way Jesus showed us. As we know you hold the timeline and wisdom to our destiny, remind us that patience is your work in the process. Amen

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May 1, 2018

By Marijo Phelps

Oh, my Jesus, it has seemed SO long! I long for languid moments in Your courts. I choose to spend time and be still before You today amid the clutter of boxes and the tyranny of the urgent, I pause.
Jesus, there is so much I desire for him and me and for us together in You.. to know how to respond to Your love more completely each day.. for us to be more definite/regular in joint prayer, times of worship and in the Word, tithing and praying for specific family members.
Help me know what to say, communicate without nagging and what not to say and Your proper timing.
Help him to press in so that he can feel the warmth of Your presence, smell Your closeness as you two work side by side daily.
Direct us in who to reach out to and how to share all You’ve blessed us with.
Help us each to become that mate You desire and Lord, help me to be in prayer without ceasing each day!
Let our care and tenderness for each other and You grow each day. Praise You Jesus.

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