Prayer for my boss

To develop the kind of good working relationship you want with your boss, supervisor or those in authority over you at work try using this prayer with Scriptures.  Praying for your boss or  supervisor can also go a long way in helping you cope with a co-worker in authority who is hard to please or difficult to get along with, or who seems disinterested in you or your development or who never gives positive feedback and encouragement.

The benefits of praying for those in the workplace who have authority over you.

The book of 1 Timothy 2:1-3 says “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior”.   So we should pray for all people, for all who are in authority over us whether they rule our governments, over countries, nations, communities, or have authority over us in the workplace.

When we pray for those who have authority over us we can find peace to lead a quiet and peaceable life.  Praying often for those who are in authority over you will bring peace not just for you but it will also bring peace into your work environment and you will see God move on the heart of those who have authority over you  but also expect God to  change you in the process!

Prayer for your boss, supervisor or those in authority over you at work

 Father God, I pray today for my supervisor and for all those who you have been given authority over me at .  I pray that you would bless each of them and that you would meet the needs that they have according to your riches and glory in Christ Jesus.  I pray specifically also for my supervisor today that you would be in the midst of all interactions today.

I pray that you would grant success in the work that you have called them to do as a supervisor and that you would help make good decisions that will help our department grow in the right direction and build good and healthy relationships among all employees.

May be open to new ideas that our department employees may bring to the table to help make our work more effective and may through that openness may our department have more unity.  Lead by your spirit today.

I pray that you will help me to be an encourager of and that there will be a mutual respect that we have for one another whether we agree to disagree with everything or not.

I pray that you will help me to submit to authority and to be open to constructive criticism from .

Lord if there is anything going on in life that may be causing any stress or tension that would affect ability to be fair today or to communicate in a way that would please you, I pray that you would move in whatever the situation may be.

I pray for health and relationships with all employees and with boss as well as husbands, wives, children and all family members.  I pray for finances, and most importantly, that know you and fulfill the purpose and calling that you have ordained for life.

Let my light shine today so that will see Christ in me and if does not know you may my character and conduct draw them to know you because you said in your word that “if you be lifted up that you would draw all men unto you” so if my life lifts you up then you will draw unto to you by your spirit.

I pray with great expectation.  In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

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Whether you so much cherish your boss or you’re doing things to fulfil all righteous, it’s important that you send him or her some birthday wishes – and here are the birthday prayers to send to your boss on his/her birthday.

Wonderful Birthday Prayers for Boss

1. I’ve always found out that the speed of the boss, is the speed of the team. Thank you for making us fall in love with our job. May you always find reasons to fall in love with your job. Happy birthday, sir.

2. An employee’s motivation is the direct result of the sum of interaction with his or her boss. Thanks for creating a good rapport between us. May you always be safe and happy. Happy birthday, boss.

3. A good boss is a person who can tolerate my mistakes, and still manage to say hello to me every day. May all your mistakes become blessings. Happy birthday, boss.

4. I say a very big thank you to the boss who never rides us. Happy birthday to you, sir. God’s blessings all the way.

5. You’re not always bothered about your career, but the career of your employees. May God give you His full attention every time. Happy birthday, boss.

Cute Happy Birthday Prayers for My Boss

6. May all your dreams and desires come true as you age. Thanks for helping me always. Happy birthday, boss.

7. You’re such a great boss. Continue living on… I doff my hat for you, sir. Happy birthday, sir.

8. We appreciate how you always give your best and inspire us to do the same. We wish you a very Happy Birthday in peace. We’re so glad to work with you.

9. Here’s a wish that today is filled with all the good things you deserve. Happy birthday to my boss.

10. It’s so great to work for a manager who knows how to get the best out of people, by simply being a great person. May you always be great. Have a happy birthday, sir.

Sweet Birthday Prayers for Boss

11. The best leader is the one who has the sense to pick good men to get whatever he wants done and doesn’t disturb them while they are at it. May you never lose focus in life. Happy birthday, sir.

12. Thank you for all your support and guidance through the years. May God always support you in all you do. Happy birthday, boss.

13. May this new year brings loads of happiness and much more good luck. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.

14. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest Boss. Wish you good health and happiness.

15. May you always be blessed with happiness, success and lots of love. Happy birthday, sir.

Best Birthday Prayers for a Lovely Boss

16. Wish you an exciting birthday that will usher you into greatness and peace of mind. Happy birthday, sir.

17. You’ve been such a wonderful boss. May miracles never cease to happen in your life. Happy birthday, biggest boss.

18. May you have the most wonderful and happiest birthday ever. Happy birthday, boss.

19. You’re the kind of person every team member would need in order to have an enjoyable and successful work environment. Wish you a happy and blessed life ahead.

20. We wish a very happy birthday to the most wonderful and generous boss that we’ve ever met and worked with so far. Age with God’s grace, sir.

I have another real good story to pass onto to all of you – once more showing the power of intercessory prayer and how God will not only answer prayer, but sometimes very quickly like He did in this story!

This story happened several years ago with a woman who I used to work with. She called me up one day and said her husband had been under a lot of pressure at work and that it was really starting to get to him.

He works for big airline company and had been employed with them for a long time. He was only 5 months away from retiring, so he did not want to quit with what was going on. He was one of the foremen in the department he was working in.

To make a long story short, this company had hired a guy about 6 months ago to basically be a headhunter and hatchet man. This new man had a very demeaning attitude towards those who were working under him. He acted just like a drill sergeant would if you were in the marines. He was calling his employees all kinds of demeaning names, constantly ridiculing and harassing them, and making their lives at work completely miserable.

My friend’s husband was working on this man’s shift and he was her husband’s direct boss. After about 6 months of working under this kind of severe demeaning dictatorship, my friend said it was really starting to get to her husband and that he could not take much more of it.

Her husband is a good Christian man, but he did not have much knowledge on the real power of prayer, or how to engage with an enemy by going on the offensive against it operating under God’s anointing.

I had immediate leading from the Holy Spirit to give her the following advice.

  1. Since her husband really did not have much knowledge on spiritual warfare, I told her that she could stand in the gap on his behalf and go directly to God the Father to handle this bad situation for them. I told her with her being his wife, that there was a real good chance that God would honor her prayer on his behalf and that He may just move very mightily to completely take care of this adverse situation.
  2. I told her to do 2 things. I told her to Plead the Blood against this drill sergeant and any demons who may be operating behind the scenes influencing this man to act like he was doing. I then told her to Plead the Blood with the intentions of stopping any further demeaning attacks coming against her husband from this man.
  3. I then told her to ask God to take complete care of this situation and for Him to bring complete and total deliverance to her husband from this man. I told her to tell God that her husband could no longer take it anymore, that you were standing in the gap on his behalf, and that you are asking Him to bring complete and total deliverance to him so that he would not quit or possibly get fired from his job by this man.

She went ahead that night and Pleaded the Blood of Jesus and petitioned God the Father with the above request. This prayer was done on a Tuesday night.

The next day – Wednesday – her husband went into work on the regular 8-5 shift that he was working. You won’t believe what happened next when he walked into work that morning!

As soon as he arrived, one of his other bosses called him in to speak with him in private. This other boss told her husband that this drill sergeant that this company had just hired was indeed a hatchet man, and that they had hired him to get rid of some of the dead wood in the place. This drill sergeant was getting ready to fire 6 people on her husband’s shift.

His boss then told him that he was not on the list to get fired – yet! He told my friend’s husband that this drill sergeant did not like him and that he was just looking for a good excuse to also fire him along with the other six people that were definitely going to get fired.

He then proceeds to tell my friend’s husband that he considers him to be a keeper, that he has always been a real good worker for the company, and that they did not want to lose him due to the fanatical whims of this drill sergeant.

So in order to protect him from this hatchet man, they tell him that they are going to transfer him to the third shift, which is the night shift.

This meant that he would no longer be under this man’s dictatorship and that he would be completely set free from him. He would now be working under a completely new and different boss.

My friend said she just about fell over when her husband came home that afternoon and told her about what had just happened.

She had just Pleaded the Blood of Jesus and asked God to take care of this situation the night before – and God literally moved in the space of about 12 hours to completely set her husband free from this man!

What are the odds of all of this happening in just 12 hours after she went on the offensive with the type of battle prayer I drew up for her below? Coincidence? I seriously doubt it!

Just more proof that not only does God answer prayer – but sometimes He can move very quickly like He did in this story. This story is another one to add to our ever-growing list on the power of Pleading the Blood of Jesus and engaging with an enemy head on when we are forced to do so.

Prayer warfare will work if you are willing to step into the arena with God and take your enemy head on like my friend did on her husband’s behalf since her husband did not know how to do this for himself.

This story also shows the power of intercessory prayer – that we can stand in the gap for someone else and pray to God for their deliverance.

I really believe that God loves it when we move into intercessory prayer on behalf of someone else. I think the reason He likes it so much is due to the fact that we are praying for someone else, not for ourselves! Intercessory prayer is a completely unselfish type of prayer since you are not praying to God for your wants and needs. You are praying for someone else’s need. This fact right here is why I believe God will sometimes answer intercessory prayer for someone else very quickly and very powerfully like He did on this story.

The other positive thing about the above story is that it really elevated my friend’s faith in the Lord. It showed her that God could answer one of her prayers – especially if she is standing in the gap for someone else and praying to God for their deliverance.

When you see God move to answer a prayer so quickly and so supernaturally like He did in this case, it makes you want to try it again with Him!

I will let you know if any more good stories like this come in. The above story is just another good faith-booster showing all of us how active God can really get when we properly approach Him with our prayer requests, and are willing to take an enemy head on by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against that enemy. I will end this article with the Battle Prayer that I gave to her to set her husband completely free from this adverse situation at work.

The Battle Prayer

Here was the battle prayer I gave her to war against this adverse situation at her husband’s place of work. Notice that she will Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against this foremen, directly against his verbal attacks, and directly against any demons who may be operating behind the scenes influencing this foreman to act like he was acting. I then had her Plead the Blood of Jesus as a bloodline around her husband in order to prevent any more attacks from coming his way.


In the name of Jesus, I now come boldly before Your throne to stand in the gap for my husband. As I know You already know, he has been under severe attack at work from a new foreman who seems to want to get him fired. My husband is only 5 months away from being able to retire and there is no way that he can quit his job at this time

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now ask that You take this battle up for my husband and that You bring complete and total deliverance to him from this new foreman who has been unjustly harassing him.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against this foreman. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus against all of his verbal attacks against my husband.

If there are any demons influencing this foreman to harass my husband, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus against each and every demon that is operating behind the scenes causing this to happen. Demons, go now, in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat, go now in the name of Jesus Christ!

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus as a Bloodline around my husband. Father, from this moment on, I believe this Bloodline will now protect my husband from any further attacks from this foreman.

Father, I now ask that You move as quickly as You possibly can to end this harassing situation with my husband, and ask that You bring complete and total deliverance to this adverse situation.

Father, I have full faith and belief that the Blood of Your Son Jesus will now protect my husband from any further attacks from this man, and that You will now move in the time frame You so desire to set my husband completely free from this man.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.”

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