Prayer for mothers health

by Francisca (City)

My mum believed in You, Lord. But she found out she had a tumor in her back. That is a serious tumor because it can’t be removed. It didn’t cause her any problems, but, three years has passed and she found out the tumor has grown.

I’m sorry because is difficult for me to believe that something might heal her, but I’m so wrong, because you promised me to heal us. You promised you would take care of us. But I feel so sad and depressed right now.

My mum is all I have on earth, losing her would be losing my whole life. I love her, God. I don’t want her to go. She doesn’t believe in You yet, but I know she will, I just have to believe in your power God, but is so hard. I can’t deal with it just now.

I’m in so much pain and I don’t want my life to drift away because of this. I’m too young, God. I know this sounds selfish, but I wonder, Why me? I just want you to give a chance, God. I want to trust you and believe in you, but sometimes, it hurts too much.

Please, pray for me and my family. I don’t know God’s plans, but I need to believe, because He can do anything. My faith and strenght is not enough.

I need you God to tell me that everything is going to be alright. I just want a second chance so I can be happy.

Please help me to believe.

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Prayers for Mothers

O Loving Lord,

You have created mothers in love and blessed them with children.
As they work tirelessly to support their families may they be showered with your blessings.
Give mothers strength to exercise compassion as they live each day under your care.
May those who are joined in your love, support mothers by their fervour of spirit and devotion to prayer.

We thank you, O Lord, for the gift of Motherhood.

May those blessed with children be granted the gifts of courage, perseverance and good health.
May they face each new day with faith and hope in your abiding love.
May all families find in the strength of your love
The priceless gift of peace
And so bear witness to your glory.

As Mary was the model of prayer, of love, and of obedience to the will of God, by your grace make mothers holy and rich with your gifts.

Bind families together in the bonds of peace and safety so that mothers will feel nurtured by love.
May all mothers enjoy good health and spiritual well being to enable them to care for their families.

(Source: Written by Bishop Kevin Manning, Parramatta Diocese).

Here is a prayer to our Blessed Mother seeking her intercession for the health and safety of a pregnant mother and the child in her womb. Let us pray for all pregnant women specially those who face the risk of losing their babies. May the Lord hear our prayers for the unborn children.

Humble Mary of Nazareth, you were chosen my God to bear within you our world’s greatest gift, the Savior of all humanity. I come to you now on behalf of (here mention name) who prays for the health and safety of the child that God has graced her to conceive.

Guard this life that God has created, and protect the mother God has chosen for this child. Let your gently hands, like that of a skilled physician, assist in her delivery so that this baby will know good health and lasting happiness.

May her child be favored with the grace of Holy Baptism, and grow to love our Lord Jesus Christ above all else in this world. Amen.

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