Prayer for joys and concerns

01.10.2000 · Done poorly, they embarrass us. Joys and Sorrows, or Joys and Concerns, … He encourages “having joys and concerns become part of the pastoral prayer, …

Aus: If you have adapted one of these pastoral prayers or written some of your own would you be willing to share … (Joys)(Concerns) …


MISSION STATEMENT: Equipping people for a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to serve all. WE WELCOME YOU! Thank you for worshiping with us today.


21.12.2008 · Anonymous pastoral prayer … (Other joys)Hear our prayers today for those who need healing of body and of spirit. … (Other concerns) …


The Power of the Pastoral Prayer. July 2nd, 2012. … The words should rise from the joys and concerns of the congregants whom we have been called to serve.


Pastoral Prayers by Paul Meeks Prayers 1-10. Our gracious and loving Heavenly Father, … some concerns and some joys.


Ritual words to close joys and sorrows … For these joys and concerns and those that remain unspoken, … 50. usually an improvised pastoral prayer 51.

Aus: words to close joys and…

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE Sharing of Joys and Concerns Pastoral Prayer Lord’s Prayer (“trespasses”) SPECIAL MUSIC There You Are Composed and sung by …


Advent: Pastoral Prayer Here’s a pastoral prayer for the season of Advent, … As we have lifted before you our joys and concerns, …


PASTORAL PRAYER . Gracious God, we … our prayers to your, Gracious God, who hears all the joys, … We lift up all those prayers spoken and unspoken in …

Aus: 2013-09-22.pdf

Welcome to our prayer wall – where we share the joys and concerns of our community and the world. Our minister prays for each and every person here. Our caring team helps everyone in our community on their path of healing. 

Please pray and surround our community with loving thoughts as we share our joys and concerns in our lives. If you have a joy or concern or are in need of prayers, please contact our Minister:

For Laurie who is trying to make ends meet

Proud of Seth for offering his first meditation class

For John Barbee who passed away. We love the Barbee family!

For anyone who felt alone during the solstice

Glad Jim is doing ok after his fall

Love and light to everyone having a hard time this holiday season

For Liz as her family deals with a genetic heart condition

Joy for all the kids in the Nutcracker!

For Barb who lost her sweet kitty

Thankful Maura and her family are safe after their car slid off the road!

Proud of Ashley staying strong in her recovery

For Emma and her recent cancer diagnosis

Praying for Rev. Shawna and her family and all the other water protectors at Standing Rock.

Tough week for all of us who voted. Patience. And hope. Love.

All I can say after the election is “let’s pray’.

Thank you world for standing rock!

For John Barbee, who is in hospice – our thoughts and prayers.

Joy for the unconditional opportunity to GROW!

So grateful for our TRUU community and for Shawna’s sermon today! I went away feeling better!

Jim is headed to Mayo clinic in November for a second opinion – he is a liver transplant recipient – thinking healing thoughts for him – love this community and the open spirit of the UUs.

Love and prayers for John and Nancy Barbee.

Sadness for our local boy who died by suicide.

I am concerned for our country and for the future of the planet and for my children. Will the earth be a place they will be able to find nourishment, safety, peace?

Joy for being part of a loving community.

TRUU and Carbondale!!

Concerned about the country. … Continue reading →

Joyful for our Minister, Rev. Shawna Foster … Continue reading →

Returned recently from my 18 year old nephew’s funeral, who was murdered. Dealing with family and friends back there. Also praying about an estranged relationship.

Sadness. Difficulty fighting prescriptions addiction and the depression that follows. Joyous of the support from my community and the opportunity to start over. Thankful for the fact I chose to get better before it consumed me.

So sad that during my get out of the vote calls someone said “I hope someone shoots Hillary. Have a nice day.”

Love having my daughter in the same town – joy being in Carbondale.

Updated on September 6, 2017….11 a.m.

Please Pray For:

Joys and Concerns from Sunday,

September 3, 2017.

*Brian Duvall:  Brian is Ken and Gwynne Griffith’s grandson.  Brian is receiving extensive treatments to fight cancer.  Brian’s address:

       23 North Cochran’s Green Circle

       The Woodlands, TX  77381

*Mary Louise Britton is home bound.  Mary’s address is:

            Morning Pointe of Richmond

            1400 Gibson Bay Drive

             Richmond, KY  40475

*Ruth Nickell is home-bound.  Ruth’s address:

            241 Edgar Drive, Berea, KY  40403

*Ernestine West is home-bound. Ernestine’s address:

             123 Mountain View Road

Berea, KY  40403

*Carol Posten request we pray concerning the recent bomb testing by the North Korean Government.

*Mark Caldwell-Reiss requests prayer for his Aunt Marylin Stout whose husband Bill died in late August. 

*Lanny Simmons  requests prayers as he mourns the death of a good friend, Don Flinn.  Don was killed in a boating accident September 3.  Lanny’s address:

            249 East Haiti Road

            Berea, KY, 40403

*Carl McCray requests prayer for Ben Gay.  Ben’s wife is not well.  Carl’s address:

            760 Richmond Road North

            Berea, KY  40403

*Lyle Walker requests prayer for Paul Caskey.  Paul has heart failure and is currently using an exterior blood pump.  Lyle’s address: 

            513 Park Ridge Drive

            Richmond, KY  40475

Joys and Concerns from Sunday,

September 10, 2017

*Sally Pennington is traveling in England to visit family.

*Lisa Caudill requests prayers for her daughter Erin Holbrook.  Waiting for Holbrook baby number 3.  Erin and Todd’s address:  358 Opossum Kingdom Road

               Berea, KY  40403

*Doug Hazelwood requests prayers for his daughter Kathy as Kathy and her husband face Hurricane Irma.

*Jimmy Lou Jackson requests prayers for her nephew Michael as they wait out Hurricane Irma.

*Angela Sowers request prayers for Robyn and Dennis in Fort Myers during hurricane evacuation.

*Vickie Simmons requests prayer for Maritha McClain.  Maritha is Vickie’s cousin.  Maritha and her husband are in Naples, Florida. They evacuated from the coast but were still in Naples during the hurricane.

*Susan and Rudy Rudolph requests prayers for Susan’s Mom who has property in Florida and Susan’s Brother, who lives in Houston, TX.  

Joys and Concerns from

Sunday, September 17, 2017

*Mike Coyle recognized as Sherriff of the Year.

 Mike’s address:     1863 Big Hill Road

                           Berea, KY  40403

*Abi Sharp was named 2017 Homecoming Queen at Madison Southern High School.  Abi’s address:

            115 Bryon Avenue

            Berea, KY  40403

*Maddie McLin was named Miss Spoonbread Beauty Supreme.  Maddie’s address:  919 Cabernet Drive

   Berea, KY 40403

*Tara Wooten celebrated her 13th Birthday.  Tara’s address is:   244 Keith Drive

                               Berea, KY  40403

Please Note:  The prayer list will start anew at the beginning of each month.   If you want your prayer request to continue more than a month please make a new request.   We do this to keep the prayer list updated.

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