Prayer for immigration papers

Overcoming immigration problems! Confession:Josh. 1:3 Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.

Josh 1:9,Isa 45:1-3
Prayer Points:
you live)— Fall down in Jesus´ name!
2. You evil Powers preventing me from attaining my ——- residence permit,die in Jesus´ name!
3. You locust Powers devouring my documents in — ,release me and die in Jesus´ name!
4. You evil altars of my father´s house, preventing me from tastinging my ——- residence permit,die in Jesus´ name!
5. You evil Powers conniving with my father´s house to demote me in —(your county´s name)— ,die in Jesus´ name!
6. You evil Powers against my open heavens in —(your county´s name)— ,surrender and die in Jesus´ name!
7. —(your county´s name)— heavens over my residence permit,open by fire in Jesus´ name!
8. You evil Powers in —(your county´s name)— ruling over my life and depriving me the goodness of life,release me and die in Jesus´ name!
9. You evil Powers in —(your county´s name)— truncating my success at the edge of breakthrough,die in Jesus´ name!
10.Powers of the sea,dragging my stay permit into the seas,release me and die in Jesus´ name!
11. You evil cobweb Powers that have trapped my stay permit in —(your county´s name)— ,release it and die in Jesus´ name!
12. You evil cage that has caged my papers,break by fire, in Jesus´ name!
13. You ways to my residence permit that have been shut against me,be open by fire,in Jesus´ name! Please, feel free to drop your prayer requests on the comment column of this page by clicking on ´´comments´´ below this write-up before the envelope sign. The comment box would open up and you can drop your prayer requests.We pray that God would meet you at your point of need on this blog with ample testimonies in Jesus´ name. AMEN!
God bless you.
By: Emmanuel and Blessing Agbo.

Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut; 2I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: 3And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
1.You wall of Jericho surrounding my residential papers in —(fill in the name of the country where

by Lara (UK)

O Lord, please remember me and have mercy on me in my immigration case so I can be released from detention and granted my permanent residency in the UK.

O Lord, please prove to the world that i am serving a living God and turn this situation around to favour me.

O Lord, catapualt me to greatness as you did for Daniel and Joseph in foreign lands.

O Lord, as you parted the red sea for the isrealites and delivered them from the egyptians, please come to my rescue and prove to the Ukba/world that you’ve got the final say on my life.

Father Lord, any document standing as a stumbling block to my release from detention and permanent residency in the UK, I command them to be consumed by the fire of GOD

O Lord, any where my name is being mentioned, I shall received divine favour in Jesus Name.

O Lord, please raise men and women to fight for my favour.

O Lord, destroy all hindrances to my breakthrough and raise a financial pillar for me and my family.

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1             July        2007

We pray to the Lord:

For the most persecuted,

The most hated,

The most despised,

The most rejected,  of us all

The  “Immigrants.”

That we show them our love

To help them overcome their poverty

With their willing work

And in the process that we learn from their

Boundless faith, hope, charity, effort,

and their resolve to be better Christians.

We pray to the Lord

Le rogamos al Señor:

por los mas perseguidos,

Los mas odiados,

Los mas despreciados,

Los mas rechazados,  de todos nosotros

Los  “Inmigrantes”.

Que les demostremos nuestro amor,

Para ayudarlos a sobreponerse a su pobreza

Con su trabajo esforzado

Y en el proceso aprendamos de ellos

De su inmensa fe, esperanza, caridad, esfuerzo,

Y su voluntad para ser mejores cristianos.

Te lo pedimos Señor.

2               July                2007

We pray to the Lord:                                                      :

That we the Christians help the illegal,

The undocumented,  the wetbacks,

In their need to work, so they can recover,

And feed and take care of their families,

For they are refugees and innocent victims

Of a immoral and massive economic war,

Forced unto them  by the greed and

Pursuit of the powerful in search for profit.

We pray to the Lord.

Le pedimos al Señor:

Que nosotros los cristianos ayudemos a los ilegales,

A los indocumentados, a los espaldas mojadas

En su necesidad de trabajar, para reponerse,

Y alimentar y cuidar de sus familias,

Por que son refugiados y victimas inocentes

De una guerra económica inmoral y masiva,

Librada contra ellos por la codicia y el deseo

De poderosos en busca de utilidades desmedidas

Te lo pedimos Señor.

3               July                2007

We pray to the Lord:

That we become aware of our negligence

For it hurts us all, specially the innocent and  the needy;

That have to hide in the shadows in order to survive;

That suffer prosecution while in search for work;

That are accused of all crimes, while innocent;

That use no other defense than their faith and prayer;

For we are deaf and blind, in their cry for help

And we should help them with all our love

We pray to the Lord.

Le rogamos al Señor:

Que reconozcamos nuestra negligencia

Por que nos hace daño a todos especialmente a los

Mas inocentes y necesitados;

Los que tienen que esconderse en las sombras para sobrevivir;

Los que sufren persecución cuando buscan trabajo;

Los que se les acusa de todo crimen,   mientras son inocentes

Los que no utilizan otra defensa que la fe y la oración

Porque somos sordos y ciegos a su clamor por ayuda

Y debemos ayudarlos con todo nuestro amor

Te lo pedimos Señor.

4                July        2007

We pray to the Lord:

That we have mercy of our good neighbors,  our brothers:

Those whose families are suffering from famine;

Those that leave the safety of their homes and

Embark in an endangerment quest for survival;

Those that risk everything in a menacing and

Deadly road to come to us with nothing more

Than their faith, their hope and a prayer, so that we

Help them in their adversity,  to strengthen

Their thankful love.

We pray to the Lord.

Le rogamos al Señor:

Para que tengamos misericordia a nuestros buenos vecinos y hermanos:

Por aquellos cuyas familias estan sufriendo hambre;

Aquellos que abandonan le seguridad de su hogar y

Se embarcan en un viaje peligroso de sobre vivencia;

Aquellos que arriesgan todo en un camino traicionero

Y mortífero para venir a nosotros sin nada mas que

Su fe, su esperanza y su oración,  para que los

Ayudemos en la adversidad a fortalecer su

Agradecido amor.

Le rogamos al Señor.

5               September 2007

Help us, oh Lord

To recognize your true word of life

And distinguish it from those that replace it by laws with no mercy

And those that search for legality outside of the word of God

So that they can prosecute those that scrabble for our daily bread

And exile those that they themselves have disinherited

And when we recognize these laws we have the courage to reject them

With love,  mercy,  and compassion

We pray to the Lord.

Ayúdanos Señor

A reconocer tu verdadera palabra de vida

Y distinguirla de los que la reemplazan por leyes sin misericordia

Y buscan la legalidad fuera de la palabra de Dios

Para asi perseguir a los que buscan el pan nuestro de cada día

Y desterrar a los mismos que ellos han desheredado.

Y al reconocer estas leyes tengamos el valor de rechazarlas

Con amor misericordia y compasión

Te lo pedimos Señor

6               September 2007

We pray to the Lord

That we learn to overcome our controversial fears

Those that force us to make war to keep peace

Those that replace our good will aid, for weapons

Those that disguise our innocent friends, as guilty

Those that call their deadly lies, poor intelligence

Those that substitute victory for death

So that we can act with mercy for everyone

We pray to the Lord .

Le pedimos al Señor

Que aprendamos a sobreponernos a nuestro miedo conflictivo

De aquellos que nos fuerzan a hacer la guerra para obtener la paz

Aquellos que reemplazan nuestra ayuda de buena voluntad por armamento

Aquellos que disfrazan a nuestros amigos inocentes como culpables

Aquellos que llaman a sus mentiras mortíferas, mala inteligencia

Aquellos que substituyen victoria con muerte

Para que podamos actuar con misericordia para todos.

Te lo pedimos Señor

7               September 2007

Lord give us the courage

To defend the powerless

So that we can denounce the exploitation systems of the poor

So that we reject the unfair laws of present day slavery

So that we repudiate the abuse imposed by the more needy

So that we establish a system of equal opportunity for all

And create a new world order of mercy and understanding

We pray to the Lord.

Señor danos el coraje

Para defender a los desposeídos

Para que podamos denunciar los sistemas de explotación de los pobres

Para que  rechacemos las leyes injustas de esclavitud actual

Para que repudiemos el abuso impuesto en los mas necesitados

Y establezcamos un sistema de igualdad de oportunidades para todos

Y crear un nuevo orden mundial de misericordia y comprensión

Te rogamos Señor.

8               September 2007

We pray to you Lord

That we learn from the immigrants to love our enemy

Those that search for work in our homes not hate in our hearts

To be compassionate without limitations neither partially or conservative

To be always good neighbors not only disguised in our hour of need

To build bridges of understanding and not walls of deaf steel

We pray to the Lord.

Le rogamos al Señor

Que aprendamos de los inmigrantes a amar a nuestro enemigo

A buscar trabajo en nuestros hogares y no odio en sus corazones

A ser compasivos sin limitaciones, ni parciales ni conservadoras

A ser siempre buenos vecinos no sólo disfrazados en nuestra hora de necesidad

A construir puentes de comprensión no Muros de sordo acero

Te rogamos Señor.

9               October 2007

We pray to the Lord

To make us aware of our disregard, our connivance,

On the treatment we give our brothers,  the immigrants.

For we are responsible for their inhuman suffering imposed

By our own laws that blindly ignore their needs,

When all they are searching is an opportunity to work

So they can feed their hungry families,

Victims of an economic holocaust

We pray to the Lord.

Le rogamos al Señor

Que nos haga concientes,  de nuestra confabulación,

En el tratamiento que les damos a nuestros hermanos,  los Inmigrantes.

Por que somos responsables del sufrimiento inhumano impuesto

Por nuestras leyes que ciegamente ignoran sus necesidades,

Cuando todo lo que buscan es una oportunidad para trabajar

Y asi poder alimentar a sus familias,

Victimas de un holocausto económico

Te lo pedimos Señor .

10                  October 2007

We pray to the Lord

To make us notice the fleeting time

For we have but very few opportunities to help the needy

Very little time to show our mercy,  our love.

And we soon we’ll be running out of time

Before we request,  for the same token,  mercy ourselves.

We pray to the Lord.

Le rogamos al Señor

Que nos haga notar que rápido corre el tiempo

Pues hay muy pocas oportunidades de ayudar a los necesitados

Muy poco tiempo de mostrar nuestra misericordia,  nuestro amor.

Y pronto nos faltara el tiempo

Antes de que pidamos,  en la misma forma,   misericordia para nosotros.

Te lo pedimos Señor

We pray to the Lord

To help us create fair,  merciful,  and just laws

Based on your teachings of compassion and  love,

So that we can help our neighbors In their hour of need

And open our hearts,  and our love and our gates,

And bring down the walls of hate and steel that separate us

We pray to the Lord

Le rogamos al Señor

Que nos ayude a crear leyes equitativas, misericordiosas,  y justas

Basadas en tus enseñanzas de amor y compasión

Para que podamos ayudar a nuestros vecinos en su hora de necesidad

Y abrir nuestros corazones,  nuestro amor,   y nuestras puertas

Y derribar los muros de odio y de acero que nos separan

Te lo pedimos Señor

We pray to the Lord

To give us the courage to follow your teachings and your Gospel,

And demand and defend the rights of the poor, the destitute,

The needy,  the hungry,  and the immigrants.

That they do not get prosecuted and deported while searching for work

But rather that they get the help and the facilities to find it,

Because his work is a very powerful force,

That does not obstruct but rather it helps and enrich us all,

Specially the progress of this nation under God.

We pray to the Lord

Le rogamos al Señor

Para que nos des el valor de seguir tus enseñanzas y tus Evangelios,

Y reclamar y defender los derechos de los pobres, de los desamparados,

De los mas necesitados, de los hambrientos, y de los inmigrantes.

Para que no se les persiga y deporte por buscar trabajo

Sino que mas bien se les ayude y facilite el encontrarlo

Por que su trabajo es una fuerza muy poderosa que

No entorpece a nadie sino mas bien nos ayuda y enriquece a todos,

Especialmente el progreso de esta nación bajo Dios.

Te lo pedimos Señor.

13                November 2007

We pray to the Lord

That we learn to share our joys and our sorrows with our neighbors,

Our wealth,  no matter how little, and our miseries no matter how great

In good and in bad times and for all our daily thanksgiving

For it is only in the sharing that we enjoy our giving

And it is only in receiving that we practice our charity

And it is only from the Lord that we receive all our goods.

And it is only in him and his loving and commanding word

That we will be able to share in our brotherhood

We pray to the Lord.

Le pedimos al Señor

Que aprendamos a compartir nuestra penas y nuestra felicidad   con nuestros vecinos,

Nuestra riqueza no importa que tan pequeña,  y nuestras miseria no importa cuan grande

En buenos y en malos tiempos,  y para todos nuestros días de gracias

Por que es sólo en compartir que gozamos de nuestro dar

Y es sólo en recibir que practicamos nuestra caridad

Y es sólo del  Señor que recibimos todos nuestros bienes

Y es sólo en El y su amorosa y poderosa palabra

Que podremos compartir en nuestra hermandad

Te rogamos Señor.

14               November 2007

We pray to the Lord

To help us overcome our evils, and fears of terror,

Seeded by those who invoke distrust, anxiety, and panic,

And blame our sorrows on the innocents, and the immigrants

And tempt us to persecute those in need of jobs,   food,   and mercy

As if  those looking for work,  would,   or could enslave us,

And take our freedoms and liberties in the name of security.

And that we can persuade them of their error.

We pray to the Lord.

Le pedimos al Señor

Que nos ayude a sobreponernos de nuestros males y temores del terror

Sembrado por aquellos que invocan la desconfianza, la ansiedad y el pánico

Y culpan de nuestras penas a los inocentes y a los inmigrantes

Y nos tientan a perseguir aquellos que necesitan trabajo,  comida  y misericordia

Como si aquellos que buscan trabajo pudieran o quisieran esclavizarnos

Y privarnos de nuestras libertades en nombre de la seguridad

Y asi  podamos persuadirlos de sus errores

Te rogamos Señor.

15               October               2007

We pray to the Lord

So That we learn the difference among

Benign Neglect, Disinterested Disdain,

Aggressive Intolerance, and Criminal Intent

For our economic dealings have been suffering

From these word games for over half a century

In spite of our Good Neighbor Policy

And the benefits of all these generations

Have been harvested only in benefit of the very few

And in detriment of the large population

So that we can correct it and make it fair and just

We pray to the Lord

Le rogamos al Señor

Que aprendamos la diferencia entre

Negligencia Benigna,  Desdén Desinteresado,

Intolerancia agresiva, e Intento Criminal.

Pues nuestras transacciones económicas han venido sufriendo

De este juego de palabras por mas de medio siglo

A pesar de nuestra política del buen vecino.

Y los beneficios de todas estas generaciones

Han sido cosechadas sólo en beneficio de los muy pocos

Y en perjuicio de la gran mayoría de la población

Para que podamos corregirla y hacerla equitativa y justa

Te lo pedimos Señor

16                November 2007

We pray to the Lord

That we learn to recognize our intolerance

That which makes outlaws out of those looking for work

And goes against your teachings of mercy

And makes us the jailers and prosecutors of our daily bread

The same for which we all pray daily to you oh Lord

So that we can become merciful

We pray to the Lord

Le rogamos al Señor

Para que nos enseñes a reconocer nuestra intolerancia

La que hace bandidos de aquellos que buscan trabajo

Y va contra tus enseñanzas de misericordia

Y nos hace los carceleros y acusadores del pan de cada día

El mismo por el que te pedimos,  Señor,   todos los días

Para que nos convirtamos en misericordiosos

Te rogamos señor .

17                December              2007

We like to thank you, oh Lord

For the land of plenty that you have given us all

Please teach us to persist with your blessing for all

And continue to replenish it full of hope for all

And welcome all those that come to help us all

So that we make it grow in peace and progress for all

We thank you, oh Lord

Queremos agradecerte Señor

Por la tierra de abundancia que nos has dado a todos

Por favor enséñanos a persistir con tu bendición para todos

Y continuar en reponerla llena de esperanza para todos

Y dar la bienvenida a aquellos que vienen a ayudarnos a todos

Para que la hagamos crecer en paz y progreso para todos

Te agradecemos Señor.

We want to thank you ,oh Lord

Every day

And acknowledge all the gifts you bestow upon us

Every day

Specially the free deliverance of yourself

Every day

And share your plenty with our practice of giving

Every day

So that we all can receive your blessings with love

Every day

We thank the Lord.

Queremos agradecerte Señor

Cada día

Y reconocer los dones que nos concedes

Cada día

Especialmente la libre entrega de ti mismo

Cada día

Y compartir tu abundancia con nuestro practica de caridad

Cada día

Para asi poder recibir con amor tus bendiciones

Cada día

Te agradecemos Señor

We want to thank you oh Lord

For sending us all your nations

For they have helped us to progress

Please continue to send your masses to our shores

So that we continue growing in your spirit

And make us richer in sharing your grace

For you are the author of all our blessings

And the cause of all our good joys

We thank the Lord

Queremos agradecerte Señor

Por enviarnos a todas tus naciones

Pues nos han ayudado a progresar

Por favor sigue enviando tus masas a nuestras tierras

Para asi poder crecer en tu Espiritu

Y hacernos más  ricos al compartir tus gracias

Pues tú eres el artífice de todas nuestras bendiciones

Y la causa de todas nuestras buenas alegrías

Te agradecemos Señor

We want to thank you, oh Lord

For teaching us that we are all your children


And that we should share the goods you give us


For in sharing your essence we receive your blessings


For in receiving your grace we share in your beatitudes


And your promises of salvation for ever and ever


We thank you, oh Lord

Queremos agradecerte Señor

Por enseñarnos que todos nosotros somos tus hijos

Por igual

Y que todos debemos compartir los bienes que nos das

Por igual

Pues al compartir tu esencia recibimos tus bendiciones

Por igual

Pues al recibir tu gracia compartimos tus bienaventuranzas

Por igual

Y tus promesas de salvación por siempre y para siempre

Por igual

Te agradecemos Señor

The Obama administration on Wednesday proposed an overall increase of about 10 percent in fees for immigration documents, but kept the fee for immigrants to become United States citizens unchanged.

Alejandro Mayorkas, director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, said the fee increase was necessary because declining applications for documents in the past two years had lowered revenues and left his agency — which is 90 percent financed by fees — with a budget shortfall of about $200 million for the coming fiscal year.

“We understand the effect of a fee increase on many of the communities we serve,” Mr. Mayorkas said.

Under the proposal, the fee to apply for a green card, the document for legal permanent residents, would increase to $985 from $930. The application for employment authorization would increase to $380 from $340. A separate fee for fingerprints and other biometrics with many applications would increase to $85 from $80.

Among several new fees, officials said, will be a $6,230 charge for foreigners proposing to invest $500,000 or more in businesses to create jobs in the United States.

The fee for naturalization would remain at $595. That fee was raised in July 2007 by 69 percent and the immigration agency was overwhelmed by applications from immigrants rushing to file ahead of that increase. Since then, naturalization applications have dropped steeply and advocates blamed the higher fee for discouraging eligible immigrants from becoming citizens.

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“We are particularly pleased that President Obama is holding true to statements he made during his campaign on the need for keeping citizenship affordable,” said Fred Tsao, policy director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Chicago.

Some fees will be reduced, like the one for foreign fiancées or fiancés seeking to come here to marry citizens, which would drop to $340 from $455. Fees for temporary immigrants to become permanent residents would also decline, to $1,020 from $1,370.

The proposed fees will be officially published this week, opening a 45-day period for public comment, Mr. Mayorkas said. The new fees would take effect sometime before Oct. 1.

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