Prayer for husband in jail

I feel a tear run down my face
As I sit in this quiet, lonely place.
I think of you and need you here.
I wipe away my falling tear.
I hit the floor on bended knee.
I ask, I beg, I start to plead.
Please bring him home.
God, no longer do I want to be alone.
Is there an Angel you could send to us
And give us a miracle? In God I trust.
He’s done enough time, he needs to be free.
Please God, bring him home to me.
We believe in love; I believe in you.
Please God, is there something you could do?
I’ll make it up to you, God, you know I will.
I’ll be good and honest, grateful and true.
So please send us an Angel, is all I ask of you
I’ll say this prayer each and every day
Until he is in my arms and home to stay.

by Chelsea (Alabama)

Dear Father and the many who read this; I Pray that my Husband, also the father of my two year old daughter receives an miracle on his sentencing court date in November. Christoper has learned his lesson and through all this has learned the way of Prayer and learning the path of righteousness.

He wants more than anything to be back home with our daughter, and our daughter as well wants him home she asks for him everyday it just breaks my heart seeing how she is effected by all this. When he does come home we plan on going to church and following the lord, i pray for strength to keep to our plans i want the heavenly father in our family.

i just pray for a miracle on his court date so we can get past this and turn our lives around for ourselves and more importantly our daughter. i also pray for strength and guidance through all this.

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I appreciate this site so much. Let me ask you something. My husband has been in for 26 years, he went in when he was 25 and is 52 now. most of his adult life has been spent in prison. , all his family has died will he has been in except one sister which just surfaced after being gone for about 15 years.


My husband has been in jail since June of this year, he will be there for 3 year. Words can’t even explain the loneliness I feel not having him here with us. My two daughters, Chelsea 19 and Alissa 15. My husband will not be here to see my daughter graduate college and the other one high school.

We got married in April 2014. My husband was arrested upon returning from our Honeymoon. We went through 15 months of in and out of court and on 6th Aug this year he was sentenced to 12 yrs. He will serve 6 yrs in jail and 6 yrs on licence. It feels like part of me is missing. I wait for his letters and phone calls and get to visit every 10 – 14 …

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Request a copy of the document formally committing your spouse to jail (the mittimus). You can obtain this document from the criminal court in which they were convicted. Accurately complete the divorce filing paperwork and attach a copy of the mittimus to the filing. File the paperwork.


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Incarceration can create a serious strain on any relationship or family. A woman whose husband is in jail may well wish to divorce so that she can move on …

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Lord I pray that you please let my husband get a court date. We are struggling here at home our 3 and 5 year old asks daily when is Daddy coming home. I …


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