Prayer for humility and patience

Prayer for Humility and Patience, God Instructed us to be Meek and Humble

A Prayer for Humility and Patience
O Lamb of God, who, both by your example and precept, instructed us to be meek and humble,
give me grace throughout my whole life, in every thought, and word, and work, to imitate your meekness and humility.
Mortify in me the whole body of pride; grant me to feel that I am nothing and have nothing,
and that I deserve nothing but shame and contempt, but misery and punishment.

Grant, O Lord, that I may look for nothing, claim nothing; and that I may go through all the scenes of life, not seeking my own glory, but looking wholly unto you, and acting wholly for you.
Let me never speak any word that may tend to my own praise, unless the good of my neighbor requires it; and even then let me beware, lest, to heal another, I wound my own soul.

Let my ears and my heart be ever shut to the praise that comes from men.
Give me a dread of applause, in whatsoever form, and from whatsoever tongue, it comes.
Deliver my soul from this snare of hell; neither let me spread it for the feet of others.
Whosoever perishes thereby, let their blood be upon their own head, and let not my hand be upon them.

O giver of every good and perfect gift, if at any time you please to work by my hand,
teach me to discern what is my own from what is another’s, and to render unto you the things that are yours.
As all the good that is done on earth you do it yourself, let me ever return to you all the glory.
Let me, as a pure crystal, transmit all the light you pour upon me; but never claim as my own what is your sole property.

prayer for humility and patience

Prayer for Humility and Patience, God Instructed us to be Meek and Humble

Prayer for Humility and Patience, God Instructed us to be Meek and Humble

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Omnipotent, Omnipresent Loving Lord, I humbly lay my life before You, for You alone deserve all the praise, honor and glory. Open my eyes, Lord. Allow me to see all the wonderful things You have done for me. Open my heart to accept You and Your Word daily. Open my mind and allow me to understand Your teachings.

Romans 12:12 – Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer

Romans 15:4 For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

Open my eyes, Lord. Allow me to see all the wonderful things You have done for me. Click To Tweet

Grant me patience Lord, as I await Your answers to my call. Teach me to be still in the midst of the storms for Your timing is always perfect, never too early and never too late. Knowing that You hold the future, it is definitely worth the wait!

James 1:3  knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

Hebrews 6:12 – That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

Teach me to be still in the midst of the storms for Your timing is always perfect. Click To Tweet

Guide me accordingly, help me to make the right decisions that will only lead me to You. Search me, Oh Lord, for You alone know my heart. I desire Your Holy presence as I await You patiently, Oh Lord. Bless me with all that I deserve, in Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen!

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Luke 8:15 But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.

James 5:8 – Be ye also patient; establish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

prayer for humility and patience

For any sincere Christian and determined apostle, prayer is an absolute must. It isn’t rare that many seem to doubt in the power of prayer. In fact, I would say it is perhaps the fundamental temptation: God does not listen. Still, more times than not, we are lacking two key ingredients for a deeper and more authentic grasp of what prayer is all about: humility and patience. The Saints prayer quotes can inspire us and lead us in fully understanding these concepts.

Like the oracles of long ago, do our prayers aspire to unveil the future? Are we more motivated by curiosity and insecurity? By desperate desires to draw back the curtain and know what’s going on or, better yet, to control what’s going on?

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This was the temptation of Saul who was faced with the imminent prospect of a perilous battle with the Philistines. His prayers were answered only with silence and he couldn’t bear the silence of God. So he rides and asks Endor, a woman who conjures the dead. If God won’t answer, someone will. (Cfr. Ratzinger, Jesus of Nazareth)

Figures like Moses (Ex 33:11), and ultimately Jesus reveal the true nature of prayer: his task isn’t reporting tomorrow events or resolving today’s fiascos; rather, he shows us the face of God, and in doing so he shows us the path we have to take.

This is when humility and patience come in handy. We must be humble because there’s always the temptation of pride, the temptation to take God by the hand and explain to him how things are going to be. “Listen God, I have this problem and this is how you are going to help me fix it.” Ambition promises you control and turns prayer into a business negotiation. “I’ll give you a bit of moral living, some acts of charity and a few minutes of prayer if you give me…” This strategy turned out poorly for Saul and hasn’t seen good results since.

Patience comes into play when we are facing another tasty temptation: triumphalism. Let’s start off by admitting that discerning God’s will amongst the ambiguities of life is fatiguing. JPII spoke of the “heaviness of heart” that Mary experienced in living in intimacy with the mystery of her Son. Don’t we wish that the Lord would make things clearer?

Many times the Lord seems to hold his silence, or at least, what seems to be silence. Triumphalism, on the contrary, say’s “Well, if He isn’t talking, its time to get things done.” This a tough one for all of us who like to see immediate results, to see progress made and problems resolved. This is, however, in the word’s of Bergoglio, a “Coca-Colization” of the faith. Often, in essence, we are simply running from the cross. For the cross is the antithesis of efficient planning and successful, strategic problem solving. Mary was there, she was one of the few that knew how to bear the silence. He was meant to be great, to be the Lord who would receive David’s throne; yet, here he lies, nailed to the cross. What kind of triumph is this? The Lord has his ways and Mary believed.

Prayer then is nothing more and nothing less than placing ourselves face to face with God. It offers us nothing more and nothing less than God himself. He does indeed listen. He does indeed act. He does indeed transform you. He does indeed conquer this world. Yet He does it all in his own way and we are invited to learn a logic different than our own.

prayer for humility and patience

A Prayer for Humility and Thankfulness

By Jack Graham

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Heavenly Father, it is easy to sing your praises when life is well, but how quickly we forget when the road turns hard. Help us to give thanks in all circumstances.

prayer for humility and patience

Perhaps you’ve heard the story about Alexander the Great when he confronted a thief in the ranks of his army. The man was brought before the great conqueror to be punished, and Alexander stood to his feet and asked, “What is your name, soldier?”

“My name,” the young soldier quivered, “is A-A-Alexander.” Furious, Alexander the Great got right in that young man’s face and said. “I could have you killed for your crimes, but I’m not. So either change your name or change your ways!”

As believers, we bear the name of Jesus Christ each and every day of our lives. Yet, so many easy-believing, churchgoing, cultural Christians love to claim Jesus on Sunday, but show no thankfulness during the week for the name they bear. They’ll say, “Oh yes, I’m a Christian,” only when it’s convenient.

But the Bible is clear in passages like today’s that we’ll know real believers by their fruits. I’m not talking about someone with a squeaky-clean sin record, but people whose passion for the Lord is evident in their everyday lives. Live each day for His glory, thanking God and remembering you bear the name of the King who bought you with His life.

Dear Lord, may we never be ashamed to praise your name. In good times and in bad, may we always seek to follow you, Amen.

*Editor’s Note: The following is an abridged version of “How to Bear God’s Name Humbly and Thankfully” from Powerpoint Today. To read the full article, follow this link.

prayer for humility and patience

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