Prayer for help paying bills

Dear god help me pay my bills bless my finances give me a better job or one that is just for me I thank u for the one I already have but it dnt cover all my bills bless my marriage help us to love and understand each other bless our home and protect it put a hedge around it please make our neighbors who try to start trouble with us leave us alone protect us frm evil and give us a peace that the world or nobody can take frm us thank u for our jobs but lord just give us increase wherever in our life u see fit to thank u for our cars but lately they have been giving us trouble so lord please bless our cars or bless us with better ones and god bless my music help me to get it heard by the people that can help me get it out on the radio bless us everywhere we go and help us be a blessin to others touch my landlord to work with me and stop treating me so wrong thank u god for hearing my prayer cause I knw u wnt let me down I love u god amen.

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by Cheryl (Conyers, GA, USA)

Dear God,

Please help me with finances and budgeting to pay the monthly bills. You know how we have struggled these last few years and you know our needs to continue making the monthly payments. But we really need your help this month … car expenses, cut in weekly hours, and trying to catch up … I’m not sure how we will make it. I’m so stressed and do not want put this burden on my daughter. She’s already stressed and working her best to try to get more hours at work. Please help us dear Lord. You have protected us in so many ways and have blessed us in getting some child support. Help me Lord! Strengthen me and carry me through these hard times. I need you so desperately. When I start to feel overwhelmed, please bring peace. Guide me on how to pay the bills for each month, help me learn more about budgeting and making the best of our circumstances. In Jesus’ name I pray these requests for your financial blessing on my family.

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by Lynne (Ma.)

Dear Lord

I ask of you just one thing, to help me sell the things I have for sale to make enough money to pay my monthly bills this month.

I’m not asking for a lottery win, just enough to let us survive another month. I’m sorry if I have angered you in anyway. I love my family and just want to provide, this month is just a bit of a challenge.

I talk to you every day not to ask for things but just to say thank you for all you have given me, my apartment, my husband, my children and family. I just really need help this month to make sure we can keep our lights on.

I ask this in the name of you God…….

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by Charlie (Kent, UK)

I pray that I can find the strength and opportunity to find the money to pay my rent and bills. I know I have not always been good and have fallen by the wayside over the last few years but recently have found you again as your love and strength is far greater than anything I have ever encountered.

I have been trying so hard to find work to pay the rent and bills but to no avail and soon I will be on the street if I do not find the money. I pray that you can help me in anyway you can but I do understand that there are people in countries like Africa that have not eaten in weeks when I had a meal yesterday.

Although I could be in the same position as them soon if I do not find this money. I pray that you can guide me to a satisfactory outcome so I can in turn help others as I used to do when I was young.

Thank you for hearing my pray

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