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A new story has become a case which has sparked controversy and debate throughout a public middle school and the community. A middle school graduation ceremony is scheduled to have a Jewish rabbi include a prayer in this special event. A middle school student has been outraged by this idea and has taken actions into her own hands. This student is suing to bar the prayer from the ceremony because she feels this will violate her first amendment rights, which are the freedom of speech. The prayer is said to be against her beliefs.

The school argued her case and said the prayer was no more than a traditional blessing and no more an establishment of religion than the pledge of allegiance. Federal court judges will be issuing an opinion tomorrow stating whether or not to exclude the prayer from the ceremony. Despite the tradition, a graduation ceremony should incorporate the input and say so of the entire audience. If an event taking place in the occasion is going to be in any way offensive to the people then why take part in it in the first place? The school should understand other individuals’ viewpoint and religious stance and not try to contest to it because its tradition, but by respecting the culture or religion of others and compromising and coming to a solution that is appropriate for all religions. A simple solution to this religious controversial issue would be to understand where each party stands with what their views are and why they are strong to stick to them. The student feels it is violation of her religious rights and the school says its tradition and is no more establishment of religion than the pledge of allegiance.

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The Essay on Its Not About School Prayer

… amendment could be a help in turning the religion clause right side up. Voluntary school prayer is not a constitutionally forbidden “establishment” of … religion, unless one believes that government policies that favor religion constitute an establishment …

A happy “meet in the middle” scenario could perhaps include a blessing at the ceremony, however not from a religious speaker. The blessing could be given by a representative by choice and the school would still hold their tradition and the student would ultimately not be offended by the event. In due course the Federal court’s opinion will be similar to the one described; they will bar the prayer and religious blessing from the graduation ceremony due to the fact that it creates an issue such as the Engel v. Vitale in 1962 which argued that the prayer violated the establishment clause. Because the majority of the Supreme court agreed that.” …

it is no part of business of government to compose official prayers for any group of the American people to recite… .” , in 1992 the court further restricted school prayer by ruling that prayers at public school graduations were unconstitutional. Therefore, the opinion predicted for the Federal courts to take is that the prayer and blessing will be taken from the graduation ceremony.

Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Specific Events
Homeschooling Graduation Ceremony
by Ed Vasicek

Dear God and Father,

We honor You today as we honor these graduates Who fear Your Name and Who love you dearly. We thank You that Your Son was called Rabbi, teacher. He taught us to make disciples by teaching the nations.

Your word also instructs parents to teach their children. Thank you, Lord, that we live in a land where we have the freedom to implement this command in the fullest and most extensive sense. Thank you, Lord, for the parents who have given of themselves to instruct their children in both matters of heaven and matters of earth.

The young people graduating today have worked hard. The task has not always been easy, but, by your grace, they have studied and read and written and learned. We believe that they have not only learned facts, but we also believe that they have learned how to think. Not only have they learned how to think, but we trust they have learned how to think using your value system and the priorities you announce in Your Word. We believe they are ready to move forward into the next phase of your plan for their lives.

At this point, Lord, there is a fork in the road. Some will head toward college, others toward a military career, others toward a trade or seek employment; others are yet undecided. This fork has many prongs, just as You, Sovereign Lord, have unique plans for each life. Thank You that You are Lord of the Universe AND Lord of the Individual.

So we release each young man, we release each young woman—to Your direction. For some, your will may appear hidden, just as it was for Abraham when you simply told him to leave his country for one God would eventually show him. For others, your will has been pinpointed, just as the Savior told His disciples that He came to give His life a ransom for many. Whether Your will is clear or not, we pray that each graduate’s priority would be to seek Your direction and follow it wholeheartedly.

We ask for Your blessing upon each graduate in attendance this afternoon, because Your Word tells us that “unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” Send angels to protect them, Your Spirit to direct them, and illuminate Your Word to guide them. We pray in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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