Prayer for graduate students

prayer for graduate students

QUESTION: Prayer for Graduating Students


As graduation season approaches, we need to intensify our prayers for graduating students. Consider the following prayer suggestions:

  • Pray for clear direction and wisdom regarding the future.
  • Most students will be experiencing adult freedoms for the first time, which create new challenges. The world will bombard them with liberties that may have been taboo for them a short time ago. Pray for them to handle temptations.
  • The students who go directly into the job market will have to assimilate into workplace environments that will include people of all ages and backgrounds. They may come in contact with unethical business practices, crude and vulgar language, or other less obvious behaviors. Pray for them to stand firm in their beliefs.
  • New responsibilities will create new burdens for them financially and socially. They may have to pay for insurance, travel expenses, continuing education expenses, clothing, etc. Pray for God to meet their financial needs.
  • Pray for those who will be continuing their education. Pray they will take their education seriously and learn skills that will be helpful later in life.

Prayer for Graduating Students – An Example “Father God, we thank you for these graduating students. We pray that you will give them direction, purpose, and perseverance as they enter the next phrase of their lives. Give them clearness of mind to move forward into the plans and purposes that You have for them. May these young people gain wisdom from You and have discernment for proper behavior. Raise up Christian mentors for these graduates so they have someone who holds them accountable for their actions. We pray that they will rise above ungodly behaviors and have the boldness to stand up for what is right wherever they work, study, or socialize. Give them wisdom to spend their time and money wisely. Grant them success for their efforts at every turn and guide their feet to follow Your ways. May they be eager to do good and not evil all the days of their lives. Use them in might ways, Dear Father. In Jesus name, amen.


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What is your response?

Yes, today I am deciding to follow JesusYes, I am already a follower of JesusI still have questions

by Jared Talbot

Dear Lord, please be with the graduate students and postdocs who are coming to campus this year; those sojourning on and those who are wrapping up. As they discover their passions in research and thought, help them to find balance and not be consumed by the work. Help them to sense the zest that inspired their work in the first place when faced with the doubt that makes it even sharper. Give them the ability to mix passionate perseverance with the capacity to let go and change course when the time is right.

Help them to find community and support in the midst of what can be a very isolating career. As graduate students, most have left friends and family; as post-docs they did so again. You promised that anyone who left homes and fields for your sake would find a hundred-fold again. Please bring your presence and care to the students and post-docs on campus.  As they build relationships and families, help them to be filled with the same grace that you offered to them.

Please guide these students and post-docs as they contemplate their uncertain futures. Help them to follow a course that will lead to wholeness, even when it is not the one that they set out on originally. Help them to remember that even if nothing goes the way they had hoped- they will never be alone; please, help them to find you through these struggles.

All this we ask in the name of your Son, who could find peace inside raging storms, and through the power of the spirit who offers counsel to those who need it most. Amen.

Dear Lord,

Please guide and strengthen my path that I take. I am in need of a miracle that only you can render. God I am in need of employment, one in which my tuition for school as well as a stipend is given. I need a job that will allow me to work toward my doctoral degree and pay for my education.

Specifically, I am requesting for my previous position as a graduate assistant back. I was blessed with an internship overseas, but I have been recently informed that I will need to take more classes and pay more money that I am currently, unable to do so.

Please align those persons with the ability to help in my corner, and grant me peace as I continue my career journey and my immediate journey for employment.
All this I ask, in Jesus Name. Amen.

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