Prayer for finances to improve

St Jude, please help me to feel good and grant me the serenity and strength to fight all the problems that I am facing. Please intercede that my financial condition improve especially that we are anticipating a major event next year. Five more months but I cannot see where I am going to get the finances for my folks Golden Wedding Anniversary next year.

We are not thinking of a grand event but we are not expecting any financial support from other people. My family members are not financially well off, so I have the main responsibility to provide. I am living paycheck to paycheck. How can i save for the said event. I even thinking that I may’d be lay off this winter due to the business nature of my company. Please intercede St Jude to lift all my anxieties, uncertainties and worries and that i will see a miracle very soon in my financial condition.

Just enough to cover the event. You know how much this event mean to us considering of how we start as a family and how my Mom survive all the health issues. St Jude, please make a way. It’s either additional part time job, a profit-sharing incentive, a raise, change job for better salary and benefits, quick cash like lottery. St Jude, i need your miracle this very moment. This is not all for personal gain, but for the benefit for my entire family.

St Jude please help. And I claim at the very moment that you will grant my petition, thank you St Jude. Thank you.

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by Dorothy (Biloxi, Mississippi)

Father God, I ask in the name of Jesus for help in my financial situation. I made some mistakes, I am in debt, and I can’t get enough money to relieve this stress I am under. I haven’t enough money to live and pay all of my obligations. I work on a job that I cannot get any extra time and it seems as if I cannot prosper.

I cannot move forward. It seems as if everyone around me is prospering. I know that God is my only source. I made mistakes with my finances, having to pay money for unnecessary bills such as court costs , fines owed, because of my neglect. I am under so much pressure that I cannot get ahead. Please relive of this pressure of not having anything, to help my grandchildren or myself.

I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray Amen.

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