Prayer for father passing away

by Pearl (Ireland)

my amazing granmother passed away in march and i know she still needs our prayer to help guide her to heaven, please please please help me pray for her as others in my family dont pray like I do, I pray everyday have been praying since I was a child. I need God to call her into the light as I am so afraid she is suffering because not enough people on Earth are praying for her. She comes to me in my dreams all the time and lets me know she is waiting for heaven. She showed me the place she is in and its not nice, in one dream she pointed to the gates far far ahead which was heaven. and there were so many other people/souls there too but they were all travelling to and waiting at these gates.

Please help me pray for my grandmother so she can be in heaven with God and so she can meet my Grandad once again. Im sure she will look over you from heaven for helping her. She has always been a generous lady. thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, I will pray for you all. Please pray for both my Granmother and Grandad. thank you xxx

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The Prayer for Fathers was revealed by the Master to Albert Windust, and published in the pages of Star of the West. It appears that Mr. Windust’s father passed away, that he then wrote to the Master and asked Him to pray for his father, and the Master revealed a Tablet containing this prayer in response. The senior Mr. Windust passed away in May, 1913 and the Tablet was revealed two months later.

By way of background, Albert Windust was one of the most important pillars of the American Bahá’í community from its earliest days. He was a member of the first Spiritual Assembly in Chicago and served on it until 1954. He was a printer by profession, and one of the founders of the Bahá’í Publishing Society which became the Bahá’í Publishing Trust. He was the first publisher of the Bahá’í Writings in America, and the founder of Star of the West. He collected and published the 3 volumes of Tablets of Abdu’l-Bahá Abbas, and he assisted Howard MacNutt in collecting and publishing The Promulgation of Universal Peace. There is a good deal written about him in Volume Two of Rob Stockman’s The Bahá’í Faith in America. His full-page photograph is between pages 78-79 of that book. His story is included in the “In Memoriam” section of The Bahá’í World, Volume 13, where the cablegram from Shoghi Effendi marking his passing is included, and in which the Guardian refers to him as “Herald Covenant.”

Here is the full text, from Volume II, No. 19, page 319 of Star of the West, dated March 2, 1921 (contained in George Ronald blue reprint volume #7). I have left the spelling and transliteration exactly as printed there.


Tablet from Abdul-Baha to Albert R. Windust

To Mr. Albert R. Windust, Chicago, Ill. — Upon him be Baha’o’llah El-Abha!

He is God!

O Thou Almighty! O Thou Forgiver!

The servant of Thy Threshold, Windust, turns his face toward the Kingdom of Abha and begs for his father Thy Grace and bounty. O Thou Omnipotent Lord! In this Great Dispensation Thou dost accept the intercession of the sons in behalf of their fathers. This is one of the special infinite bestowals of this cycle. Therefore, O Thou kind Almighty! Accept the request of this thy servant at the Threshold of Thy Singleness and submerge his father in the ocean of Thy graces — because this son is confirmed in the accomplishment of Thy services and is displaying the utmost of effort at all times in the pathway of Thy love! Verily Thou art the Giver, the Forgiver and the Kind!

O thou divine servant!

Be thou not unhappy on account of the death of thy father. All of us will hasten from this world to another world. This mundane life has no importance whatsoever. It is our hope that in the divine world we shall find eternal union and seek everlasting fellowship. Importance lies in this fact. This station is obtained through faith and self-sacrifice in the path of God. Consequently we must make an effort to obtain happiness and joyousness in the other world.

Convey the wonderful Abha greeting to the believers. Chicago, in comparison with the cities of America, was in advance and numerically contained more Bahais. But when the stench (vile odor) of the nakazeen was spread in that city there was stagnation. The Cause in other cities of America is progressing day unto day, but Chicago is stationary. Therefore, strive that the sweet fragrance of the Testament and the Covenant may become diffused, the nostrils of the spiritual ones become perfumed, the banner of “Ya-Baha-el-Abha!” be unfurled and the tent of the oneness of the world of humanity be pitched. Then ye shall observe that Chicago will become the Paradise of Abha. These few nakazeen cannot accomplish anything worth while. The utmost is this that they will be the means of the drooping of the believers of God in that city. A person deprived of the spirit of the Covenant is sentenced as dead. The dead surely disintegrate. Therefore, breathe the spirit of the Covenant and the Testament as much as ye can in the hearts, so that the souls may progress day unto day and obtain a new exhilaration.

    Father’s Day can hold many emotions for both men and women – those who had a loving father that passed away, those who never knew their dad, those expectantly waiting to become a dad soon, and countless other situations surrounding the father-child relationship. God can use this special day to draw us closer to Himself – the one true Father who remains faithful and full of unconditonal love. Use these Father’s Day prayers to bring God’s peace and glory into your home and life today.

    A Prayer for All Fathers on Father’s Day

    Father, we come before you today humbled and in awe of Your grace and mercy. Lord, we thank You for the way You have designed what a family is supposed to look like and the specific roles You have ordained to a mother and a father of how to lead their children. Yet Lord, through our sinful ways we have taken what You have made holy and created our own version of today’s families. Because of this, our children are suffering. It is for the fathers, families, and children of our nation that we do pray today. 

    Lord, we pray specifically for fathers and fatherhood across our land. Your Word clearly instructs fathers to bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). God, we thank You for the men who are leading according to Your statutes and the ones that are laying their lives down for Your purposes. We pray that You will continue to use these men to lead their families and other men. We pray You will strengthen the fathers of our nation and that You will continue to empower churches, organizations, and individuals to invest in fathers and fatherhood for the sake of our children.  

    We pray for the single fathers out there; whether they are raising their children alone or even if they are doing the best they can with the time they have. We pray for strength, protection, wisdom, and discernment to help them through whatever trials they may be facing. Thank You Lord for these men and please guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, help meet all of their needs, that they may experience Your peace that surpasses all comprehension. 

    We pray for the dads out there who are being alienated from their children right now. We pray, oh Lord, that You would shield and shelter them from the pain and possibly the anger that may be rising up in them, for You to strike down the barriers that are hindering these dads from seeing their children. God, do not let this destroy them as men, fathers, or in their relationship with You. They need You in a mighty way and we pray You would show Yourself strong on behalf of anyone that is being alienated from their children and that You would reunite these families together. 

    Lord, we lift up the dads right now that are not stepping up to the plate as fathers, for whatever reason. Once again, we have allowed the evil one to get into our lives and wreak havoc on what You have said is good. We pray for these men to come to their knees and repent, that they would turn from their ways, seek You, and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Father, we pray for their children and the moms who are parenting alone because of these men’s decisions. We pray You would step in as a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows in these situations, that their story would be another testimony that nothing is too hard for You. 

    Finally, Father we lift up the men and women that are on the front lines in the battle for fatherhood and the war against fatherlessness. God, You clearly put leaders of all calibers in positions of influence: from the highest ranks to the least of these. However we know that with men these initiatives would fall short, but with You all things are possible. We pray for everything from the right funding for the programs to continue, to godly leadership from beginning to end. We pray for a revival of manhood and for fathers to lead their families by beginning each day on their knees. God Your Word says that You will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers (Malachi 4:6). As our Creator, Savior, and heavenly Father, we believe that this will bear eternal fruit- that generational curses will become generational blessings, restoring our families back to the way that You intended. 

    We come into agreement as we read and speak this prayer out loud that this is a nation that is desperate not only for our earthly fathers to rise up to the challenge, but more importantly, that they need to follow You, Father, as their ultimate guide and example. It is in the wonderful, precious, and matchless name of Jesus Christ that we pray, Amen.  

    A Prayer of Blessing for Fathers 

    Dear Lord,

    Bless every father and every grandfather with the best of your spiritual blessings today. Let him know he is not alone in the tasks you have given him to provide for and support those under his care. Show him how much you delight in his work, and affirm the value of whatever You have given him to do—both as a father or grandfather and as a child of Yours. Confirm his worth daily so he has no reason to doubt whether he is loved in the eyes of his Heavenly Father.

    Create in him a deep sense of trust in You, knowing that He can count on You to help him lead and protect those dependent on him. Let him know that every unselfish act of love and encouragement he has offered has been a gift that You receive gladly. Show him how effective the prayers of a godly man really are, and what a difference he has and can make to those around him, no matter how big or small the assignment.

    When challenging times push him beyond his limits, assure him that You can take Him further into the realm of possible impossibility. Speak deep into his spirit the powerful words he longs to hear from You—that nothing can ever separate him from Your love. Help him to grasp firmly the promises of Your Word, standing with faith on the things You declare are true. Reward him for his faithfulness past, present, and future, assuring him that true success and satisfaction don’t lie in his accomplishments or accolades, but in the steadfast, Christ-like character You are forming in him.

    Demonstrate to him Your amazing grace and forgiveness as he seeks to love and to know you with all of his heart, soul, and mind. Release him from unwanted burdens of false guilt, and bless him for his willingness to keep short accounts with You, forgiving both himself and others. Help him to see his children or grandchildren through Your eyes, realizing that in Your hands is the safest place they can ever be. Strengthen his confidence in the Only One who can bring good out of any situation.

    Teach him how to meet the needs of his childs life that are within his ability to do so, but help Him to trust You for the rest. Push out any needless fears, and grant to him godly wisdom and spiritual guidance to lead and direct those precious children in Your path, knowing he must also release them into Your hands with prayerful love.

    Complete any healing of past hurts or regrets that may interfere with parenting or grand parenting his children. Build in him a sense of joy, humility, and playfulness that draw his family close. When plans don’t develop as he hopes, or dreams are not yet realized, open his eyes to see beyond this world to a greater joy that never disappoints, and to a Father who will never leave or abandon him or his loved ones.

    Give him a passionate faith, a persevering spirit, and a powerful testimony that overcomes any weakness or doubt, as he wears the armor of God daily You have provided for him as a spiritual leader and child of God.

    Today, on special days, and for all the days of his life, fill him with the best of Your blessings, so that one day he will stand before you and hear Your ultimate words of praise, “Well done, my son, well done!” In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    written by Rebecca Barlow Jordan

    Matt Haviland writes at

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