Prayer for employment

Enjoy these prayers for employment to help you get a job that suits your needs and financial obligations. It’s nice to serve others and God by doing the best we can, thereby honoring His image.

The Lord has endowed us all with some talent, and wishes us to express those gifts that He has given us for the good of all.

Saying prayers for employment also affirm our understanding of own inner talents and abilities.

We invite you to post a prayer request at the bottom of this page. By helping pray for one another, we can support one another and help to lift our prayers to the lord.

A Prayer to Find Employment

God be with me today in finding employment. Lead me to work that I love, and that has value. Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, in a safe and happy environment. Help me to find fulfillment mentally and financially. Thank you God, for bringing this to me today!

“… such as the workman is, such also is the work …”

“Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion; for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?

Give me the Opportunity Lord…

Dear God, I place my humble needs before you: My need to meet my responsibilities in the world. My need to use my God-given talents and abilities. My need to fulfill my place here on earth.

I pray for Your guidance now to show me the way to the perfect opportunity to do what I love, to do what I can do well, and what will fulfill my needs mentally, spiritually, and financially. Help me to walk in faith as You show me the way!

Thank You, Lord. Amen!

Choose Me Lord

Oh, Sweet Jesus, I come to you in mercy as I am in agony of trying to find employment. I have been applying for several companies now and it always ends up going to another applicant.

You said that I should be specific in my prayer and I acknowledge your word. I am here, Lord, asking your mercy to please provide me with a good job that I need and is within your will.

I will do this for your greater Glory, Oh God. I am very sorry Lord for all my falls of dismay. If I have doubted your commands and wills for me. I know Lord, that I am blessed to have your salvation freely for me. And I will work for it through faith in everything that I do even as I fully garnered my employment.

Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My word to perform it. Jeremiah 1:12

Dear Loving Father

Lord, you are a loving Father and generous to your children. You bless and inspire the world with your good work. Help me in my search for profitable work so that I may care for my own as well as you have cared for me. Thank you Lord, for your loving guidance today.


For those who have lost their job…

Lord, I am coming to you today with a heavy heart filled with regret over the past, and anxiety for the future. I am out of work, and my finances are in deep trouble. I have made many mistakes. Help me to forgive myself, and others, so that I may make amends with all concerned.

Grant me peace of mind, so I can fill my life with your goodness and grace. Guide me toward a good job where I may fulfill my needs as a better and wiser person. Thank you Lord, for listening to me and helping me today. Life is not always easy, but I will strive to remember that You are always there to help me As you are right in this moment. Thank you!

For everyone who is looking for a job right now, may God be with you. You are in my prayers. I pray that you find a job as soon as possible, and that you are able to live a happy and fruitful life.

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    prayer for employment

    You govern your creation,
 O God, and bring it to perfection by the work of our hands. Hear the prayers of your people who ask for work that will enhance their human dignity and promote the upbuilding of your kingdom. Enable them to provide for those confided to their care either by family ties or by charity we owe to one another for the betterment of human life. We ask this blessing in the name of Jesus who labored with his own hands while he lived on earth.


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    prayer for employment

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    God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment.

    I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path, and to lead me to find the proper things to say and do in this quest.

    I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given me, but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment.

    Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I may return to you with praise and thanksgiving for your gracious assistance.

    Grant this through Christ, our Lord.



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