Prayer for dead grandmother

What is the dream of a dead grandmother up to 40 days?

  1. This is normal. To see the deceased in a dream to some changes in real life.
  2. With a heavy feeling, a person awakens who will see a dead person in a dream, even if it was a recently deceased beloved grandmother. Let consolation be served by the fact that deciphering what the dreamed person dreams of, they unanimously give the opposite interpretation.

    Dreams of death, with rare exceptions, contain bright signs of tears, turn into good news, loss of positive changes, a revision of the life position.

    The dead are often dreamed of, who are seen alive in a dream. Such a dream gives rise to anxiety and insecurity.

    Seeing in a dream a deceased grandmother soon after the funeral, many understand that this is due to the experience of the bitterness of loss. However, we must take into account the following any dream about the deceased grandmother interpreted as the news of the coming changes, the girls dream promises a fast marriage, and the businessmen long-awaited responsible negotiations.

    And more, you need to go to church, put a candle, remember your grandmother …

  3. when the deceased relatives, scenery, dialogues are always different, and the meaning is one, one should remember about their good deeds, that’s all, do not go to the grave, put candles, make fences, look after graves, it’s all not necessary, they become adults minds are completely indifferent where and how they are buried, even processed for fertilizer, it is important for them what memory they have left, whether the people remember them kindly about the word, does anyone swear at them

    If the deceased relatives ask for food, a dish to eat, money, water, etc., this desire to work, bring income to relatives in the invisible world, if they give, then bring income, thank you. As our deceased relatives learned from us, income is in the world of adult intelligence, if we work and act conscientiously, they need it, and not the fences and candies on their graves

  4. She did not even realize that she was dead and her soul was near
  5. Towards a change of weather
  6. Perhaps you do not pray for your grandmother, and do not give charity in memory of her?

    Read this about what, please:
    The connection of the Church on earth with the Church in Heaven. Prayer is the breath of the Church. Prayer for the dead. Communication with the saints. The future destinies of the world and of mankind. Posthumous fate of man.
    I hope my grandmother was baptized. And with God all are alive!
    You can improve the grave fate of your grandmother if you do not pray for it (it is better to do it every day, in the morning) and from time to time give alms to the poor in memory of the deceased.

  7. Say goodbye, say your reproaches / resentment or wishes.
  8. to return
  9. Your grandmother is not used to it yet. Apparently she does not even understand that she died … The dead always say this until they realize they are dead.
    Apparently she has a shortage of energy – she came to you to eat … I will not be surprised if someone gets sick in the near future – the granny of your energy ate.
    If she was a believer – order her sorokoust for the newly installed in the church.
    If it was not, then it’s not necessary.
    What did she eat? Soup? However, it does not matter. Bring her to the grave to eat – better white, type of milk, or semolina (without salt !!!!), or rice porridge, it is possible on milk, white bread. Drinking is not very desirable, but if she drank, then you can. White chocolate is also good.
    Grandma has a shortage of energy with unaccustomed – there’s a lot of tension with that.
    Overfeed it, too, is not worth it – it will be more difficult for it to rise from the ground, that is, go into the astral more subtle. Now it is still between heaven and earth, in purgatory. You remember well.
    After 40 days should cease – she will depart. Her Spirit will go to the thin astral, and the lower bodies – astral and mentalka should merge into the egregor of the place (cemetery). If after 40 days does not happen – then it is not rest assured. The burial service is necessary.

A Lakota Sioux prayer dedicated to the dead from the Vietnam War.

GrandMother East:

From you comes the sun which brings life to us all; I ask that you have the sun shine on my friends here, and bring a new life to them — a life without the pain and sadness of the world; and to their families, bring your sun for they also need your light for their lives.

GrandFather South:

You bring the storms from the south which brings the rains to nourish us and our crops. Be gentle when you fall on my friends; and as the rain touches them, let it wash away the pain and sadness that they carry with them.

GrandMother West:

You take the sun from us and cradle it in your arms, then you bring darkness onto us so that we may sleep. When you bring the darkness to my friends here, do so without the nightmares that we have had for so long. Let your stars and moon shine on my friends in a gentle manner; and as they look at the stars, they remember that those stars are the spirits of my friends shining on them and those friends are at peace.

GrandFather North:

You are the Warrior, you have ridden alongside my friends here into battle, you have also felt their love and caring when you were wounded or lonely; ride alongside of them, for now they are in this the hardest battle for their life, the battle for inner peace. Now is the time for you to care for them.

GrandFather Sky:

May your songs of the winds and clouds sweep the pain and sadness out of my friends’ hearts; as they hear those songs, let them know the spirits who are with those songs are at peace.

GrandMother Earth:

I have asked all the other GrandFathers and GrandMothers to help my friends rid themselves of the troubles that weigh so heavy on their hearts. This way, the weight they carry will be less; and they will walk more softly on you.

GrandMother Earth, from your womb all spirits have come when they return to you; cradle them gently in your arms and allow them to join their friends in the skies. If they want to hurry themselves to you, tell them you are not ready; and they must wait, for now they can pass on peace to others.

May the Great Spirit watch over you, and may you be at peace.
prayer for dead grandmother

The loss of a grandmother is one of the saddest moments of a person. Not only the grandmother is someone one looks up to but also is the senior person in the family. The condolence wishes for the person is sent through text messages or through cards. One can also create a condolence video clip for the person and send it through a DVD.

Some of the sample condolence messages for loss of grandmother are given below.

1). My condolences for the loss of your Grandmother. May your grandma’s soul rest in peace. We will pray for you and your family.

2). I want to express my deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your grandmother. May God rest her soul in peace.

3). I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. She will always be remembered. In this difficult time, I am by your side.

4). It is a sad day to hear about the death of your grandmother. May God give you the strength to bear this pain. She will be in our thoughts and prayers.

5). Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the demise of your grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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Sample leave application for death of your grandmother to inform your office, manager, boss, school, principal, college, university or any other concerned person.

Student Leave Application for Grandmother Death

The principal,


I am very grieved to inform you that my grandmother has passed away today. I have to attend her funeral services and due to which I cannot attend school today. Please grant me a leave without any charges in my fees. Also, please reserve my attendance for today.

I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours obediently,

Employee Leave Application for Death of Grandmother

Dear Manager,

I am Amjad, Sales Officer writing to inform that my grandmother passed away today(4th May) in the early morning due to a sudden heart attack ( May her soul rest in peace). So I will remain off from the office for three days. I will also request all the department staff members to attend the funeral ceremony at 3 O Clock today. Please consider this email as acknowledgement of leave.

M. Amjad
Sales Officer

Leave Letter for Grandmother’s Death from Office

The Manager HR,
Menu Sweets Pvt. Ltd

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I, Ilyas Hussain is working in HR department as HR executive. My family belongs from Hyderabad. My parents live there. It is very unfortunate to inform you that my grandmother was suffering from heart disease for the last 7 months. Now she has died due to heart attack.

It is indeed a great loss for me & my family. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leaves for 2 days so that I can join in funeral & pray for her rest in Peace. I will be looking for your positive reply in this regard.

Ilyas Hussain

School Leave for Grandmother Passes Away

Respected Principal,

I am Aylan student of 10th A class in this school. Tonight my grandmother passes away due to high fever and blood pressure. I am not coming to school for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Please accept my leave for three days. I will be thankful to you.


10th A

Leave Application on Grandmother Death

Model Town Extention,

Respected Sir,

I want to say that my grandmother has passed away and I have to attend her funeral. Please grant me a leave for a few days. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Vivian Leigh

Leave Application for Grandmother Death

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