Prayer for change

by Terri (Minnesota)

Heavenly Father, my family has gone through many difficult times in life. I ask you for your strength and change in my family’s future. We have all weathered many storms together, where you we there for us. Once again i pray for your strength to yet help us through another difficult time in our lives. We need change in our ways, and a new path to walk on. I ask you also for guidance for my family that we can learn to follow you and we will lead new lives. You have always been there for us, and now i call upon you again. Our burdens again our heavy. I need a prayer for a hedge of protection over all of us. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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Please help me in this urgent need. I am desperate for God’s help. I had prayed to every saint. Attended every Novena in church for six months asking to send the person in my life to whom I should get married. I prayed night and day for it for six months. There was not one day when I didnt cry in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Finally my prayers were answered and I got engaged. Now after six months my fiance has suddenly said that he does not want to marry me saying that he is not ready for a married life. He is too scared to take it up. he is not understanding what married life will be. I am very depressed. He says even God has no power to change his mind. I am still very confident that God will help me and he will change my fiance’s mind only on the basis that when I was going through the toughest phase in my life God came and rescued me. I still feel that God sent the right person seeing me struggling.

Please intercede to Jesus to change my fiance ‘s mind.If he was not the right person God would have let me struggled for another few days instead of sending the wrong person in my life. My family and his family has given up hope. But I trust in the lord because I trust in the Lord because I feel that my faith in him will win.

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Prayers count, no matter who prays!
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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Bernard M. Baruch

A Prayer for Change

While looking at my blog today, I chanced upon a section of the dashboard I hadn’t noticed before.  It showed the search terms people had used most to find my blog online.  It shocked me to realise what it meant.

The two top terms were:

  1. Prayer for change in my life

  2. Empowered Person

If ever there was a cry for help, both these terms are screaming it from the rooftops! Prayer for change and seeking empowerment!

For two decades I have delivered life changing workshops and seminars all over my country on exactly these topics, and the cry has been the same:

“I expected more out of life than this, by now!”

I expected more out of life than this, by now!
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I have heard it from teenagers, from young disillusioned couples, from parents with teenage kids, and from retirees, who were struggling still, after a lifetime of struggle.  A #prayer for change, if ever there was one!

When we were in school, we were told, and probably you were too:  “Study hard, get good grades, get a good job and have a good life!”  Well, these people all followed those directions and by the time they came to my workshops, that is how they felt – ripped off!  It was a lie, and they had fallen for it!  And now, they have this prayer for change!

There’s nothing wrong with having a good education and getting a good job.  However, that’s not it – that’s just the start!  Your education continues and it’s a lifelong program you are enrolled in!  The school of life is never on holidays – it always has something to teach you!  The question is – are you ready, willing and able to learn?

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

For those people truly desiring change and empowerment, we have provided the Life Change 90 Program. Click here to learn more about Life Change 90.

For those people searching for a prayer for change, here is mine – click on this link for the whole blog:

Today, My Perfect Day

A day that I could begin by being of service to another, to start their day also with inspiration and love.

A day when I could plan and begin projects – dreams that could take all of my tomorrows to complete.

A day I would live as though it was my last, as though there would be no tomorrow.

A day when I would play the games I play to the limit,

To laugh as hard as I can,

To love as passionately as I am able,

To work and achieve to my capacity,

yet with time to rest and relax with my loved ones

until we are full of the love we have for one another.

A day when there is time to reflect,

To consider those whose fortunes have not yet been realised, as mine have,

To pray that they may be realised – soon.

A day which closes with a Prayer of Thanks to the Great Spirit and all the guides I have,

for watching over me through this day,

and to ask them to guide me through the next,

so that again someone might say:

“I’m glad that you came by!”

© Ray Jamieson 1993

A pot of gold, after all?
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For those searching for Empowerment, there is a whole series of empowerment blogs for you, everything from Financial Empowerment, to Empowerment for Men, Women, Children and Teens, and explanations on what Empowerment means and how to gain it!  The full list is below.

Thank you for your searches, and thank you for looking to Life Change 90 and our program for the answers to your prayer for change, and for your personal empowerment, in whatever form you desire it.  I hope we have helped you and you know that we will continue with our aims to empower many more people, in times to come.

If you feel this article has empowered and benefited you and you feel it could benefit the personal empowerment of other folks you know, please reblog it, share it with your friends and associates.  It might be the day you changed someone’s life for the better!  If that was that special person in your life, then congrats: you just changed your own life too!

Til next time, fair winds and full sails, and I hope your prayer for change is answered!

Ray Jamieson

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