Prayer for a sick mom

by Ian (Philippines)

Lord God, eternal father, we humbly seek for you mercy to give endurance, courage and strenght to our beloved mother who is currently experiencing health trials now. We know father, that you only need to say the word and our mother will heal… We believe in miracles and we know by your mighty power miracles do come true.. We also believe that everything is happening for good reasons, we also thank you Lord for this trials, because we know that in our weakest moments that you are there and you will not leave us, it is also with this trials that we come closer to you..

Lord, there are times that we feel we can’t go on anymore, but with your help and glory, we keep on moving on..we also believe even through our darkest moment, the sun will always shine for all of us.

Lord, God please have mercy on our mother.

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If I had one last wish to make it would have to be,
that God would heal my mom and give her pain to me.
For I’ve never seen my mom hurt so bad in all my life,
I’d do anything and everything to take her pain and strife.
She’s the only one who never lost complete faith in me,
without her here by my side I’m not sure where I’d be.
We didn’t always get along but then again who does,
she taught me about the
Real world and what life really was.
I think I owe her one for all the hell I put her through,
so God if you can grant this wish for me I’ll eternally be grateful to you.
And if my mom ever decides to ask why her life suddenly changed this way,
do me a favor and let her know that I said Happy late Mother’s Day.

“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) 

Summer is a welcome break in routine. Relaxation. Laughter. Sunshine. Fun. But soon after the regularity that our children are accustomed to comes ends, their health can take a brief nose dive. 

To all of the moms exhausted by long summer days and seasonal viruses… take heart. Through prayer, we can regain our strength and help our little ones return to fun in the sunshine. 

Father, praise You for summertime. We long to stretch our legs and run the entire length of the long days that the season of summer brings. The flowers bloom, the grass turns green again, and everything seems to come back to life. In Your time, all things work for the glory of Your good. From the changing of the weather, to the seasons of our lives. Praise Your eternal and all-encompassing grasp on the minutes of our lives. 

Thank You for the joy that children bring to us, as they scamper barefoot in the grass and rescue worms chased onto the sidewalk. The familiar smell of a hard summer rain causes us to smile as we watch our kids run freely through the downpours that cool off the hot summer pavement. There is a joy in letting go of bedtimes for campfires and firefly chases. Through our children, we are reminded of the simple tones of happiness that rest in the humid days and starry nights of summertime. 

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But lack of sleep combined with everything they’ve explored can lead to sickness… even in the summertime. Father, You tell us in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Summer days are almost too long, and we are just as exhausted as our run-down kids. But God, Your timing is perfect, and you provide us with the strength we need to get through each day. Poor health or able-bodied, we can stand firm in faith, knowing that when our strength fails we can lean on You. 

Father, help us to nurse our kiddos back to health swiftly, so that they can rejoin the laughter outside of the house. Help us to lead them to You in their pain and impatience, through the warmth of momma snuggles and assurance that this too shall pass. 

Thanks to the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, through belief in Him we know that You will breath life into our situation. You hear us, love us, heal us, and help us. You bring us peace when we are anxious, and assurance when our confidence lacks. 

Motherhood can be exhausting, but You have placed us perfectly. Encourage our hearts as only You can. Heal our children and breathe life back into our days. For You assure us: 

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“My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19) 

As we recall the miraculous healing that Jesus performed on this earth, our hearts are encouraged and reminded of the power our Savior has to heal us. The blind could see, the lame could walk, and the demon-possessed were freed. There is no problem or ailment that is bigger than Jesus. He who knew our trials before He died for us, is there for us. 

Our living and active God is moving through our days just as real as the warm summer wind that relaxes our souls as the season shifts. We don’t see the wind, but it still moves. We don’t see God, but He is moving. He is healing, and He is there with a compassionate love for us unmatched by any earthly notion. 

It’s hard to imagine a love that trumps a mother’s for her child, especially when they are sick. When they miss out on fun things or are in pain, our hearts ache for them. We would do almost anything, sacrifice what we could, to heal them… make them smile again… see them well. 

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The love of God surpasses what we can comprehend. The Father that gave His own Son, can be trusted to heal our littles. Father, bless and heal our children of their sicknesses. Restore their laughter, and let them play. Stir us to trust You more, and seek You harder. For just as You know us, You know our children. We are entrusted with them as mothers, but they are Yours. And You love them with the same extravagant love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Meg Bucher writes about everyday life within the love of Christ on her blog, “Mom” is the most important calling on her life, next to encouraging others to seek Him first… authentically. A dance mom, occasional substitute teacher, and youth worship leader, she can often be found having some kind of an adventure in the small little lake town she resides in with her husband of ten years, two daughters, and their doodle-dog.

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