Prayer for a new home

by MM (MD, USA)

My husband deserted me and our 3 young children. As I pick up the pieces and help my family heal, I thank the Lord for His continued Blessings and mercy. Please Lord grant me the wisdom and strength to accept our new reality, and to raise these beautiful children to love and glorify you for always.

I ask the Lord to stand with me always, through this journey, to be my guide and to shine his light on us. Father, please make it possible for me to move my family to SW, so that my children may grow up in a safe neighborhood, and we can restart our lives with new memories, and in accordance to your will.

I ask this in Jesus name, my Lord and Savior. Amen.

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by Joan (Connecticut)

Please, Heavenly Father, bring me my own home very, very soon. You know how bad it is here now. I’m very afraid, so please create a miracle and get me my own home, with everything in it that I need – a home that is private, secure, safe and peaceful – and from which I will not move until the day I leave this earth.

Thank you, Father, for answering my prayer – You are the Only One – the Holy of Holies – the One Who sees and knows all. I trust that You will answer my prayer very, very soon – so soon, that I will be surprised.

I love you, Father! Thank You!

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Dear St.Joseph, loving father and carer. Please help us to obtain the perfect family home we want for our children. You loved and cared for the infant Jesus as you love and care for us. Help us to do the same for our own children by granting us this beautiful home in which to keep them warm, dry and safe.

We want ever so much to make this empty house a loving family home where we can be happy forever together and share precious time and memories, watching our children grow up. We want this more than anything and are pleading for your intervention, from one loving parent to another. Help us also to secure enough for our own house in order to get what we need and no more. We just want to move quickly and affordably. We are not asking for profit or financial reward. Please intercede on our behalf to God our loving father, his son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and to Mary the mother of your child on earth. The Novena to our Lady has gotten us so far to the point where the house has turned up. May you join with Our Lady now in power to intercede and grant our prayers.

Thank you so much for getting us to where we are today and for the home which we have enjoyed for almost 10 very happy years watching our family grow. I pray that this home goes to a lovely family also who can add to the happy memories we have attached to it. Thank you xxxxx

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Are you in the process of finding a new home?  Sometimes finding a new place to live can be very stressful.  The prayer below will help you to open to receiving the highest and most happy experience of finding a home.

prayer for a new home

Dear God,
I am exploring options for a new place to live.  Regardless of my past experiences, I am willing for this to be a smooth and joyful experience in every way.  Please decide for me about where it should be, what it should look like and how the details should unfold.  Thank You for providing all of the resources, guidance, supplies, perfect timing and helpful people to ensure that I find the happiest possible place to live.  I am willing to trust You and acknowledge that Your will for me is for complete and total happiness.  I will know when I have found the right place to live because I will feel peaceful on every level.  Thank You, in advance, for an amazing home, neighbors and community that are far beyond my greatest expectations.  I am willing to receive the richness of Your blessings and anticipate a joyful outcome in all respects.  Thy will be done.   Amen

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