Prayer for a healthy baby

by Randi ()

Pray for us to conceive this cycle. My husband has a rare chromosome defect and we didn’t find out about it until I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter.

We lost her at 6.5 months gestation due to a devastating heart defect and catastrophic organ failure caused by the inherited chromosome defect. A little over a year later we miscarried our second baby at 11 weeks.

We have experienced 3 years of infertility that was finally treated this year. This is the first cycle that I have ovulated on my own since I got pregnant the 2nd time.

Please pray that we conceived this cycle and that we’ll have a happy, healthy baby in 2011 that doesn’t inherit the chromosome defect.

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by Jennifer (River North – Chicago)

I lift my body up to you to let God’s will be done. I had become pregnant and at 12wks lost my little girl due to a miscarriage and genetic complications. I believe in persevernce to believe, let go and create the family my husband and I yearn to have. We want to give back the beautiful life and love our parents have provide us. I am seeking to naturally become pregnant quickly again at age 42 after such a terrible loss. I am praying for a healthy, fertilization, conception and baby. I lift up to God for a strong fertility and best body to bare this baby. I in the next two weeks am praying for vital opportunity to get pregnant by the will of God and a new baby is created.

Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy name. Amen ~ JFK/ASK

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by Sherin ()

We have been married for 6 years now and have suffered 3 miscarriages over the last couple of years. We have visited numerous doctors in various countries to get help but none of the doctors could ever find an issue with us. We understood that what we lack is Grace of God which no medicine can supplement except prayers! Miraculously, our visit to House of Mary in Turkey gave us a miracle pregnancy. But as soon as we found out fear gripped us and crippled me. I could not forget my past and every day was progressing in compounded fear. I always meant to offer prayers to St Jude but never did thinking I will ask the most special thing when the right time comes. There wasnt a better time…as I started spotting the same way I did in my previous failed pregnancy. I was distraught and started my prayers to St Jude….I prayed earnestly 9 times a day for 9 days asking very specifically to bless my child and give him a strong heartbeat. Yday was my first ultrasound and by the Grace of God and love of St Jude our baby is progressing well! I intend to continue these prayers every month for the next 9 months. My pleas to St Jude have made me cross a milestone which I never did before. Thank you St jude for praying for me and asking for our mercy!

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by H3 (Cartersville, GA)

Heavenly Father,

I pray that at this very moment there is a healthy chld growing inside of me. I pray that he/she will grow to be healthy and strong and grow as a child of your very own. I pray that my husband and I will continue to grow in our faith so that we can raise this healthy baby to be strong in his/her faith, always seeking you and carrying your word throughout life. I prayer for my very own health in carrying this child throughtout a safe pregnancy.

Thank you for the miracle of life and for giving us the chance to be parents.

In Jesus name I pray,


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