Prayer for a girl you like

Almighty God,

Please help me find a relationship with a great girl. I am a 13 year old male who has had only 2 girlfriends my whole life. Those combined would only equal about a month and a half. I have this great girl in mind and her name is Lindsey.

I really like her but I don’t know if she like me. I am going to Catholic High school next year which is a all boys school and I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a girlfriend before that. I am not socially active except for at school. I have asked this girl out once but she said no only because I was really desperate which I am.

My friends were talking about it today and they said I should ask her out again. I am scared to because she might say no again. Please give her the sense that I like her and me and her start talking more and maybe I can work up the courage to ask her again. Please help me. I love you. Amen

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