Prayer financial crisis

by Pratt (Orlando)

My pray request. Please God help me with my financial crisis i am drowning in debt I don’t have much income coming in. forgive me for not paying my thyes and offering and mishandling my money lord my car is up for repo, my bank accounts are over draft am on medical leave from work. God please give me a second chance I promise I will be a better staurt over over my finances. I love helping people but this time I am going to help the right people. Please God bless me so that I can be a be a blessing to others. Lord i desperately need your help right now. I receive your financial miracle right now amen

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prayer financial crisis

Don’t panic… Pray!

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As an intercessor,
It’s time to make history!

With the current financial crisis touching every corner of the planet, it’s time for the church to take our place in bringing about God’s solution.

Decisions are being made right now on an epic proportion that will forever change the course of human history. These decision cannot be left up to the wisdom of man.

I am calling all intercessors to take up their place on the stage of history and bring this situation before the Throne of Glory for His wisdom and solutions to prevail.

I am not a financial analyst or an end-times prophet, but we are facing something right now that the world has never faced before, and we need to be sure that we are calling for God’s will to be done.

“O LORD, God of our fathers, are you not the God who is in heaven?
You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. -2Chron. 20:6

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Facing Financial Crisis

Lord, I come to You in this time of great need in my life. Whatever the cause, I find myself in extreme financial need.
First of all, Father, I come against the spirit of fear, in the name of Jesus. I refuse to operate in fear, anxiety, or worry concerning this situation. I know it is serious, and I do not approach it flippantly. But I know that if there is fear, anxiety, or worry in my heart, it will cloud my judgment and appraisal of the situation. It will make it seem even worse than it really is. It will also block my ability to hear from You.
Father, I give this whole situation to You and ask for Your guidance and direction in rectifying it. If it came about because of any bad decisions I made or any wrong thoughts or actions I engaged in, I repent to You right now. I ask You for forgiveness. Help me to see my mistakes and faults and to do all in my power to overcome and correct them.
Lord, if this financial crisis is the result of my negligence or my irresponsible spending, I ask You to forgive me. Help me to be sensitive to Your voice so that I may hear from You as I seek Your counsel. I open my heart to You. Show me what to do so that such a crisis as this one never occurs again.
Concerning the current need, I ask You to help me and to give me favor with those to whom I owe money. I thank You for an increase in income so my financial resources can grow, knowledge so I will know where to cut expenses, and insight so I will know how to budget the money that I do have.
Thank You for supernatural wisdom so I can see how to walk out of this terrible situation. Help me to formulate a plan of recovery, a plan to get from where I am today to where I want to be tomorrow. Help me to communicate that plan clearly and effectively to my family, friends, and loved ones who will be involved in it or affected by it.
Lord, send me counselors, those who can help me with this task. Send me people with wisdom and insight concerning this situation, so that they might help me perceive and discern Your perfect plan for recovery.
Father, I give myself entirely to You. Thank You that I hear Your voice accurately and distinctly as You reveal to me what to do and how to do it. I ask You to help me identify the reason I got into this crisis in the first place and to erect safeguards so that it will never happen again.
Thank You for Your forgiveness, Your help, Your wisdom, and Your instruction. Thank You that I am totally and completely out of this crisis. I receive it by faith and thank You that it is done, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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