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When you feel anger, negativity, fear or sadness, do you turn your heart to God? Many Christians are fearful of bringing negative emotions to the Lord because they feel they need to be perfect when addressing Him. They may believe that they cannot speak to God about feelings that steer them away from the Word. This cannot be further from the truth!

God wants you to come to Him during the darkest of times, no matter what negative emotions you feel or the sins you have committed. He loves you endlessly, and will lift you up during these hard times if you look toward Him. No one can suppress negative emotions and thoughts and God understands that! Take a moment to sit with God and ask Him for guidance. He will lead you toward positivity and grace.

If you are struggling to speak to God about your negative feelings, these prayers will help get you started.

by Nats (Trinidad)

Heavenly father

I have been through so much and right now I am at my breaking point. I feel empty and alone. I’m so tired of being depressed, unhappy and hurting. I just want a peace of mind, love and contentment. Some happiness. Father I need a job so I can meet my financial obligations. Lord I also pray that you heal my broken relationship and bring M back to me like we were before. I am truly in love with him and want to spend the rest of my life with him.

So father I ask that you bring him to me and take away the pain and emptiness that I feel. Help me find a job and take away theverything stress and worrying. I don’t want to cry every day anymore. This I ask and pray in your sweet name jesus.

I love you Lord

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Loving Father, I come before you with faith in your promise that whatever
I ask for in your name you will grant to me if it is for the good of my soul
and in accordance with your Divine Will.

I come trusting in your great love for me and believing
that only you know what is best for me.
I come to you now to ask that you enter my heart
and heal all my wounded emotions.

You know me better than I know myself.
Bring your healing love into every corner of my heart and release
all the buried negative emotions inside that have not been resolved
and continue to cause me pain and anguish.

Remove all my unhealed hurts and painful memories that
block the flow of your graces, robbing me of your peace, love and joy.
Heal all feeling of sadness, loneliness, fear and anxiety.
Heal all guilt, despair, feelings of betrayal and rejection.
Heal all feelings of anger, hatred, resentment and bitterness.

Bring your healing love to all my emotions that have caused me feelings
of hopelessness, discouragement, helplessness and despair.
Grant me the grace to forgive all those who caused these negative emotions
and likewise to be forgiven by those to whom I have done the same harm.

And then, dear Father, after I have been healed may I be a witness of your
healing power and bring glory, honor and praise to you.

This I pray in Jesus’ name through Mary and all the saints.


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