Prayer before you go to bed

A Prayer Before Going To Bed

Heavenly Father, before I lay down to rest tonight, I thank you for all the blessings you have sent my way and my family today.

Forgive me………

For all my blunders & pride

For the times this day I lacked compassion

When I lost my composure

Became overly critical and judgmental

And for my ingratitude and ungratefulness this day

Lord have mercy……..

Touch my body…

My mind

And my spirit with your love and grace*

This moment with you my is so precious…..


And peaceful………..

I give you all that I am.

The thoughts in my head

And the things deep in my heart

I give to You.

Purify them and sanctify them

That they may be holy for You are Holy.

Let your angels watch closely over me and my family in our sleep.

And if this be my last prayer before I lay down to rest

May your Grace & Mercy find me worthy to be with You in Paradise eternally….

With all my love,


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