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Catholic Prayers. Jesus has called each one of us to be part of his divine plans. Our lives are precious in the eyes of God.


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Death is not the extinguishing of the light, It is turning down the lamp because the dawn has come. (Let us take a moment to place ourselves in the …


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Who died and now lives, may they rejoice in Your kingdom, where all our tears are wiped away. Unite us together again in one family, to sing Your praise forever and ever. Amen.

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You can miss someone who died , you can miss someone who moved away, but the worst is when you miss someone you see everyday.


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I believe so… in prayer. In prayer we invite God, ever present to bring a miracle into the mix of our grief. He can; he does; he will, when we pray. Thanksgiving dinner prayer is an enriching opportunity to look backward and forward in our grief, and as we do to relish the present moment.


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Prayerforce Org Prayer Blog. … or you may know of someone else who is grieving, … it is not terrible to the one who has died.


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Here is a little background on the Feast of All Souls and prayers you can use, … Why and How to Pray for Deceased Loved Ones … Follow Catholic Hotdish!

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Does Islam have any procedures which family members are supposed to do after the death of one of their family members? For example, after the burial, I’ve heard that some people host Quranic recitation for the dead for 40 days non stop.

Others don’t seem to do such a thing, anyone know more about this?

Please understand, I am not asking if you should recite the quran in groups for 40 days after the death of someone, I am asking if Islam has any guidelines of what should be done (if anything) after a burial.

prayer after someone dies

asked Jun 21 ’13 at 10:44

The first thing to do is to give him a burial. Even if you don’t know the person you should follow his funeral procession.

The other thing to do ask Allah for his forgiveness. One of the only three things that can benefit a person after his death is dua by his children.

This also means that other things like hosting quran recitation, saying his missed prayers etc will not benefit him.

You can also continue doing good things that he has started or spread any knowledge which the deceased has generated e.g. publishing a book of his research.

answered Jun 22 ’13 at 17:47

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prayer after someone dies

St. Anthony Mary Claret, during your life on earth you often comforted the afflicted and showed such tender love and compassion for the sick and sinful.

Intercede for me now that you rejoice in the reward of your virtues in heavenly glory.

Look with pity on me and grant my prayer, if such be the will of God.

Make my troubles your own.

Speak a word for me to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to obtain by her powerful intercession the grace I yearn for so ardently, and a blessing to strengthen me during life, assist me at the hour of death, and lead me to a happy eternity. Amen.

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