Please pray for my friend

Now more than ever, my friend, Peter Trayhurn, needs your prayers.

I first met Peter (an Australian) at Hallwang, the German oncology clinic, in 2013.  He went there with Stage 4 Colo-rectal cancer, having been given six months to live by his oncologist in Australia.  His cancer vanished within six weeks’ of treatment, only to rear its head again when he returned to Australia.

Since then, he’s been playing a painful game of whack-a-mole with the cancer.

What’s remarkable is that Peter has outlived most of his doctors’ worse predictions.  He’s outlived most of his friends on cancer forums.  And he’s done so with a very good quality of life.  He’s driven himself all over Germany, flown all over the world in the search for cures, gone scuba diving, lived on an ashram and done yoga.  And been a father and husband.

He’s also the author of a blog:  It’s a step-by-step account of his cancer journey.  It’s full of infuriating typos and spellos, but it is also full of the latest treatments.  It’s full of his zest of life.  And I can vouch for the fact that the positivity and optimism in his posts is real and authentic, and not a mask.  I think he’s the closest I’ve come to a genuine cancer saint.

A few weeks ago, his condition worsened when he was in Australia.  He was throwing up non-stop and wasn’t absorbing nutrients. I managed to persuade him to Skype me when he was in hospital.  I saw how bad he was.  He was in agony throughout the call despite morphine.

I whispered nervously to him:  “Is this the end?”

He looked into the screen and a small smile lit up his face.

“No, I think it’s just the beginning,” he said.

Please pray for my friend Peter.  Now more than ever, he needs your prayers.  And please also pray for his family.  For his children, who cry every night in their beds.  For his wife.  For his doctors to make the right decisions.  Pray that he pulls through the surgery to help him eat, that his guts heal, that the pain lessens, that he manages to eat, that the cancer vanishes.

Please pray.  Because the world needs more people like Peter to show us how to remain human despite the inhuman trials.   Who can pull smiles out of pain.


Before the illness started, she was so full of life

You don’t have to read this blog forever to know that I have a special friend, Funmie. Well, Funmie is always a happy and overly dramatic person, but recently, she has encountered what might be a life-altering problem, so I’d really appreciate it if you take a minute from your day to pray for Funmie and her situation.

Funmie has been experiencing depression, heart palpitations, anxiety, and sudden bouts of frustration. Life has dealt her a hard blow, and like most people, she was not expecting it. Now that it’s here, she feels so alone and helpless. I have tried my best to help her, but there are limits to the things I can do. Perhaps a prayer form you and an encouraging comment will make her feel better.

You see, for the past donkey years, Funmie has been using a Blackberry. We, the people – the voices of reason – have pleaded with her, cajoled her, begged her to switch and enter the land of people with personalities, but she refused. Every time something goes wrong with her Blackberry, we hold out hope that this will be the time she will finally switch, but like clockwork, she goes and gets herself yet another Blackberry.

Recently, her Blackberry screen cracked – to God Almighty be all the glory – and the holy spirit inhabited Funmie and made her get a new phone. Drum roll … wait for it … a Samsung Galaxy S4. Like an Audi, she went zero to sixty in 4 seconds. Unlike an Audi, though, she is unable to keep up. Everything is a problem. Texting, calling, answering calls, browsing the web, saving numbers … you should really see her typing on this phone. And even after the phone came, it took her 5 days to activate it. Who does that? I could not wait to start using my Samsung Galaxy S3 when I got it last year. I couldn’t even wait for it to charge. I plugged it in and started using it immediately.

Funmie (in her own words) has been experiencing heart palpitations, anxiety, and many other mental and physical illnesses, due to the over-sabi of her new phone. She feels intimidated that her smart phone actually dares to be smart and smarter than her. I have encouraged her to enroll in my class: Android For Dummies, but she is yet to commit. The class is absolutely free, by the way. When I saw her at the baby shower on Sunday, I tried to show her some things, point her in the right direction, but she was reacting like I was teaching her Chinese Calculus in Russian. The thing refused to enter her head. In Igbo Land, we call this kind of head itibolibo (spelling?).

please pray for my friend

Funmie’s before and after phones

So, please, my sweeties, take a moment to pray for her. Tell your God to show mercy and open Funmie’s head to receive new information. Delete every spirit of Blackberry from her. Cast it. Bind it. Forbid it. Cancel it. Destroy it. Condemn it. Break it. Dismantle it. Kill it. Decree and declare that it will not prevail against Funmie. Cleanse Funmie. Sanctify Funmie. Purify Funmie. And the sweeties said … Amen! Leave your prayers and encouraging words in the comment box.

P.S. Before Funmie got the Samsung Galaxy S4, I actually told her to get the iPhone 5(s), which in my opinion is less complicated, but she didn’t listen. And then, yesterday, I read it on CNET that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great – but complicated – phone, and it was recommended to use the iPhone instead, if you’re not very tech savvy. Hi Funmie!

P.P.S. I love you right back, Funmie 😉

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