Please lord jesus help me

by Kellie (Georgia)

Please help me to fix our relationship Father I’m sorry I broke up with you and my life has been in khaos ever since I’m sad miserable unemployed sick all the time I have really lost myself but what’s the most hurtful thing about it is I have children that nobody seems to really care about but me I have been through the ringer trying to make a life for my kids it hurts me to admit that they have suffered because of me and my choices that I have made I ask you to help my children heal and be at peace for a change I ask you to help them to forgive me I ask you Father to turn they life around for the better and mines to I ask you to help me to forgive myself so I can be functional again I have to do better by my children please help me to get right please heal me please forgive me please hold my hands please wrap your wings around me and my children tonight and allow us to feel and embrace your love please give us a miraculous turn around in Jesus Name please help us to forgive others who have wronged us and caused us so much pain please revive us again restore us and cover us Lord in your anointing when you touch me this time please Lord Jesus touch and fill me And my kids with the Holy Spirit please lift us up out of these ashes and raise us like Phoenix birds please help us Father do what nobody else around us wants to do and that’s love from deep within when you change us this time please don’t let us slip or waver from you ever again I need finances to tAke care of my children so I dont have to be stressed all the time when I’m stressed my children stress give me this miracle please do it for me and my kids we need you Lord oh how we need you if my requests align with your will please let it be done in Jesus Name Amen….. and thank you for listening to me I appreciate that and one more prayer requests send a angel for me and each of my children so we may be led to the right path and also so my children may believe and see that YOU are real……Amen

by Veronica (Phx Az.)

Lord please forgive me lord for the life style that I have been living drugs, stealing and talking in such valger language I love u so much I ask that u please forgive me and help me daily to be a stronger person to know I dnt want or need those things in my life I want to be a better person for my 5 kids and be in there life daily .

Please lord Jesus help me before I end up in jail please work in my favor to understand yr goodness so I dnt get taken away from my children permenatly and die or go to jail please I want to change lord ….please hear my heart I’m a good person I just need yr guidence to let this awful addiction go I want to be better for u for my kids then for myself please lord work within me I give a promise to pray to u every day and to stop stealing pls from this day on I will not steall just bring me closer to u and for my kids …..I luv u lord u are my savior pls start off with forgiving me ….. Amen

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With bloodshot eyes and a pounding head  Lastnights regret's still in my bed  I put a new notch on my headboard...again    The smell of coffee, is my alarm clock  I'm living hard, but I can't stop  I need a break, from the man, that I've become    Please help me Jesus, where did I go wrong  You built the path, but I veered right off  I'm finding comfort, in the vices of this life    I have a daughter, I have a son, I had a wife, but now she's gone  I'm stuck in memories, of the man that I once was  I carry pain, I carry burden, my poor soul it is a hurtin  Please Lord Jesus, can you help me through this day    If I run to you, can you set me straight  I'll make a promise, that I'll try to keep  Please Lord Jesus, have faith in me    I can't do sober, all by myself  With temptation, lying on the shelf  The only proof, I have to share, is colored gold, and sitting there  Please Lord Jesus, help me make it through this day....    I've shed a tear, you've seen me cry  I'm living lonely, and I know why  Please Lord Jesus, could you let me hold your hand  Please Lord Jesus, I'm a just a shadow of a man    Please Lord Jesus, help free me from my sins.......

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