Peace in turmoil

Ben Moon – Peace In The Turmoil


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Reflections from Monday

Day 4: “This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing  in many expressions of thanks to God.” II Corinthians 9:12

First of all, a huge thank you to those who have given and in advance to those who will in a bit :))

As I sit on this cool Tuesday morning by the fire and sipping coffee…I am reminded of peace within turmoil. I am a bit selfish sometimes so my turmoil is to reach our financial goal. It really is critical as we move into the rest of the year. And the peace is in knowing God’s provision despite what happens or not.

I thought of Ms. Collins. She was recently widowed and has four boys. She is a contract nurse assistant (CNA) meaning she works super hard in medical care doing house calls but her work is not steady. We had been working on her home over the summer first reshingling her roof and then replacing windows and replumbing her bathroom. Sitting together at a church in Tuskegee, we were enjoying the fellowship dinner, the visiting youth group, ands she was telling me how proud she was of her youngest son. There was laughter, food, and celebration. Without warning, she unfolded her story and within minutes her cheeks were streaked with tears as she shared the grief, her broken heart and the fear of now being a single parent mom raising four boys. Between sobs she expressed her brokenness, desire for her church community, and some sort of sense that God was with her. Although there were several people around us, it seemed like we were the only two people in the room. I listened, shared what I hoped were comforting words, and then prayed with her. Despite that, as the dinner continued on she looked over, now with a gleam in her eye. She said she knew Jesus was with her and would care for her and her boys. There was hope. There was joy. There was peace within turmoil.

We can easily toss out statistics. Thirty three percent of people in Lee County live in poverty meaning they do not have enough money to provide for the standard costs of their basic needs. That number increases to 4 out of 10 in places like Tuskegee and Livingston. They never mean much until you put a face, a child, a grandparent to that name. Each person is a son or daughter of Jesus meaning he or she is one of our brothers or sisters. What can we do to care for our family? And that is why we do things like live in shacks and camp out in downtown Auburn in heat, cold, and whatever gets thrown at us. Just a few thoughts…

Enjoyed our visitors yesterday and looking forward to a bunch today! Please encourage people to share and consider even a $10 or $15 gift. It will go a long way!

So, just a few thoughts from the shack! Until tomorrow!

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