Nite prayers

The night before surgery and once again I am in the breathing/praying mode, hopefully switching to the singing/breathing mode. 

Golly God! This waiting until I can have more post-surgery answers is so hard. It’s almost (and note that I said almost) more difficult than worrying about the surgery outcome.

I must sing my worries away.

December 22, 2010

When we moved this past summer, a friend of mine sent me a beautiful song, the words to which I have printed here.  It is a song we all sing in our lives at one time or another, especially, for many, this time of year.  It is a song of lament and a song of trust.

“My Wordless Prayer”   by Craig Courtney

My words lie still and lifeless as dust upon the sand,
I can no longer voice one request or one demand,
My cup of tears is empty, I can no longer cry,
My lips have fallen silent, my prayer is but a sigh.

Spirit come and rest Your ear upon my heart,
O come and hear my wordless prayer,
my silent plea and take them far away from me.
Take them from this heart of mine to the Father’s heart divine,
Speak in tones unknown to man that God may hear and understand.

My voice is weak from calling to You both night and day.
How long will You be silent? Why do You turn away?
Spirit, come and rest Your ear upon my heart;
Come and hear my wordless prayer,
my silent plea and take them far away from me.
Take them from this heart of mine to the Father’s heart divine.
Speak in tones unknown to man that God may hear and understand.

When I have been the singer of “My Wordless Prayer” it is the memory of what God has done in the past that reminds me of a future – where God will also be faithful, even when I cannot always see that promise from my vantage point.

Our Advent wreath this year at Good Shepherd has helped many to remember God’s faithfulness in the midst of their own “Wordless Prayer”.  The first week saw an old dead tree stump with a wreath of twisted and dried out twigs…the barrenness of the peoples’ lives so long ago, waiting for the Messiah…the barrenness of our own lives, waiting…  The second week there were signs of living (“a shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse” Isaiah 11:1)  Just little signs of green and growth.  That’s all there are sometimes – just little tiny signs of living, barely visible.  By the third week there were flowers in bloom, “The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom; like the crocus  it shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice with joy and singing.”  And by the fourth week the wreath was teaming with life.

That is the promise. That is our hope. When “My Wordless Prayer” is our prayer, the promise of the desert bursting forth in blossom is a hopeful promise.  Seeing that transformation in the Advent wreath each week has carried many through this difficult time, with the visual reminder of the promise of new life.

This is our Advent hope – that the deserts and wastelands in our lives are not the end of the story, though they may seem to be.  God, and the promise of new life, always has the last word.   God doeshear our wordless prayer and comes to us with healing and the promise of the resurrection – comes to us as we are and not we wish we were.  God bless you and strengthen you through the unconditional promise of the new life we know in the Christ child.

Ignite Student Ministries

“D” Nite – Prayer 

Challenge: For one week carve outtime and space to be in intentionalconversation with the Living God

Thursday – Guided Prayer Friday – Habakkuk Prayer Saturday – Names of God Prayer Sunday – Daily Office Prayer Monday – Prayer Trigger Tuesday – Prayer of ConfessionWednesday – Moses Prayer 

Be sure to go to the Ignite blog and post comments on how your week of prayer is going 

Prayer Trigger 

 Step 1 – Choose a Prayer Trigger Example: Door knob, bracelet, ring, cell phoneStep 2 – Use the Prayer Trigger 

Every time you notice your trigger stop and use a breatheprayer, prayer for a specific person, and or say a verse fromPsalms (it is sometimes good to write the verse on a 3×5 cardand keep it with you throughout the day)

Suggested Breath Prayers:

Breathe in – ABBA, Breathe out – I belong to you

Breathe in – Speak Lord, Breathe out – Your servant is listening 

Breathe in – Holy, Holy, Holy Breathe out – Is the Lord GodAlmighty

Psalms which are easy to pray:

Psalm 3:5 In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice;in the morning I lay my requests before youand wait expectantly.

Psalm 19:14 May these words of my mouth and thismeditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD,my Rock and my Redeemer.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and savesthose crushed in spirit

Psalm 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew asteadfast spirit in me

Psalm 25:1 To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul…in you I trust

Every night around 11 PM Mama puts me in my bed, some call it a crate, but Mama says that sounds too much like a cage, so we call it my bed. Mama always spends a few minutes talking to me. She tells me what a good boy I am and how much she loves me, things like that. Then she says my “nite-nite” prayer with me. It goes like this: Now Ryker is lying down to sleep

Thank you God for us you keep

Angels protect us through the night

and keep us safe ’til morning light

God bless my Mamas, my MawMaw, and all of our family members. God bless Auntie Re and Auntie G. God bless Lady, Quilt, Buddy, Colby, Jasmine, Sasha, Amelia, Moose, Tigger, Kenny-Paul Don and all of Uncle Danny’s dogs and horses. God bless Mama Nell and all the schnauzers at her kennel. Please help all of the dog and cats in the animal shelters to find good homes.

In Christ name we pray, Amen.

We always say that prayer and then we pray for different people that Mama has been told need prayer. Like tonight we will pray for my Mama’s cousin, Karen. She is having surgery tomorrow. We will also pray for Baby Leah. She isn’t born yet, she is still a puppy and

Mama told me her grandmother says she has a tumor.

Mama told me God can make her better even while she is still a puppy. Well, Mama says she is called a baby, but where I come from when schnauzers are not born yet they are called puppies.

Mama was talking to me about prayer tonight. She told me that even scientists are studying how prayer affects sick people. She said they did something called a study and had people in 2 groups. The group that was prayed for everyday got well faster than the other group.

Mama told me that prayer is just talking to God, just like when me and Mama talk about things. She says a person can just use the words they are used to saying and they can talk to God from anywhere they are.

That made me feel better about it, because I have heard that schnauzers are not allowed to go the those big churches I see when I am riding in the car with Mama. I don’t really understand that, I mean there is doggie day care for us and Mama can even get me a luxury pet suite to stay in at a 5 star pet hotel. Mama says churches have what is called Children’s Church, so why could they not have Doggie Church? God made us too. Mama taught a Children’s Church class years ago when she lived in Arkansas and she says she had rather have had me in her class any time than some of those kids she had. She says I mind a lot better than they did. I am already being home schooled , Mama says I am very smart and a fast learner. I don’t get it, but Mama says for now, saying our nite-nite prayers at bedtime will have to do.

I just wonder what all those church people are gonna think if they make it to Heaven and see all the animals there?


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