Lord protect my family

by Jimi Rose (Michigan Flint)

Dear lord, I come before you today as I am,I am a sinner o lord and I ask you to forgive my sins as I forgive those for what they have done against me.I need you to protect and guide my family my true friends and I forever,you have always protected and guided us oh lord,you are protecting and guiding us oh lord and you will always protect and guide us oh lord,I trust in you completely believe in you completely and have complete faith in you that you shall keep us in your shadows and keep us from all harm.we love you soo very much and we know that you love us too,we are your children.I know and have faith that my prayers have already been answered,I pray to you oh lord on this very day,in jesus name I pray AMEN. Mary, My Mother, Queen of Peace, St. Peregrine, the cancer saint, all the Angels and Saints, please hear my prayers


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lord protect my family

“Let us pray to the Lord and ask him to protect the family in the crisis with which the devil wants to destroy it. Families are the domestic church where Jesus grows in the love of a married couple, in the lives of their children.”
— Pope Francis —

“I bear witness of the power of the priesthood given to the Church to protect us and guide us. And because we have that, we have no fear of the future. Fear is the opposite of faith. We move forward, certain that the Lord will watch over us, particularly in the family.”

— Boyd K. Packer

“Let us pray to the Lord and ask him to protect the family in the crisis with which the devil wants to destroy it. Families are the domestic church where Jesus grows in the love of a married couple, in the lives of their children.”

— Pope Francis

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lord protect my family

lord protect my family lord protect my family

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The first thing you should do is to choose between second and third person. Do you want to say “You Lord, bless and protect” or “May the Lord bless and protect”? If you are directly addressing the God and want to give him an order, second person is more appropriate. If you want to say this while speaking to other people — like you might at a family dinner — then third person sounds better. In English the difference can boil down to a comma: “Lord, bless…” is second person and “Lord bless…” is third person. In Latin the choice has to be more visible.

Second person translation: Domine, benedic et protege familiam meam, amen. I thought that benedicere would have a regular imperative benedice in spite of dicere having the irregular dic, but brianpck corrected me in a (now deleted) comment. Your translation is correct.

Third person translation: Benedicat et protegat Dominus familiam meam, amen. Conjunctive is a good way to express things like this. In some situations the future imperative (which also has a third person) can be used, but I prefer conjunctive. The future imperatives would be benedicito and protegito.


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