Jesus is my man

Look at my hands
Theyre all over you
My rusty nails stuck to you like glue
My arms around you
Like audio tape
Got a little red horn hidden underneath this cape

It’s not dirty

It’s not rude
I’ll go to Kuwait if I wanna get wanna get crude
It’s not filthy
It’s not lewd
I wanna be famous just so I can get sued

Guess who’s my girlfriend

Yeah, it’s Jesus, she’s my girlfriend
Wanna know who my boyfriend is
No, nought out of ten
Jesus ain’t a man, she’s my girlfriend

Jesus is my girlfriend, Jesus is my girlfriend

It’s not drink

It’s not food
It’s a man in a shuttle with a tube
I can’t fly, so what, I can’t cook
Can’t even catch a tune with a hook

I’ve been to Hong Kong

And South Dakota
In a little wood plane
Without a motor
Got a girl in bed
When I took it further
Where, Jamaica?
No, I coaxed her, ha, ha!

It’s not dirty

Its not rude
I’ll go to Kuwait if I wanna get wanna get crude
It’s not filthy
It’s not lewd
I wanna get famous just so I can get sued

I love her

My girlfriend
I love her
My girlfriend

Jesus is my girlfriend

Jesus is my girlfriend
Jesus is my girlfriend
Jesus is my girlfriend
Jesus is my girlfriend
Jesus is my girlfriend
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“Jesus, Man” is the concluding line in the 1992 Christian drama film Second Glance, which inspired several parody and remix videos after the scene was uploaded to YouTube in November of 2008.


The phrase was originally quoted by the character Dan in the 1992 Christian film Second Glance. In the movie, Dan struggles with his faith in Christianity after becoming convinced he would be able to date an attractive girl if he was not religious. Dan’s faith is subsequently restored after an angel shows him what life would be like if he were not Christian. At the end of the film, Dan sees a friend in the hallway and says, “Hey, Scotty: Jesus, man.”

The final scene was uploaded by YouTuber lucienpsinger on November, 13th, 2008. According to YouTube statistics, the video remained relatively obscure until March 15th, 2010, when it began receiving referral traffic from the social news site Reddit. The original upload has since been removed.


On March 14th, 2010 the video was submitted to the Internet humor site College Humor with the description, “You will not watch this clip only once.” On March 23rd, the video was posted on the “Hey Scotty! …Jesus, Man!” Facebook page. On March 26th, YouTuber suspirio uploaded a version of the video titled “Hey Jesus…Scotty Man!”, which reversed the name order in the original video. The upload has since been removed. On April 15th, the @HeyJesusMan Twitter account was created, which sent reply messages to other users with variations of the snowclone template “Hey X, Jesus, Man!” On July 14th, Redditor murderlicious submitted the video to the /r/videos subreddit. On May 11th, 2011, YouTuber TheGuyWithUberVideos posted a remix of the scene featuring footage from Dragonball Z (shown below).

On October 3rd, Redditor sugarcookie69 reposted the video to the subreddit where it received over 900 up votes and 200 comments prior to being archived. On June 25th, 2012, YouTuber RayWilliamJohnson featured the video in an episode of the web series “Equals Three”, in which he performed several parodies of the clip while wearing a wig (shown at 1:06 below).

Notable Examples

Parody videos reenacting the scene have featured characters from various pop culture fandoms including Team Fortress 2, Dragonball, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Pokemon. Many of the remixes were uploaded to YouTube from 2010 to 2011.

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