How to pray spiritually

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To pray, get into whatever prayer position feels most natural to you. Try sitting, kneeling, or lying down, with your hands clasped or held up. Then, start to pray in whatever way feels right to you: by speaking out loud, thinking, singing, dancing, reading, or calling on the god(s) you’re praying to. You can ask for answers or strength, send good thoughts to others, give thanks, or even have a simple conversation. When you’re ready, end the prayer with a word, phrase, or gesture. Let the spirituality and peace you feel carry you through the rest of your day.

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In this article we provide an overview of how prayer works and how to pray. There are two types of prayers – for worldly benefit and for spiritual growth. Accordingly, the prayers are answered by a different aspect of God. Spiritual research has shown that even negative energies can answer prayers, to our detriment! One’s spiritual level is the single most important factor in ensuring that one’s prayers are answered. Praying for world peace, while a noble thought, is most likely not to be answered due to the lack of spiritual level of the people praying. Paradoxically, the people who can really effect change through a single prayer are Saints, but They see the futility of praying as They are totally in alignment with God’s will and do not see it as separate from Their own. Lastly, the posture of prayer also contributes to the prayer being answered.

1. Introduction to the mechanism of prayer

When faced with difficult or insurmountable situations in day-to-day life, like the loss of a valuable, an incurable illness, a major financial problem, etc., people pray to God or to an aspect of Him, also known as a deity. These are prayers with material or worldly expectations.

Seekers of God, whose main focus in life is spiritual growth, also pray regularly to God not only in difficult situations but even in day-to-day situations. The prayers, however, are not about worldly expectations but about their spiritual growth and are said as a part of their spiritual practice.

This article explains the mechanism of how both varieties of prayers are answered.

To understand this article better please read:

  • Definition of prayer
  • What is the difference between prayer with expectations and without expectations?

It is important to note that when there is any problem or difficulty in life, the root cause can be physical, mental or spiritual in nature. Research carried out by SSRF shows that up to 80% of problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual realm. Destiny and departed ancestors are two very important factors in the spiritual causes of problems in life.

2. How are prayers answered? What is the mechanism?

2.1 Who answers our prayers?

  • The following diagram shows who answers our prayers depending on the type of prayer. Generally, the prayer differs as per the spiritual level of the person. For example, a person who is at a 30% spiritual level will more often than not pray for worldly things. A person at the 50% spiritual level will more often than not pray for spiritual progress. Accordingly, the prayers are answered by various subtle-energies in the Universe. What is interesting is that even negative energies answer prayers, either where harm is requested and/or to entrap a person under their influence by initially granting their wishes. For example, as shown in the diagram below, a person who prays for the death of another person will be helped by a negative subtle-entity from the 4th Region of Hell (Pātāl). Prayers for worldly benefit are generally responded to by lower deities or lower positive energies. Prayers for spiritual growth are responded to by higher-level deities and higher positive energies.

how to pray spiritually

  • When we make a prayer with expectation to God or a specific deity, such as asking for a job or overcoming an illness, our prayers, as stated earlier, are answered by lower-level deities or lower positive energies. Let us take the example of a person who has prayed intensely for a job. If it is in the person’s destiny to be without a job for five years, then the lower positive energy or the lower-level deity can answer the prayer by pushing out this five year jobless period to somewhere later in the person’s life. Thus, the person still has to go through a phase of being jobless. (This is because regardless of anything, one has to undergo one’s destiny and it can only be overcome by one’s spiritual practice.)
  • Sometimes higher-level deities also help the worldly situation of a seeker if it is causing an obstacle in their spiritual growth.

2.2 How are prayers answered?

  • When a person prays, he/she remembers God intensely and has an intimate dialogue with Him about issues very close to person’s heart. By the law of reflex action, God also feels closer to him/her.
  • Prayers have the ability to activate the Deity principles (aspects of God) in the Universe. The subtlest frequencies are generated when one pays gratitude along with the prayer. These frequencies have the ability to not only activate but also touch the deity; hence the deity principle is activated faster. This activation of the deity principle (aspect of God) results in fulfilment of prayers. The deities bring about the fulfilment of prayers by the power of resolve. Refer to the article on who is a Deity?

    Example of prayers followed by gratitude:

    • Lord, please let me get this job, I really need it. Lord, please accept my gratitude for giving me the thought to pray.
    • Lord, may I do all activities in this entire day as my spiritual practice. Lord, I express gratitude at your Holy Feet for having given me the thought, and for getting this prayer done through me.
  • Prayers attract subtle divine frequencies towards the person and as a result, the Raja-Tama around the person is destroyed. Thus, the environment surrounding the person becomes comparatively more sāttvik. As the subtle basic Sattva component in the surrounding environment is increased, the thoughts of the person are reduced and they also become sattvik. This is because the mind is influenced by the external environment.
  • A sheath (kosh) is the finer, subtler covering of each component of subtle body and is more powerful. Thus the vital body, mental body, causal body (intellect) and the supracausal body (subtle ego) each have a separate sheath around them.

    For further information about the vital and mental body, refer to “What are we comprised of?”

  • Prayer increases the particles of the subtle basic Sattva component in the vital body (prāṇa-dēha) sheath. When we pay gratitude, the particles of the subtle basic Sattva component in the mental body (manodēha) sheath increase. Thus, prayer, complemented with gratitude, results in spiritual purification of the vital body and mental body sheaths. Because of spiritual purification of the vital body sheath and mental body sheaths, the impressions in both the sheaths begin to be destroyed. As the impressions are reduced, thoughts about oneself are minimised and attraction towards worldly things decreases. This leads to an increase in desire for God and a yearning to merge with Him. Also, as both sheaths are purified, negative energies cannot enter the body. Refer to the article on How chanting helps to purify the impressions in our mind.
  • When we pray, we accept our inability to solve a problem ourselves and hence, in seeing ourselves as lesser, our ego is reduced. With a reduction in ego there is a temporary rise in spiritual level. This causes a temporary increase in subtle basic Sattva component. Further, when we pay gratitude, it generates humility in us which has an even greater positive effect on our spiritual level. Hence, our communion with God increases. This rise in the subtle basic Sattva component itself increases our capacity to overcome or bear the problem.

3. When do our prayers work?

In our life, 65% of events happen as per destiny. Destined events are those events that we have no control over. Please refer to the article on destiny and wilful action.

Destined events, both good and bad, are bound to happen in our lives. Bad destined events may be an illness or a bad marriage. The average person mainly prays to God when bad events happen in their life. They pray to God to relieve the bad event. However, we find that our prayers are not always answered. Refer to the article: Destiny as a spiritual root cause of difficulties in life.

So what is the law? When does prayer override a bad destined event so that with the prayer, the event itself does not happen or at least we are insulated from it?

The rule of thumb is:

  • If the prayer is stronger than the intensity of the destined event, then the prayer will be answered.
  • If the intensity of the destiny is stronger than the prayer, then the prayer will be answered partially or not at all.

4. What decides the effectiveness of one’s prayer?

The following factors add to the effectiveness of the prayer:

  • Spiritual level of the person praying – the higher the spiritual level, the more effective is their prayer.
  • Quality of prayer – whether the prayer is mechanical, heartfelt, or with spiritual emotion (bhāv) from the seeker.
  • For whom is one praying (i.e., whether for self or others) – When we pray for others, the spiritual strength required is much more. The greater the number of people in society intended to be affected by the event, the greater is the spiritual strength required to effect the desired result. Only Saints of a higher order can effect change in society.
  • Ego – Lower ego contributes to the effectiveness of prayer.
  • What prayer posture (mudrā) is a person using? This becomes a major factor for the majority of people, as the above factors are lesser in most people.

4.1 The spiritual level of a person and prayer

The spiritual level of a person praying is one of the main criteria in deciding the effectiveness of the prayer.

  • For seekers above the 60% spiritual level, prayer is not required. They act from the spiritual emotion/feeling that ‘Let everything happen as per God’s will.’ They actually experience that everything in their lives is happening and is provided for by God’s grace. Their mind is constantly in a state of gratitude to God. Once this state is achieved, prayer is not needed.
  • Prayers of people who are below the 30% spiritual level lack potency and at best they provide them with only psychological benefit. This is because the covering of ego is too great for their prayers to reach the deity principle.
  • Thus, we can see that prayer works most effectively for people between the spiritual level of 30-60%.

Refer to the article on ‘Breakdown of world’s population by spiritual level’.

From time to time, we hear a call by some people to gather and pray for world peace, or for a noble cause such as reduction in global warming. From the perspective of actual results, this is at best a psychological effort. This is so because major world events have a strong spiritual basis and can only be overcome by spiritual efforts of highly evolved beings such as Saints of a higher order. Even if millions of people (of average spiritual level) get together and make the same prayer for a major world happening, it is akin to many ants trying to lift a boulder.

Note: Some people may think that if Saints can effect global change, then why don’t they orchestrate world peace or a reduction in global warming? The paradox is that while Saints have the spiritual strength to influence world events, they have the spiritual emotion that God only knows best. Also, as they are in the ‘observer state’ (sakshibhāv), by their very nature do not interfere in God’s plan and are in complete accordance with His plan. They have the complete awareness that as per God’s plan, everything happens according to individual and collective destiny. (Destined events are those events in our life which happen due to our past actions, either in this very birth or in our previous births.)

5. What is the best posture for prayer and how to pray?

Through spiritual research, SSRF has identified and recommends the following mudra, or posture, that is most conducive to gain the maximum divine energy through prayer.

The following drawings based on subtle-knowledge show the two stages in this mudra and what actually happens at a spiritual level when one prays.

5.1 Explanation Stage 1 of prayer posture

how to pray spiritually

The first stage in this mudra is raising one’s hands in prayer with the thumbs gently touching the mid-brow chakra (Ādnyā-chakra) (the spiritual energy center at the mid-brow region). It is best to begin praying after we are in this position.

When we bow our head in this prayer position, it awakens the spiritual emotion of surrender in us. This, in turn, activates the appropriate subtle-frequencies of deities from the Universe. These divine frequencies come in through our fingertips, which act as receptors. These divine frequencies are then channelised into our body through the thumb to the mid-brow chakra. The result is an increase in the positive spiritual energy in us, which makes us feel lighter or gives relief from symptoms of physical or mental distress.

5.2 Explanation Stage 2 of prayer posture

how to pray spiritually

After one finishes the prayer, one should assume the second mudra as shown in the drawing based on subtle-knowledge above. This means that instead of bringing one’s hands in prayer down immediately, they are to be placed in the mid-chest region in such a way that the wrists touch the chest. This facilitates the process of more completely absorbing the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) of the deity principle. So initially, the Divine consciousness of the deity principle that had entered the fingertips now also gets transmitted to the region of chest, the seat of the heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra). Just like the mid-brow chakra, the heart chakra also absorbs sattvik frequencies. By touching the wrists to the chest, the heart chakra is activated and helps in absorbing more sattvik frequencies. When activated, the heart chakra awakens a seeker’s spiritual emotion and devotion.

In this stage of the prayer mudra, one should be introspective and contemplate upon the experience of being in God’s presence.

5.2.1 How to pray – correct posture of the head while praying

how to pray spiritually

how to pray spiritually

Points to note on how to pray correctly:

  • Body should be bowed and not erect.
  • Fingers should be parallel to the forehead. Fingers should not be stiff but relaxed.
  • Fingers should be touching each other – not spread apart.
  • Thumb should be lightly touching the area of the mid-brow chakra.
  • Hands need to be gently pressed together with a slight space between the palms. In the case of seekers above the 50% spiritual level, no space is required between the palms.

5.3 When praying with spiritual emotion

The following drawing based on subtle-knowledge shows what happens when a person at a 50% spiritual level prays with spiritual emotion. The main thing to note is that the people in the vicinity also derive the benefit of the Divine consciousness accessed by that person. (Refer to the part of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge which shows 5% of frequencies of Divine Consciousness transmitted outside the body.) This is why quite often it has been observed that when people pray with spiritual emotion, the spiritual emotion in others in the vicinity also gets activated.

how to pray spiritually

5.4 Does it mean that every time we pray we should take this position?

If one is at a higher spiritual level (above 50%), divine subtle (intangible) frequencies begin to be received directly through the Brahmarandhra itself. The Brahmarandhra is a subtle-opening above the crown chakra (Sahasrār-chakra) (as per the spiritual science of Kunḍalinīyoga) that has access to the Universal Mind and Intellect. This subtle-opening is closed in people of a lower spiritual level. The primary factor that helps the opening of the Brahmarandhra is a lower level of ego. When in this phase of our spiritual growth, the need for the prayermudra as explained above becomes less and less.

However, if a person between the spiritual levels of 50% and 80% complements his prayer with the recommended mudra, then he gets the benefit of additional Divine consciousness. This additional benefit is 30% more in the case of a person at the 50% spiritual level and it proportionately becomes less and less as the spiritual level increases.

Since most people are not of a high spiritual level, they are unable to receive Divine frequencies through the Brahmarandhra. Most people (30–60% spiritual level) are, however, able to receive subtle-frequencies through their fingertips (though to a much lesser extent), as our finger tips are very sensitive to receiving or sending out subtle-energy. For people at this level, it is best that they do utilise the prayer mudra suggested above to make a prayer. All other factors remaining equal, by praying using the recommended mudra, a person will add 20% to the effectiveness of their prayer as opposed to not using this mudra.

5.5 Comparative effectiveness of prayer positions

We are exposed to various hand actions when praying. When conducting spiritual research into the various hand postures (mudras) related to prayer, the following were our findings in terms of efficacy:

Efficiency of various types of prayer positions


  1. 100% is getting full spiritual benefit, which results in God-realisation.
  2. Level of the manifest deity principle, i.e., higher, medium or lower level deity.
  3. Percentage of deity principle accessed.
  4. This shows the possibility of negative energy interfering with the prayer to reduce a seeker’s faith. The negative energies interfere with the prayer so that the prayer is not answered, thereby undermining the person’s faith.

Do try a subtle-experiment by yourself, wherein you say the same prayer using each of the above mudras separately.

In some cases, people hold hands and pray. This is also a spiritually incorrect practice because if the person beside us is affected by negative energy, it is more likely that the black energy be transferred to us.

Refer to the article on ‘How much of the world’s population is affected by negative energies?’

6. Key summary points on the mechanism of prayer

  • The spiritual level of a person generally defines whether a person prays for spiritual growth or for worldly benefit. Depending on the type of prayer, higher-level deities or lower-level deities respectively answer a person’s prayers.
  • The spiritual emotion with which one prays has a positive impact on the effectiveness of one’s prayer.
  • Depending on what type of mudra is used, the benefit that one gets through prayer can vary.
  • All other things being equal, using the recommended mudra (posture) for prayer helps to improve the chances of one’s prayer being answered by 20%.
  • Prayers said by people of lower spiritual level for things that affect the wider population, such as world peace or a reduction in global warming, have no effect.
  • When one pays gratitude along with prayer, it helps to increase the effectiveness of one’s prayer.

How and why to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”.

The most powerful spiritual warfare prayer available to you!

Has your local church taught you about “The Blood of Jesus” Prayer?

It is a core precept of the Blood Covenant of the New Testament.

I recommend all born again Christians learn how to incorporate the following spiritual warfare prayers into their daily prayer life. But this isn’t something you just jump into and do. Please take the time to study this entire presentation.

This is an excellent explanation of the “Blood of Jesus Prayer”. It is one of the most powerful prayers one can learn. The most powerful prayer one can say. But, it has to be done right. There are a few ground rules to using this prayer.

This is possibly one of the most important lessons every Christian can learn during these days of the end. The Blood of Jesus shed for you.

Learn the importance of learning “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”.

First things first when learning to pray the “Blood of Jesus”.

First-it won’t accomplish anything unless it is said by a true believer. You should  be saved to use this prayer. With the assurance of salvation comes the justification to use this prayer and the power to direct it. Secondly-In order for this prayer to be effective the believer must be in a position of surrender or submission to God and His ways. I call it positional authority.

The believer’s heart should be in a state of repentance and a thorough examination of oneself should have been done before you attempt to use it. The spiritual health checklist request form, located at the bottom of this  page, should actually be the first thing one does before you use this prayer.

To get the most powerful results, every Christian should get their own house in order before attempting this. I encourage you to not skip this part. A healthy relationship with the Lord is the solid ground upon which we stand when conducting spiritual warfare. Examine yourself and seek righteousness.

Praying the “Blood of Jesus” can be powerful.

In the hands of a true believer, with a repentant and surrendered heart, one can truly see the mountains be moved. The enemy moved back. Victory over evil claimed.

‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6)

I personally witnessed its effectiveness in one of the most dramatic dramas of spiritual warfare I could ever imagine. A thirteen point occult group that was eight hundred miles from where we prayed the prayer was obliverated . There were over thirty people involved in an occult sacrifice ceremony and this prayer shut them down and scattered them like rats in a livestock feed room. The prayer was offered in an attempt to rescue a young woman from being abused in a satanic cult ritual. It worked better than I could have hoped for. Not only did the Lord save her from destruction, the young woman even had her witts about her enough, while the prayer was being said with her on the telephone with me, to use her second cell phone to snap a picture. When she arrived in Arizona, about three days later, she gave me the camera she had used to take the pictures. What I saw when I viewed the photos was breathtaking. She had accidentally taken three pictures of actual demons which were inside the house where she was being held. I had never seen a real picture of one before. And yes, they are just as ugly as they are represented to be. (Obviously, others have seen them also.)

This prayer is real. This prayer works. This prayer is powerful. This prayer is effective. It is primarily a defensive prayer. A prayer of protection. But as shown above, when put into the hands or mouth of a true believer with experience…watch the offensive sparks fly. Even at eight hundred miles away. Please read, study and pray before attempting to use this prayer for offensive purposes. The Lord MUST be on your side or you could do much harm. None of us would want that. While studying for this post I found this excellent article on The Blood of Jesus Prayer. I  urge you to read and consider it prayerfully. The Holy Spirit will lead you in deciding if this type of prayer activity is right for you.

The following contains the prayer I use, almost word for word. It is best learned with a spiritual warfare partner. I reprinting the following article from It states part of this teaching very well. I could not have written a better article. Please visit their site. It is a very good resource. It is an excellent study guide on this very important subject.

I have a complete teaching on the biblical foundation for “Pleading the Blood” on the following post onsite.

How to Plead the Blood of Jesus for Deliverance and Protection by

Many of the non-denominational churches talk about the power of Pleading the Blood of Jesus – but they do not tell you exactly how to do it, what to plead it on, what to plead it against, and how frequently you need to do it in order to get God’s maximum protection on you and your loved ones. In this article, I will show you exactly how to plead the Blood, what to plead it on, some of things that you can plead it against, and how frequently you will need to plead it in order to get God’s maximum protection on you and your specific set of circumstances. I will also give you the Scriptural grounds that entitles all Christians to be able to use this form of offensive prayer. I will also show you how to incorporate the Pleading of the Blood in your own personal battle prayers, which is when you will need God’s deliverance and/or healing power to come into any type of adverse situation that you may have just fallen into.

In my own personal opinion – I believe that learning how to Plead the Blood of Jesus will give you one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful form of offensive prayer that you can use for any kind of deliverance and/or protection that you may need from the Lord. This form of defensive prayer can not only be used to get God’s protection on you before any type of adversity ever strikes you, but it can also be used for physical, emotional, and mental healing, for battling demons, and for battling any kind of storm cloud that may have just come your way.

I believe that we are truly heading into end time waters as prophesied in the Bible. Learning how to properly Plead the Blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection is going to be needed by all Christians in order to help keep them out of harms way as things really start to heat up in the years ahead. Too many Christians are getting robbed, raped, abducted, murdered, sexually and/or physically abused, slandered, cheated, scammed, etc. All you have to do is watch the daily news and it is one horror story after another. I believe the number one reason why so many Christians are coming under such heavy attacks from both demons and evil people in this world is because they do not have God’s full protection on them. And the reason they do not have God’s full protection on them is because they have never been taught how to spiritually defend themselves using actual spiritual warfare techniques!

There are numerous verses in the Bible telling all of us that we are to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ and that we have to fight the good fight of faith. Like it or not, we are all living in a war zone as a result of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth. We are living in a fallen, imperfect, and cursed world that is subject to death, corruption, demonic spirits, and evil humans who have chosen with their own free wills to live this life on the dark side. What this means is that anyone of us at anytime can come under direct human or demonic attack. Places where we thought we were safe are no longer safe. Criminals are getting more brazen and more evil. Children are literally getting abducted right out of their beds in the middle of the night with their parents and the other children in the house sleeping in the other rooms. 9/11 has forever changed our landscape as far as all Americans are concerned. Radical terrorists have now officially invaded our country and we will never know when or where the next attack will occur.

The Bible has already warned us that evil, lawlessness, and immorality will abound in the end times. There are verses telling us that in the end times men will become lovers of self, unholy, blasphemers, having no self-control and only living life for what they can get out of it. The Bible tells us that the love of many will grow cold during these times, and many people will only be out for themselves and for whatever pleasures they can get out of this life while they still can. As a result of this kind of deterioration in man’s moral state, many people will become more impulsive, brazen, and evil. This may help explain why some of these evil people are literally kidnapping children right out of their beds or front yards while the parents or babysitters are still in the home. They are losing all self-control over their evil sick desires and impulses, and they are acting out on them without any thought of the consequences of their actions. Since I really do feel that we have officially entered into end time waters as prophesied in the Bible, each Christian is going to have to make a big personal decision as to how they are going to live the rest of what time they still have left down here on this earth.

Christians can either choose to remain passive with their heads stuck in the sand, hoping that neither they nor any of their close loved ones will ever come under any kind of direct human or demonic attack – or they can choose to learn how to rise up in the power of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and learn how to spiritually defend themselves using spiritual warfare techniques as given to us out of the Bible! When the enemy does come, and he will come at each one of us from time to time, you can either choose to run and hide hoping that you will somehow survive the attack and make it out in one piece – or you can choose to learn how to spiritually defend yourself and engage with the enemy head on like David did with Goliath.

The choice is yours. Too many Christians are taking the first approach, and they are literally getting killed and taken out of this life way too early. The pain, torment, and agony of losing loves ones, especially to any kind of violent crime, is beyond human comprehension.

Too many Christians are living defeated lives with no real joy, peace, or power in their lives. Storm cloud after storm cloud keeps coming after them beating them down to a pulp. Many Christians, since they have not been properly taught how to engage with the enemy when he does come their way, are drowning in their sea of troubles. Too many Christians could not pray their way out of a paper sack if they ever got caught in one because they have never established any kind of personal relationship with the Lord, have never developed any real working knowledge from His Word, have no real knowledge of the enemy, his tactics, and how he operates – and have no real knowledge on how to properly pray or stand in the gap for someone else to get God to move in with His supernatural power to bring freedom, healing, or deliverance to a particular situation. In my opinion, and from the personal experiences that I have had with this form of offensive prayer, I believe that learning how to Plead the Blood of Jesus may be one of the greatest, offensive, spiritual weapons that you can have in your arsenal. As you will see in the personal testimony section of our site, complete and total victory was granted to each person who had Pleaded the Blood of Jesus on their specific set of circumstances. And in most of the cases, the victory was granted very quickly! This is how powerful this form of offensive prayer really is.

For those of you who really want to learn how to arm and defend both yourself and your close loved ones when these attacks do come your way, read on. For those of you who will choose to remain passive hoping that nothing bad will ever come your way, at least keep this article on the shelf in the event that any serious adversity ever does strike you or any of your close loved ones down the road. Before I go into exactly how to Plead the Blood of Jesus and all of the different things that you can Plead the blood against, I will first give you the Scriptural grounds that entitles all Christians to be able to use this form of offensive prayer.

Partial Scriptural Grounds for Pleading the Blood of Jesus

There are many Christians who attack this form of prayer. They ask where in Scripture is there proof that we can use this kind of prayer for either protection or deliverance when we will really need it. There was no evidence that the early apostles ever pled the blood to heal, to cast out demons, or to get God’s basic protection on them. I believe there are three specific things contained in the Blood of Jesus – forgiveness, deliverance, and protection.

Many Christians only know about the first one – forgiveness. They have no idea there are two other things available to them that will enable them to live a victorious and overcoming life in the Lord while still living down here on this earth.

Here is a brief discussion on each one of these three things.

1. Forgiveness As Christians, we all know there is definitely forgiveness in the Blood of Jesus. This is the basic central message of true Christianity – that God the Father sent His one and only begotten Son Jesus Christ down to our earth in the flesh to physically die on a cross in order to save us and give us total and permanent forgiveness for all of our sins. Without Jesus dying and shedding His blood on the cross, there would be no forgiveness and remission of any of our sins. Here are some extremely powerful verses from Scripture specifically telling us this:

  1. “For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” (Matthew 26:28)
  • “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.” (Ephesians 1:7)
  • “But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been made near by the blood of Christ.” (Ephesians 2:13)
  • “For the life of the flesh is in the blood … for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.” (Leviticus 17:11)

Notice the emphasis on the word “blood” in these verses. There is no question that in these verses, and others in the Bible, that the blood that Jesus personally shed for us on the cross is what leads all of us to be able to receive eternal salvation, the forgiveness of all of our sins, and entrance into heaven when we die and cross over. 2. Deliverance Now what are the Scriptural grounds that will give us the legal right to be able to use the blood of Jesus when taking on any attacks that may come our way? As you will see in some of the stories in the Testimonies section of our site, you can Plead the Blood of Jesus against specific types of attacks such as attacks from demons or other evil people, any kind of physical illness or disease, or any kinds of addictions like drugs and alcohol.

Many Christians are not aware of this second component that is in the Blood of Jesus which will entitle us to be able to use His Blood to go on the offensive against any adversity that may come our way. Something else happened that day when Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. The Bible tells us that Jesus also defeated Satan and all of the powers of darkness that day! Here are several good verses from Scripture proving this point to you:

  1. “… that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” (Hebrews 2:14
  • “He has delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.” (Colossians 1:13)
  • “Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.” (Colossians 2:15)
  • “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)
  • “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” (Revelation 12:11

What defeated Satan and all his dark powers? The physical death of Jesus on the cross. And what did Jesus do when He died that day on the cross for all of us? He shed His Blood! This is why Pleading the Blood of Jesus works so well in real life combat situations, when it really is needed to defeat attacks that are coming against us from the dark side.

Many Christians are not fully aware of this second fact about the Blood of Jesus – that the Blood of Jesus can also be used to engage with our enemies when they do try to launch any kind of an attack against us. I believe that all of the above Scripture verses definitely tell us that the blood that Jesus shed that day on the cross has totally defeated Satan and all of his dark powers. The only thing left is for all Christians to fully realize this incredible fact, and to grab a hold of this powerful truth and not to be afraid to use when they need it – especially when demons or other evil people are attempting to come against them with any type of unjust action or attack.

Here are four more good powerful verses from Scripture showing that all Christians now have God’s supernatural power and anointing available to them so they can use it to engage with the dark side of this life:

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)

Notice in this verse we have God’s power over all the power of our enemies, not just against some or part of their powers. This means we have the ability to come out completely victorious in some of life’s battles and struggles, but only if we learn how to properly use what is now available to us.

“Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” (Luke 9:1)

Notice in this verse that Jesus gives the twelve apostles power over all demons, not just some of them. If we have God’s power available to us to defeat all demons, then I believe that we also have God’s power to defeat any and all humans who may try to come against us with any type of unjust action or attack. “… but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” (Daniel 11:32)

“Knowing their God” means that we have spent good quality time in establishing a good personal relationship with the Lord. If we do this, then this verse is telling us that God will strengthen and empower us when we need His power to be able to carry out great exploits and great adventures for Him.

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9) This verse is telling us that God is actually looking for people that He can anoint with His power and show Himself strong through, but the implication appears to be that He really cannot find many people who are willing to pay the price to be able to really walk with His anointing.

As you can see from the way all of the above Scripture verses are worded – true Christianity is not a weak, wimpy, or passive religion. As born-again believers, we all have the Holy Spirit literally living on the inside of us. As a result, our bodies have now become the actual temple of the Holy Spirit. His supernatural power is now fully available to all of us in order to help us handle some of the storm clouds that can come against us in this life.

Learning how to properly Plead the Blood of Jesus for any deliverance and protection that you may need is just one part of our arsenal. I will be doing other articles in the near future covering some of the other aspects on this part of our walk with the Lord.

3. Protection- As you will see in the next section, you can also Plead the Blood of Jesus on specific things that you will want protected before any kind of adversity could strike them – like your body, house, car, and finances. The goal is to Plead the Blood of Jesus on those things in order to protect you before any kind of adversity could ever come your way. If the above verses are showing us that we can Plead the Blood of Jesus against any attacks that may have already come our way, then I believe it only stands to reason that we can also go one step further with the Blood of Jesus – and that is to use it for protection before any kind of attack could actually come our way. In this case, you simply Plead the Blood of Jesus on whatever you want God’s full protection on before any attacks could possibly come your way.

I believe there is something else in the Bible that gives us another clue that entitles us to be able to Plead the Blood for this specific purpose. In the Old Testament, God the Father had it arranged with His chosen people, the Jews, that in order for them to be able to enter into a covenant relationship with Him, they had to have some kind of temporary covering for their sins. Jesus had not come yet, so there was no full remission for any of the sins that had occurred back at that time. What God the Father had set up was the sacrifice of blemish-free animals such as bulls, goats and lambs. Their blood had to be shed once per year on what was called the Day of Atonement. The shedding of these animals blood was what gave the Jewish people a temporary covering for their sins so they could then enter into a personal relationship with God the Father. This is why Jesus is called the “Lamb of God.” He is an extension of the lambs used by His Father in the Old Testament to give the Jewish people a temporary covering for their sins. Once Jesus had come to shed His own blood on the cross, there was no more need for any more animal sacrifices. His death on the cross had completed and fulfilled what His Father had started in the Old Testament with the sacrifice of these animals. Now watch this analogy. In the shedding of the lamb’s blood on the Day of Atonement, there was a temporary covering for the sins of the Jewish people. Then Jesus comes in the New Testament, and the shedding of His blood now gives all believers complete and total forgiveness for all of their sins. Now here is where I feel that something else occurred back in the Old Testament that may entitle us to be able to use the Blood of Jesus for divine protection.

In the story of the Passover, God had sent His servant Moses to rescue the children of Israel from their captivity to the Egyptians. God had thrown ten whopper plagues at the Pharaoh in an effort to try and get him to release His people from his rule. On one of those plagues, God tells Pharaoh that He is going to allow an angel of death to come through their camp to kill all of their firstborn children. However, before God sets all of this up to occur, He tells His own people to shed the blood of a blemish-free lamb and to put that shed blood on the door posts and lintels of their houses. God tells His people that the angel of death will bypass their house if he sees this shed blood put on their door posts and lintels. This angel of death will thus not kill any of the Israelite’s firstborn – but only if he sees the blood properly applied to the door posts and lintels of their houses. In other words, the blood of this blemish-free lamb was being used for divine protection before this attack would ever come their way. Had each person not properly applied this blood on their door posts, their firstborn children would have also been killed, along with the rest of the firstborn children of the Egyptians. Here is my argument on this: If the shed blood of the Old Testament lambs used for the temporary covering of sins eventually leads to the shedding of Jesus’ blood for permanent and total forgiveness of all of our sins – can we also use that same analogy and say that the shed blood of the lambs used in the Passover for divine protection could also lead to the shed Blood of Jesus having divine protection in it? I personally believe the answer is yes, and that is why God the Father seems willing to work with any believer who will plead the blood of Jesus on whatever they want protection on before any attack can come their way – just like He did in the story of the Passover with His own chosen people. Before I go into the specifics on how to Plead the Blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection, there is one more area that each Christian must make a big personal decision on before God will give you this kind of full divine protection.

You must be assured that you are Saved and Surrendered In order to be able to Plead the Blood of Jesus for any kind of deliverance or protection you may need, there are two requirements that must be met.

1. Saved You must be a saved and born-again Christian. A nonbeliever cannot use the blood of Jesus. In the story of the Passover, only God’s chosen people were allowed to apply the blood of the lamb on their door posts to get His full protection on them. It is the same way in the New Testament. Only born-again, Christian believers can use the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection.

2. The Full Surrender However, for those who are already saved and born-again Christians, there is now one more big thing that you will have to do before you can start to get God’s best to start flowing into your life – which will include getting His maximum protection on you and your life. And that is to be willing to make a full and complete surrender of your entire being and your entire life over to God the Father. You have to be both saved and surrendered in order to be able to step from the dugout out onto the real playing field where the real walk with the Lord is really at. God is wanting you to fully surrender four specific things to Him:

  • Your body
  • Your soul
  • Your spirit  
  • Your entire life

The Bible tells us that we have three parts to our beings – body, soul and spirit. God wants all three parts of our being completely surrendered over to Him. The fourth thing that God will also want from you is for you to fully surrender your entire life over to Him. And when I say entire life, I mean literally everything in your life. The Bible tells us that with the measure we use, will be the measure that will be measured back to us. In other words, if you want God’s best to start flowing into your life, then you will have to give God your personal best – and your personal best is being willing to fully surrender every part of your being and every part of your life over to the Lord for His full direction and handling. It’s your all for His all.

This full surrender to the Lord is where many Christians are really missing the boat with Him. They are saved through the blood of Jesus, but they are not walking in this full surrender with God the Father. As a result, God is not working full force in their lives. The only way to get God to start working full force in your life is to come under a complete and full surrender with Him. Bottom line – God’s knowledge and wisdom is perfect on all matters – yours is not! God can see into the future and knows exactly what is going to happen to you – you cannot. God knows you better than you can ever know yourself, and as a result, He knows what your true potential and capabilities are going to be in this life – you do not. Your powers are limited, but God’s powers are not. The Bible tells us that God is all-powerful and that there is nothing that He cannot do or accomplish. Nothing is impossible with God. After chewing on all of the above, who do you want running your life? Yourself, with your limited powers, wisdom, and knowledge – or God the Father, who has maximum power and knowledge to do and accomplish anything He will want to do?

This lack of a full surrender to God the Father is what is getting so many Christians beat to a pulp in the playing field of life. They do not have God’s full protection on them, and as a result, they are coming under severe attacks from demons, evil people, and just some of the natural cause and effects that can occur at a moment’s notice such as different kinds of accidents, catastrophes, mishaps, and illnesses that can hit anyone of us at anytime. Without God’s maximum protection, anyone of us can get hit by these types of severe storm clouds. Only God’s divine protection can keep you safe and out of harms way from some of these types of storm clouds. And the only way to get God’s maximum protection on you and your life is to come under this full and complete surrender with Him.

If you want to take this last and final step with the Lord, then I can give you a very short, but powerful prayer to go to God the Father with to come into this full surrender with Him.

This prayer can be said at least once or twice a week after you do it the first time. You need to show God that you mean serious business with Him on this, and by continuing to recite this prayer back to Him on a once or twice per year basis, you will be showing Him that you are really serious about this full surrender, and that you will continue to let Him have full control of your entire life for the rest of your earthly life.

I will give you both parts of this prayer – the initial prayer that you will go to God the Father with to make the initial full surrender, and then the second part of this prayer that will continue to keep you under this full surrender with the Lord for the rest of your earthly life.

A)  The Full Surrender Prayer

“Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus Christ, I now place my body, my soul, my spirit, and my entire life into Your hands. I now ask that You place me into Your perfect will for my life. From this moment on, I will choose to stay fully surrendered to You all the days of my life and will allow You to lead and direct my life in the direction that You will want it to go in. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus.”

B)  To Stay in the Full Surrender

“Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus, I continue to place my body, my soul, my spirit, and my entire life in Your hands. I choose to stay fully surrendered to You all the days of my life and ask that you continue to keep me in Your perfect will for my life. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus.”

The above prayer is short, sweet, and simple, but extremely powerful! With this prayer, you have now just turned the reigns of your life over to God the Father – and He will now start to guide and direct your life in the direction that He will want it to go in. God now has a perfect plan and destiny all set up for your life. If you are willing to make this full surrender with God the Father, then you are now ready for the next big step, and that is to learn how to Plead the Blood of Jesus for His deliverance and protection. There are two ways that you will use the Pleading of His Blood. One is for protection – where you will Plead the Blood of Jesus on whatever you want protected before any attacks or adversity could come your way. By Pleading the Blood of Jesus on the things that you want specifically protected, you will go a long way in preventing a lot of needless attacks, mishaps, and accidents from ever coming your way in the first place. This is preventative medicine at its best.

The second way that you will use the Pleading of His Blood is for deliverance – where you have already been hit by some kind of adversity, and now you will need God’s deliverance and/or healing power to help set you free. I will first show you how to Plead the Blood of Jesus for basic protection.

  • How to Plead the Blood of Jesus for Protection The first thing you are going to want to do is make a personal list of everything that you would like to have God’s protection on. These are what I call the basics. I will give you my recommendations as to what some of these basic things should be. You will then have to add your own personal things to this list to properly complete it.
  • 1. The Basics The basic things that you will want covered under the Blood of Jesus for His divine protection are the following:
  1. Your body, soul, and spirit
  • Your house
  • Your car
  • Your finances
  • Your office – if you work
  • Your spouse and children if you are married

Any one of these could come under demonic or human attack at any time. Pleading the Blood of Jesus on your car will help prevent you from getting into any type of serious auto accidents, along with helping to prevent any type of break-ins or theft of your car. Pleading the Blood of Jesus on your finances will help protect you from all of the scammers and con artists who are out there trying to scam and steal all of your hard earned money. Identity theft has become a major problem in our country. Pleading the blood of Jesus on all of your credit cards and bank accounts will stop thieves dead in their tracks if they try and target you for identity theft. Pleading the Blood of Jesus on your house and office building will help protect you against any fires, break-ins, burglaries, natural catastrophes, or any type of bad accidents. Pleading the Blood on all of your children will help protect them from any possible abductions, serious accidents, or life-threatening illnesses. I do not have to tell you how many sexual predators that are out there looking for their next victim. Literally a day does not go by when someone is not getting abducted, robbed, raped, or murdered. Pleading the Blood of Jesus on your own body, soul, and spirit will also help keep you personally protected from all of the above.

I could go on and on with the number of bad things that could happen to either you, your children, or your spouse. Bottom line – only God knows when any attack will be coming your way, and only God can protect and shield you from these attacks before they do come. And the way that you can get God to move in with His full divine protection before any of these attacks can come your way is by Pleading the Blood of Jesus on each of the specific things that you will want protected.

Here is how to specifically Plead the Blood on each of the above items.

2. Pleading the Blood on the Basics In order to get God’s full protection on something, you have to do the following three things:

  1. Plead the Blood on the object that you want protected.
  • Plead the Blood against whatever possibly could come against that object.
  • Then seal the prayer with a statement of faith and belief to God the Father telling Him that you are now going to have full faith and belief that He will now protect you from all of the things that you just Plead the Blood of His Jesus on.

Here is a sample prayer on how to Plead the Blood of Jesus on your body, soul, and spirit:

“Heavenly Father, Father, in the name of and under the authority of Jesus Christ, I plead the Blood of Jesus over my physical body, over my soul, and over my spirit. I plead the Blood of Jesus against any demons who may try and come against me. I Plead the Blood of Jesus against any bad and evil people who may try and come against me. I plead the Blood of Jesus against any natural accidents or catastrophes that may come against me. I plead the Blood of Jesus against any diseases, viruses, or illnesses that could possibly come against me. Father, in the name of Jesus, I now have full faith and belief that the Blood of Jesus will fully protect me against all of the things that I have just Pled His Blood on. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus.”

This prayer is short, sweet, simple and straight to the point. You can add whatever else you want in the prayer that will fit your own personal set of circumstances. You will have to Plead the Blood of Jesus on each of the above six items to get God’s full protection on it. You have to be very specific on the things that you will want covered and protected under His Blood.

This is why each of you will have to make up your own personal list. The above six items should be absolute minimums. When you Plead the Blood on the other five items, just substitute the appropriate wording on the next item that you are Pleading the Blood on. When Pleading the Blood on the basics, you can choose to either say the prayer out loud or silently to yourself, which ever way you would be more comfortable with.

“I plead the Blood of Jesus ON__________, FOR __________.”

Feel free to Plead the Blood as often as you feel is necessary during the day. There isn’t a recommended number. For some it many be ten times a day, while others twice.

Short version “Father, in the name of Jesus, I plead the Blood of Jesus on …………. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus against ……………. Father, in the name of Jesus, I have full faith and belief that the Blood of Jesus will protect me against any of the things that I have just Pled His Blood on. Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus.”

On one little index card, you will have everything you need on how to properly Plead the Blood of Jesus on whatever it is that you want His protection on. You will have all of the basics as to what needs to be covered with the Blood in your life on the front of the card, and then the exact prayer written on the back as to how to properly Plead the Blood on each of those basic things.

How to Plead the Blood of Jesus for Deliverance

It gets a little trickier when Pleading the Blood against something that may have already come against you. These are what I call battle situations. You, or someone else you know, may have just been hit with a life-threatening illness or disease such as cancer. You may know someone who is an alcoholic or drug addict and they cannot seem to break free from it. You may know someone else who is severely depressed and they are seriously contemplating suicide. Another person may be under severe demonic attack as a result of engaging in some type of occult activity.

There are a million and one things that could come against anyone of us at any time. If something has already come directly against you and you are now caught in its evil grip, then you are now going to have to go on the offensive and try to take it out by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against it!

When you run across a situation that will need God’s supernatural power to fully deliver you, you will usually need some kind of battle strategy in which to war against it. The person may not be saved and you may have to get them saved before God can move in to deliver them. Another person may be saved, but not walking in a full surrender with the Lord, and you may have to get that person to commit to making a full surrender before God will move in to help them out.

This is where the Holy Spirit is really going to be coming in big time. Depending on the kind of predicament you are dealing with, you will have to be totally guided and led by the Holy Spirit as to how to handle each one of these battle situations. Each one of these battle situations are completely unique and different. No two battle situations are ever alike. This is why you are going to have to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit on how to handle each one of these battle situations. And this will now lead us right into the next section, the personal testimonies of our website where I have written up some of the victories that have been obtained by giving the appropriate battle advice on each one of these unique and different battle situations. As you will see as I explain what happened on each case, I always go the Lord in prayer first and ask Him how He wants me to handle each one of these unique battle situations. I also give you some of the specific battle prayers that I gave to some of these people to help get them delivered out of some real nasty predicaments. As you review each one of these testimonies, you will then get an idea on how to handle something that may have already come against you where you will need God’s deliverance and/or healing power to help get you out of it.

All of these powerful testimonies have one major thing in common – and this is where many Christians are really missing out on being able to get delivered from some of their bad predicaments – and that one common denominator is that all of these people had to be taught how to go on the offensive against whatever adversity had just come their way. Too many Christians are way too passive when confronted with any type of severe adversity. The Bible tells us that all Christians carry the power of God on the inside of them through the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us that we are all soldiers of Jesus Christ. If God is telling us that we are all good soldiers of His Son Jesus Christ, then this means we all have His power at our disposal in which to engage and defeat any enemy that may try and come against us.

The problem is that most Christians have never been taught how to go on the offensive when the enemy does launch an all-out, full scale attack against them. Most Christians have never been taught how to use spiritual warfare so they can directly engage with an enemy head on like David did with Goliath. As a result, many Christians are literally getting their heads knocked off in the arena of life when adversity does come knocking on their doors.

Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6) This one little verse should be memorized by all Christians. In one powerful sentence, God is telling us that things get accomplished not by our power or by our might, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. “But you shall receive POWER when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)
  • “For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in POWER, and in the Holy Spirit …” (1 Thessalonians 1:5)
  • “For the kingdom of God is not in word but in POWER.” (1 Corinthians 4:20)
  • “… in mighty signs and wonders, by the POWER of the Spirit of God …” (Romans 15:19)

These verses are talking about the signs and wonders that the early apostles walked with. These verses are specifically telling us that all of the signs and wonders that were done by the early apostles were done by the power of the Holy Spirit. And if we have the same Holy Spirit that the early apostles did, then we too are capable of having God manifest His power to us through the Holy Spirit like He did with them. The Bible tells us that God is no respecter of persons – which means what He will do for one, He will do for another.

  1. “And with GREAT POWER the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.” (Acts 4:33)
  • “I CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Notice the word “all” – that there is nothing that God cannot do through you or for you if He should choose to do so.

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy, and NOTHING shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)

I am repeating this verse once again. Again, notice Jesus is telling the apostles they will have His power to defeat all of the power of their enemies and that nothing shall be able to hurt them! This verse should burned into all of our memory banks so that we never, ever forget who we serve and follow in this life, and how powerful our Lord really is! This one verse is telling us that we all have God’s supernatural power and authority operating through us. We just have to learn how to walk and flow with God’s power that has been made available to all of us through the Holy Spirit. *** In prayer the Lord will guide you. Please give the above prayer and information good prayerful consideration.

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Editor’s Note
: The following is a report on the practical applications of Peter Lundell’s new book, Prayer Power: 30 Days to a Stronger Connection with God, (Revell, 2009).    

When you pray, do you sense God listening to you, or do your prayers seem to just float off into the air unheard?  Do you hear what God has to say, or do you struggle to discern any message from Him?  Do you pray frequently because you love to do so? Or do you often neglect to pray because you’re discouraged or worried that you’re somehow not praying correctly?

If your prayers seem ineffective, you can strengthen them to experience more of God’s power when you pray. Here’s how you can build a stronger prayer connection to God:

Develop a hunger for God. Ask God to help you want Him more than anything or anyone else in your life. When you’re hungry for more of God, you’ll naturally be motivated to meet with Him in prayer.

Seek intimacy with God. Be willing to make drawing closer to God your top priority. Make whatever changes you need to make in your life to allow yourself to spend significant time with God daily in prayer, and regularly confess and repent of sin that blocks your intimacy with God. Deliberately build the rest of your life around your relationship with God.

Pursue God with passion. Overcome complacency and distractions that can cause you to cut back on how much you pray. Simplify your life as much as possible so you won’t be too exhausted to invest lots of time and energy into prayer. Whenever you encounter challenges, view them as opportunities to pray and discover more about God’s plans for you. Ask God to give you a passion for the people and situations that burn in His heart, so you can pray with passion for what matters most to God.

Start a dead engine. Sometimes you may not feel like praying but know that you need to pray anyway. If you crank your prayers to life like you would a stalled engine on a car, your prayers will then begin to flow more naturally. Recognize problems as opportunities to tap into what God can do in your life; pray about whatever problems you encounter, no matter how frustrated or discouraged you are. Use written prayers (like the Lord’s Prayer) to start praying when you don’t have an idea of how pray about something on your own. Play praise and worship music – especially a song that proclaims what you’d like to pray about aren’t sure how to pray yet. Use a prayer notebook or a list of prayer topics to give your prayers clear substance, focus, and direction.

Get a faith lift. When you’re discouraged by challenges you’re facing, don’t give up praying. When you don’t understand what’s going on, keep trusting God. Ask God to give you more faith to help you hold on through the challenges.

Clean house. Lingering sins in your life can block the answers to prayer that God wants to give you – and also lead to spiritual lethargy, emotional turmoil, and physical illness. Clean out your soul by regularly confessing and repenting of whatever sins you know about, and ask God to reveal the ones you don’t so you can deal with them, too. Let go of grudges and forgive other people regularly. Ask God to keep your relationships with Him and others right.

Invite God to strengthen your character. Struggling through hardship gives you a valuable chance to grow in your character if you’re determined to trust God in the process. Pray for God to use your struggles to change you more into the person He wants you to become – someone who is more like Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to heal, correct, and transform you from the inside out.

Praise God. Decide to praise God for who He is even when you’re dealing with discouragement or trouble. Let your praise rise from your faith rather than just your feelings. Choose to praise Him every day, no matter what, since He is above your challenges. When you praise God, He will respond to your praise and actually become to you what you praise Him for – from your healer, to your provider.

Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Open your mind and heart to the Holy Spirit when you pray and yield your own prayers to the Spirit’s prompting. Let the Spirit guide your prayers, empower you, and connect directly to your spirit as you’re praying.

Practice God’s presence. Develop a continual sense that God is with you at all times throughout each day – even as you go about the most mundane activities, like cleaning your house or commuting to work. Pray while you do various tasks, offering your efforts to God’s glory and thanking Him for His presence with you. Say short prayers that you can say in a single breath to focus on a particular need you may during the day. If you’re too busy to notice God’s work around you every day, cut whatever activities you can out of your schedule and slow down. Think of God as you move from one part of your day to another, and use even brief times between activities (such as while waiting in line to pick up your kids up from school) to pray.

Listen to God. Quiet your mind and heart before God to listen to Him. Ask God to help you be willing, patient, and perceptive, and to learn how to discern His voice speaking to you above your own thoughts or thoughts from other people or the evil side of the spiritual realm. Trust that God will respond and speak to you. Whether you hear an audible voice inside your mind, receive a mental impression, or sense God speaking in some other way, listen carefully.

Pray out loud. Verbalize the prayers you have inside your mind. Lift your voice to God either quietly or loudly, remembering that He loves to hear you speak.

Be specific. Clearly identify what you’re seeking when you pray. Don’t be vague; tell God exactly what you hope to receive. Then place your desire in God’s hands and trust Him to do what’s best. Expect Him to respond with a specific answer.

Pray God’s Word. Find and apply Bible verses to whatever situation about which you’re praying. That way, you’ll be praying not merely by your own desires, but according to God’s promises. You can pray Scripture either by reading it verbatim and affirming what it says, personalize it as if it were written directly to you, or paraphrase what it says in the context of what you’re praying about. Then trust that God will do in your life what He promises in His Word.

Fast. Take your spiritual prayers into the physical realm to show God that you’re serious about being humble and broken before Him as you pray. Offer your body to God as a living expression of your prayers.

Pray at a special place. Establish a particular place to go to regularly for prayer and focus on God whenever you’re there. Try to find a quiet place where you can be alone: a nearby church sanctuary, a corner of your backyard, a room or part of a room in your home, etc. When you travel, designate part of your hotel room as your prayer place. Dedicate your special place as sacred to your time with God.

Pray at a certain time. Schedule a regular time to pray – first thing in the morning (which is ideal, if possible), during lunch, or even before going to bed at night. Establish a minimum length of time to pray daily, as well, to keep other demands from intruding. Guard that time when you plan other activities, and intentionally neglect your to-do list while you’re praying so you can get the full time with God.

Speak body language. Express your prayers in physical ways, from lifting your hands and eyes upward, to bowing down in reverence before God.

Use prayer guides. Compile a custom-made prayer guide to help give structure and consistency to your prayers. While some days you’ll want to pray spontaneously, other days you can use a prayer guide that lists various people and situations to pray about, plus reminds you of how God has answered past prayers.

Minimize distractions. Do your best to focus your attention completely on God when you’re praying. If your mind wanders, ask God to help you focus. Write down thoughts that persistently pop up in your mind, so you can deal with them later. Pray for people whose names come into your mind. If any sinful thoughts (like those based in worry or lust) distract you, confess them as part of your prayer time.

Deal with unanswered prayer. When God hasn’t answered one of your prayers and you’re struggling, consider whether or not something may be blocking His answer. Do you have enough faith to believe He will really answer? Have you confessed sin in your life? Have you forgiven everyone you need to forgive? Do you have inner wounds on your psyche that need to be revealed and broken down before their effects can be overcome? Are you harboring self-pity in your heart? Does your whole lifestyle agree with your prayers?  (If you’re praying to be healed of an illness, have you stopped smoking or overeating?  If you’re praying for financial provision, are you avoiding debt and giving generously?). Are you asking for a blessing in order to hoard it, or to share it? Has Satan been infiltrating your life? Are there any strongholds of ungodly thoughts or behaviors in your life? Consider, too, that God may still be planning to answer your prayer but is just waiting for the right time. He may also be punishing you for something, trying to teach you something, testing your faith, or letting a natural order of events take place. Ask God to help you understand why He hasn’t answered your prayers. Even when you don’t know why, commit yourself into His hands and trust Him to eventually do what’s best, letting your unanswered prayers lead you see Him more.

Wrestle with God. When you’re facing a difficult situation about which God hasn’t yet answered your prayers, grapple with God over your desire versus God’s will. Have the faith and tenacity to say to God: “I won’t let you go until you bless me.” In the process, God will change your desires so that they line up with His desires for you.

Be both a sprinter and a marathoner. Running the race of faith sometimes calls for sprinting (being quick to pray when opportunities arise) and sometimes for enduring a marathon (continuing to pray for people and situations when God is taking a long time to answer).

Keep asking God, boldly and persistently. Don’t worry about trying to be polite with God. He actually invites you to bug Him – forcefully and often – for what you need. Rather than assuming that your request must not be God’s will if you pray and don’t see anything happen, keep on knocking loudly on heaven’s door until an answer comes.

Engage in spiritual warfare. While the battle against evil is ultimately God’s to fight, He wants you to participate by exercising your authority against the evil you face. Pray God to protect you and give you the power you need to confront and overcome evil.

Agree in prayer. When you pray with at least one other person and God leads you how to pray together, your prayers will have more power than if you were praying on your own. Agree with God, making your requests in harmony with His will. Agree with the person or people with whom you’re praying, placing your expectations all at the same place when you pray and believing that God will answer.

Serve those for whom you pray. Ask God to show you specific ways in which you can serve the people for whom you pray. Then you all will experience the power of God’s love at work. Also, the more you serve those you pray for, the more you’ll be motivated to pray for those you serve.

Write it down. Write down answers to prayer you receive, mental impressions from the Holy Spirit, prophecies, and anything else that might help you to pray more effectively. Consider using a prayer journal.

Start a prayer group. Gather some friends to pray together regularly or hold prayer vigils for specific issues.

Expand your horizons. You can change and grow into person who prays more effectively if you expose yourself to the whole spectrum of Christianity. Visit churches of other denominations and learn how people there pray. Then try out new prayer styles yourself so you can experience all that God has for you.

Adapted from Prayer Power: 30 Days to a Stronger Connection with God, copyright 2009 by Peter Lundell. Published by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich.,
Peter Lundell, a former missionary to Japan, is a pastor at Walnut Blessing Church in Walnut, Ca. He has an M Div and D Miss from Fuller Theological Seminary and teaches widely on revival and spiritual warfare. Lundell is the author of two books, and his articles have appeared in numerous magazines.

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