How to pray for wealth

Here is an example of how most people pray most of the time, Don’t deny it,  and I am sure you have used this form as well:

“Dear God,Give me xyz”  Did you build up to this request with gratitude and praise? No, you made this petition in a moment of desperation, sounding like an egotistical child. Certainly there are ways to make your prayers more effective, that will “lift it higher.”

 So lets build a prayer in a way that it stands a better chance to be  answered, in the way the saints and sages devised prayers.

First recognizing God as the one from whom all things come, and praising God.

“Blessed be the Lord who bestows riches in heaven and on earth. The source of all supply. The force of all creation. Let us forever praise your greatness and glory. Let us forever recognize your grace and majesty. For the Lord is a sun that shines forth present and future splendor, Bountiful gifts, continuous blessings, enduring wealth. For the Lord is an infinite fountain, the cause of all good things, and creates all beauty,

In everlasting abundance with perfect timing.”

We start to talk about God’s attributes,  especially having to do with bestowing abundance, because although we have not yet asked for anything, we start to foreshadow, as if starting to negociate with God by reminding him of previous examples of his greatness in bestowing prosperity.

“Through miracles of grace He causes immediate prosperity. Through miracles of compassion He causes the needy to become wealthy. Through miracles of love He grants joy and satisfaction.

For all this, we commit our hearts to the Lord, trust in Him, place our hope in Him all day long.”

Now we can start to shift into our petition, what we are asking for, to turn the dialog from objective to subjective. 

By our steadfast faith let the His grace be magnified. By our gratitude let the His continous blessings fill our hearts.

So far, we have be praying as a “we”, but now we shall change to “me” to make it even more personal, as if to say “Now that I have your attention, God,, please look specifically at my case.”

“My creator, my rock, my salvation, be pleased to direct your compassion to my cause. Turn your light towards me, oh hearer of prayers. Grant me favor, wealth, satisfaction, contentment. Surround me with your river of abundance and joy. Now and in all the years to come.”

And as we started with praising God, we shall end with praise, as well as a commitment to remember God, and glorify his name.

By your infinite kindness and by the supreme power of your Holy name May my mind and heart set soley on Your goodness. And may my lips praise You forever,


Here is a long and in depth prayer, for listening and putting your emotional state towards God:

Saint Spyridon of Trimyphunteia helps to convey to God the prayers of believers about the improvement of housing issues, money, successfully buying and selling property, business prosperity. He can pray for health, family welfare and procreation.

how to pray for wealth

According to the Church canons in the Orthodox Church it is customary to come with a prayer for family happiness, procreation and health. You can not ask for material goods and to complain of financial distress.

However, in Christianity there is Holy, you can pray and ask for help in finding a promising job, buying a home and about financial stability. His name is Saint Spyridon of Trimyphunteia. He can’t ask too much, but to those who really need, it will certainly help in resolving difficult situations and will show the right path.

A great miracle-worker and “the mayor of all cities” Saint Spyridon

Saint Spyridon was born in Cyprus, he suffered from poverty and deprivation, lived in a wealthy family, he inherited the big house and rich land. He lived quietly in Trimifunt and always helped the poor, was elected to the position of Bishop in his native city.

He decided to change his life after the death of his beloved wife: he sold all his wealth, the money distributed to the needy and went wandering through the world. During the life of Saint Spyridon performed many miracles, for example, turned a snake to gold and gave the precious metal a poor peasant, managed to raise the girl and her mother.

Spyridon is known as the defender of the poor and helper in turning to God with prayers for material welfare. The day of memory of Spyridon – December 12, this time in Russia, called Solonovato, when the winter was cold, and the sun – for the summer.

How and where to pray to St. Spiridon Trimifuntsky?

Particles of the relics of St. Spyridon are kept in Moscow in two churches: the Church of the Resurrection in Uspensky Vrazhek and in the intercession Church Danilov monastery. In Samara in honor of Spyridon, built the temple, where, too, are relics of the Saint.

Pray Spiridon Trimifuntsky not only in Church but also at home. You need to buy the icon of the Saint and read acafest 40 consecutive days at any time, in addition to the post. Prayer is to be read as long as the problem is solved, which apply to the Holy.

The Orthodox pray for the financial welfare of St. Spyridon Trimifuntsky and know that he will help all worshipers. To the temples constantly traveling, the velvet clothes and shoes – symbols of the Holy. They constantly wear out and are replaced by new ones. Worn clothing cut into small pieces, which are given to believers.

The disease is one of the most terrible ills that can come in each house. And sometimes traditional methods of treatment are powerless to help or that help is simply not enough. Believers for centuries in the case of the disease was not only physical help, but also spiritual support.

how to pray for wealth


Sincere prayer is not only strengthens the internal forces of the patient, allows him to feel the support of loved ones, sometimes it is faith that allows man to survive and even recover when all forecasts are not promising.

Very often, when faced with trouble or sickness, we wonder – whom to pray for help. It is important to understand that in the Orthodox Church all prayer is addressed to God. Recourse to saints and Mother of God, we ask their prayers for us before the Lord. In other words, the help we are waiting for from God, the saints to support our prayers, strengthen and reinforce them. However, traditionally when certain diseases are more likely to seek the intercession of particular saints. The reason lies in the history of their earthly life, but also in the history of healing associated with their intercession and help.

About health and healing and their loved ones made contact with prayers to the Lord Jesus Christ, and before the icons of the Holy virgin “joy of All who sorrow” and “the Healer”. One of the most revered saints-healers is Saint Panteleimon. He was a doctor in his secular life, by being baptized and believing in Christ he has dedicated his life to selfless healing of those who suffer. After his death, the faithful continue to turn to him for help.

In diseases of the eye and blurred vision it is customary to pray in front of the “Kazan” icon of the blessed virgin. The history of the discovery of this icon began with the healing of two blind men. Also with the request to restore the eyesight often turn to the Holy longino Centurion. Longinus was one of the officers serving at Calvary at the foot of the crucifixion of the cross. He believed in Christ, recognized his divine nature. According to legend, Longinus was the officer who pierced the rib of the Saviour with a spear and a trickle of blood found healing patients eyes.

Very often for help to the Holy patrons of the appeal of a married couple who cannot have children. Prayer for the gift of children turn to the Holy Joachim and Anna, the righteous parents of the virgin Mary. They for years could not have children and only after long and fervent prayers have received the glad tidings of the forthcoming birth of the child. With the same trouble endless stream of believers is directed to the relics of Matrona of Moscow, where finds consolation, support and very often long-awaited glad tidings of the forthcoming birth of the baby.

And yet when you call for help and intercession to the saints is the most important thing is not what this icon you ask for help, the main thing – to appeal with sincere faith and hope for healing.

To prayer sometimes resort even people not too believe in God. This usually happens in a situation when man has no hope. But even sincere religious people sometimes do not know how to pray, what words should apply to God.

how to pray for wealth


Prayer is conversation with God. The conversation is very personal, so it is better to pray alone, when no one sees you. This does not exclude prayer, and in other places, you can pray (silently, in my mind) even in public transport or walking down a crowded street. However, for the deepest need of prayer, silence and solitude.

Well, if you have the icon, but it is not required. The conversation between man and God is through the heart, so there’s nothing that could interfere with this communication – and that could significantly help. Praying before the icon, remember, do not pray to her, and the one whose image it captures.

To start the prayer it is best to choose the late evening. You are alone in the room, the light muted. Can turn it off and light a candle. Remember the main point: in conversation with God is not words, but feelings. God understands you without words, so don’t give them too much importance. Just tell Him what bothers you.

Should you read the well-known prayer or is it better to use your words? There is no single answer, you can use both. Is that your prayer was not a mechanical – try to feel every word, understand it, comprehend it.

In conversation with God, be sincere. Unacceptable no false, because God already knows everything about you. Do not try artificially to bring in some prayer exalted feelings, it is wrong. If you feel that your prayer is dry and empty, ask God to help you to learn to pray, this is the best option.

Do not pursue long-winded. The most simple words, uttered with feeling, will bring you closer to God more than the lengthy but mechanical prayer. Most try to stand before God in complete internal silence is the most precious moments – many people can not feel His presence because of their own verbosity. Not by accident in the way of prayer the ascension of man to God the Supreme is the silent prayer when the man silently will Him with all your being.

How to pray aloud or silently? Appropriate both. Feel the need to turn to God out loud, and act. Want to pray silently, let it be so. It should be noted that the monks practicing the Jesus prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner (sinner)”, first, repeat it aloud to myself later. But even at the higher stages of prayer feat they do not consider it shameful to pray out loud. So just listen to yourself and pray as you like.

Where better to pray in the Church or outside its walls? And here, too, there is no definite answer. The Church helps people the most with its atmosphere, namolennye place. At the same time, many people in the Church are timid, feel yourself unable to openly Express feelings in the presence of other believers. In this case, will be the most sincere prayer performed alone.

How to understand that prayer is answered? Talking with God, the person usually tries to tell Him about their troubles and sorrows. The soul at the same time is very hard. However, at some point in praying suddenly experiencing the amazing feeling it becomes much easier, from the soul drops like a stone. A person can feel peace, joy, understanding arises, what he heard.

To reach the prayer in some high States can not at once. Moreover, the desire for unusual experiences is a big mistake. On the way of prayer, there are many traps, they get those who are not able to get rid of the pride, in whom is no humility. To understand possible errors should read the books of the Holy fathers. For example, the “Ascetic experience” Ignatius Brianchaninov, “My life in Christ” John of Kronstadt, “the words of the ascetic” Isaac the Syrian.


What a Saint to pray for wealth and material prosperity

Hello friends, hope you are doing well! Today, I want to start by asking you a few questions:

If you had one wish, what would you ask for?

What is the one thing you want, most in your life?

What is the one thing that is necessary to ensure a comfortable life?

Is your answer wealth or money? Indeed, material wealth has become one of our primary goals in life these days. It is almost impossible to achieve anything without wealth. It even defines your social standing!

The solution for your financial problems is – Mantras for wealth

Choose your own Mantra:

All Mantras cannot suit your needs equally, just like one medicine cannot cure all ailments. You must choose a mantra depending your requirements and capability.

There are many Mantras for wealth that can bestow you with instant result and others that guarantee long-lasting prosperity. You must make your choice wisely.

Always be Safe:

It is always good to chant more than one prayer, just to be safe. If you are unable to succeed with one prayer, you can always depend on the other to support you.

If both succeed equally, then there’s nothing like it!

Deities of Wealth:

In the Indian Scriptures, there are two deities of wealth:

Durga, Mahalakshmi and Vaebhav lakshmi are also worshipped regionally for their blessings of wealth. However, these goddesses are forms of these two principal deities.

You can choose one or both prayers for your chanting. I would suggest that you pray to both deities to increase efficacy and be safe.

Choose what is Best for You:

It may not be possible for you to follow long procedures. Some people want quick prayers, while others want to spend a long time in worship.

There are many Mantras for wealth that suit both kinds of people – some are done for limited period of time, while others are followed lifelong.

There are some other practices that can be done for particular purposes and are stopped once the wish is granted. Choose your prayer by answering these questions:

  • Do you want to chant the prayer for a short time only?
  • Or do you want a prayer for lifelong practice?
  • Are you praying for any specific purpose?


  • Follow all rules to the letter. Do not skip steps, as this will result in incomplete worship. This will have no effects, or harmful effects.
  • Customise your prayer and style of worship to the deity you are praying to. Goddess Lakshmi may not be pleased by all the items that Lord Kubera likes, even though they are both Lords of Wealth.
  • Select your Mantras for wealth and required items based on the deity you are praying to.
  • Do some Kavach Path (recite protection Mantras) when you are chanting your prayers to prevent unintentional harm.
  • Ensure that you make all arrangements beforehand, and do not change your prayer plans at the last minute. Deities do not like uncertainty.
  • Speak to an expert before you begin your prayers.

Things to Avoid:

  • Do not mix up the prayers when praying to different deities.
  • Do not leave your prayers unfinished. If you have vowed a certain amount of prayers, make good on your promise.
  • Do not allow distractions during prayers, like phone calls or unnecessary chatter. This is disrespectful to the Gods.
  • Once you have set a routine, do not change it abruptly. Try to pray daily form the same place.

Now that you know the basic rules, it is time to put them to practice! My best wishes are with you.

May God Bless You.

how to pray for wealth

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how to pray for wealth


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