How to pray for a job you want

Dear St Jude

Please help me get the job that I am waiting to hear back from. I will always be grateful for this blessing and vow to work harder than ever to ensure that I achieve success in this position. I will work honestly with intregrity and with all my heart.

I believe that this job will suit my abilities and will give me the opportunity to showcase my talents that have been graciously given to me by god.

Thank you for all your support and success that I have achieved over the years and now I am just looking to broaden my outlook and step outside my comfort zone and achieve success in a challenging field.

I pray that you will interceed for me to god to help and ensure that I am selected for this job.

With a humble heart I pray to you, Jesus and Mother Mary to ask god on my behalf for this blessing.

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Unemployment is often the topic of desperate prayer during economic hard times. In the Bible, King Hezekiah gives us a good model of how to pray when we find ourselves in desperate situations.

My wife and I needed deliverance from a bad economic financial situation of unemployment. In 2007, we found ourselves without jobs with no income coming in but savings and income for retirement only. We watched month by month the small income dwindle.  Neither I nor my wife could find any employment. This went on for nine months. We watched our bank account go to zero and even in the minus category and then God provided a job for me and later on for my wife.  Here’s how prayer helped us through.

1. Give God your helplessness. 

 Our desperate life needs sometimes more than overwhelm us. They can pulverize us spiritually and emotionally if we allow them. In the Bible, King Hezekiah gives us a blueprint of how to humble ourselves in prayer and admit we absolutely cannot find a solution for “weathering these storms.” The Bible records how Hezekiah laid a threatening letter from his enemies before God in prayer in the Temple.  (Isaiah 37)

Hezekiah, the King of Judah faced multiple crisis situations during his reign as King.  Things were very bad. Jerusalem was facing possible destruction by the Assyrian Army. Sennacherib, the Assyrian King, boasts that it would be very easy to take it over. No one would help Judah.  In fact, Sennacherib sent out his spokesman Rabshakeh his general assistant with a great army to threaten and humiliate the residents of Jerusalem and King Hezekiah.

Assyria was the most powerful nation and army in the world at this time. The Northern Kingdom of Samaria, or Israel had already been conquered during the time of Hezekiah in 722 B.C. So the threat was not to be laughed at by Judah. Hezekiah knew it could easily happen to them.

Hezekiah and Judah humbled themselves, grieved over their sins, repented, and requested God’s assistance.  Hezekiah went to the temple and laid down the threatening letter before God in prayer.  (Isaiah 37:14)  Here is the ending of his prayer, “Now, O Lord our God, deliver us from his hand, so that all kingdoms on earth may know that you alone, O Lord, are God.” (Isaiah 37:20)

Later Isaiah the prophet gave an encouraging prophecy to Hezekiah. The Assyrians will not win, neither will they approach Jerusalem. The Angel of the Lord was sent out to destroy 185,000 of the Assyrian troops and the Assyrian King went back home to Ninevah to face his own assassination at the hand of two of his sons.  (Isaiah 37:36-38.)

From the Bible we learn that in our times of great need, the answer comes through throwing ourselves upon the mercy of God and casting all of our cares upon Him because He cares for us.  (I Peter 5:7)

 2. Surrender yourself to God in prayer.

I’m a member of the clergy and our financial and career crisis struck us when our time at our current church came to an end. I began to search for other opportunities to change careers–thinking I should teach religion at a college or some educational institution. I had an important interview with a college in another state. The position went to another person.

We moved home and no jobs. We moved to another state to live with my wife’s brother. Again, no jobs.

The unemployment went on month after month.  We could not find jobs. We used all my retirement savings to live off of and to pay bills. After a while I began to see that part of the problem was misreading God’s plan for me and my family. I wanted to leave my career as a pastor. God did not want that. When I submitted myself to God once again, He began to show us His opportunities

During this financial crisis which was one of the biggest trials of our lives, I had to finally say, “God, you know what is best, I give it to you, and I’ll trust you whether we pay bills or not.”  Finally, I put resumes out to enter the pastorate again. Within four months, I received a Call to pastor another church.

When we drop to our knees in humility, confess any sins, and call upon the mercy of God to intervene as Nehemiah did, we must accept whatever God’s Will is or whatever it reveals in the future.

3. Pray for faith, endurance and wisdom

 Even after I received a job, we still faced further financial challenges.  Like many families today, we needed the incomes of both husband and wife to support our family and meet our bills.  My wife who has a social services background went through a year of unemployment after we moved to a new state when I took a position as pastor of new church.

How did we get through having only one income for that length of time?  It took prayer, patience, cutting back on spending, and looking for other sources of income. We finally decided to see if my wife could draw unemployment benefits from a different state from a previous job. She qualified and drew a small sum each week until she found employment. This helped greatly.

4. Use prayer to deal with stress and keep a positive attitude. 

Stress and self-esteem are emotional issues that come up when faced with financial crisis. The longer one remains unemployed it creates a stress that envelops you. You begin to doubt yourself and your abilities. You begin to think that no one wants you for a job. This affects ones self-esteem. Prayer is essential in times such as this.

One must not give up or give in to the negative circumstances or perceived outcome. Endurance is key to survival. Faith is critical. Trust in God’s nature and character is a must. It is God’s Will to take care of His children ultimately. Trials and storms will come. Endure them and God will come through for you.

I learned some very important lessons. God will provide in the hard times. But, we must get with His program. Sometimes we forget to ask God where He wants us to be. Where does He want us to go? We must give up our agenda and exchange it for His. This is surrender to His will.

This type of praying involves humility, repentance and surrendering yourself to God’s mercy.

 Isaiah 37:14-20

Copyright 2011 Joe Hethcoat

Posted Dec 5, 2008 8:30 pm

When we think of Prayer we often think of being in church or attending a Religious function such as a funeral or life emergency but there are many other reasons to pray or ask for help.

I’m going to try to simplify a lot of the mystery surrounding why we may not get what we ask for or what is the proper way to ask for help. The word’s Prayer and Meditation are interchangeable for those that Meditate.

Even though what is written here may look simple, this blog is a lot deeper than the words can convey but I wanted to make it simple enough that anyone can follow these steps to obtain their goals and full potential.

1.   Connect with your Angels or God before you start praying.

When you call someone on the phone you don’t start talking once you’ve dialed the number do you?  You normally wait until you reach the party you want to speak to before you start communicating.  Just relax and wait until you feel that you’re connected to Spirit before you start.  Some people can see or know when their Guides or Angels are there with them so you’ll need to develop your own way of doing this.

2.   Pray for your needs, ask and you shall receive, ask not, receive not!

You normally won’t get your Guides or God to help you with something specific until you ask for their help, Like the old preacher once said; Nothing from nothing, equals nothing”.  You ask for nothing, and you receive nothing!

3.   Consistent Prayer is a way to weave your Spirituality into your life.

When you pray or meditate on a daily basis you draw your Guides and Angels closer to you and that will help develop your communication skills with them.

4.   Prayer is a way to receive mercy and attain grace for something, the more we ask the more we receive.

Once we acknowledge our shortcomings and ask for forgiveness, that allows Spirit to work in our behalf to receive Mercy & obtain Grace for our negative thoughts and actions clearing the way for more positive progress.

5.   Give thanks for what has already been given to you each day.

One thing that many people fail to realize is our Guides, Angels, and Helpers work tirelessly in our behalf every minute of the day. Even though you may not know each and every thing that is done for you is not a reason to ignore this fact and not give thanks for their assistance.

6.   Prayer is a way to open your Spirituality to higher learning.

Praying gives more attention to your Guides and Spirituality in general which in turn will open more doors for more learning and understanding. It also will help protect you from many unknown negative elements that you may encounter throughout the day (people, places, and thought forms).

7.   Pray with intent, mean what you say, say what you mean and leave the fluff out.

Speak to your Guides or God just as you would anyone else, don’t try to make something sound right, just speak or pray in a normal manner just as if they were standing in front of you. You can talk to them in your car, while outside, or in a quiet place in your home. I find being outside is more powerful since you’re connecting through nature, kinda like a High-speed Internet of prayer.

8.   Starting your day with prayer is better most of the time since it sets the boundaries for the rest of your day.

If you want to have patience and understanding at work or school , it’s better to lay out what you want your Guides to work on throughout the day for you.

Like the old saying; “It’s easier to ask for permission than pleading for forgiveness”. Knowing what to expect before your day begins reinforces that energy in your life.

9.  Be very very specific on what you want.

This is very important for many reasons, if you state that you want a new car and then think: “Oh, I can’t afford that, or, my insurance will be too high” then you’re just sending a conflicting message to your Guides and they will cancel your request.  You can’t place restrictions on your Guides or Angels once you make a request since those conditions will normally convey to them that you either really don’t want something or you don’t deserve it, in which case your Guides will just stop in their tracts and wait for you to make up your mind..

10.  Keep your emotions out of prayer, no begging.

There are times when you can or will be emotional when you pray or meditate and that’s fine but it really doesn’t help you when your emotions get out of hand and interfere with your communication. Try to be centered and grounded so you are clear about what you’re asking your Guides or the Angels to do for you….If you’re confused then it’s safe to say they will be confused too.

11. Don’t waste your time asking for something you can’t handle.

I hear a lot of people say that they pray to be a millionaire or have tons of money when they can’t even balance a checkbook. Your Guides typically will not do something that can eventually cause you harm.  If you had a lot of money and flashed it in front of your friends or caused someone to rob or possibly kill you over it, then it’s not going to happen.  Ask for what you need and not what you want since that would be the easiest way to get what you desire.

12. The time you spend on prayer is not something that most people understand and it can limit your success so keep it brief.

I’ve attended churches all my life where preachers seem to be trying to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest prayer. It’s not only aggravating, it’s unnecessary and counterproductive.

I can only pray for about 15 seconds at a time and my Guides & Angels will disconnect from me…I must have been a pay phone in a previous life and my minutes (seconds) are up based on my contract with God. It would take too long to explain this but it’s a part of my Life Contract that I don’t pray over 15 seconds at a time.  I guess I forgot to read the fine print in my contract and this was something I discovered later in my life and then I found out it was part of my agreement before I came here.

Some people may be able to pray for hours at a time but I have the Rachel Ray plan that says I have to do it in a hurry.  If you feel that no one is listening to you after 5 min or 6 min then that may be a sign that you have a limitation in that area in your Life Contract.  One of these days I’ll get around to writing a Blog on this subject but it’s very technical and I’m hesitant to open that can of worms yet.

13. When you say “Amen” understand & know what that means.

When you say Amen at the end of your prayer it doesn’t mean “The End”, it means that you’re affirming or believing that what you’re praying for will come true. It literally means “I believe” or “So be it/Let it be”.  What you’re suppose to do is LET IT GO! once you pray for something so it can come to you.  If you keep praying over and over for the same thing it can be like a Yo Yo to your Guides and make them think you don’t believe it will happen.  It’s ok to repeat a prayer but don’t harp on the same thing too often.

Think of a prayer as a note tied to a pigeon that you want delivered. If you prematurely keep calling the same pigeon back to change the same message, it will never get a chance to deliver it will it?.

Many Blessings!


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